Laying vinyl tile on the floor: the specifics of the device vinyl floor

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31 May 2016

Vinyl tile is a kind of flooring, includes in its membership vinyl and fine natural stone.Due to the materials used in the production of vinyl floor is more resistant to the environment than linoleum, for example.Veneering vinyl floor tiles are usually carried out in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom.This is due primarily to the high moisture resistance and sufficiently simple withdrawal of the floor covering.Technology laying vinyl floors differs significantly from the wrapping floor ceramic, stone tiles.


Standard start - Preparation ↑

durability of the floor covering made of vinyl tile, ensured that all the preparatory work.It should be noted that the laying of vinyl flooring must be performed only on a flat, clean and dry surface.As such a base can be a concrete floor leveling screed of light concrete, the base of waterproof plywood.

further recommended to apply a base coat of PVA primer on the basis of any type.To check the evenness of the surface using a wooden rail.The finished base may be considered even in the presence of the distance between them at a particular point and a control rack at least 2 mm.

Before starting work it is necessary to rest in bed material, align and acclimatise.The room in which the installation will be a vinyl tile, observe temperature at 20 degrees, but not less than 15 degrees.Provision of conditions needed to achieve a good elasticity of the new floor.Furthermore, this avoids swelling material shrinkage glue and other deformation changes.

Vinyl tile is moisture, if it produce enough laying on a dry surface, the remaining moisture will accumulate under the material, causing the destruction of the coating.It is therefore necessary to maintain the relative humidity of the base at a level below 3%.Under these conditions, the concrete base in wet areas will need waterproofing.

What will it take for the device ↑

for laying vinyl tile you need the following tools and materials:

  • Roulette for accurate measurements during installation;
  • Marking cord;
  • knife blade for flooring;
  • Pencil;
  • Metal angle (protractor);
  • spatula to evenly distribute the glue;
  • Smooth rubber roller;
  • wet sponge or rag for cleaning glue residues from the tiles;
  • Clay;
  • vinyl tiles.

laying vinyl tile ↑

With simple measurements need to find the center of the room.With roulette calculate the middle two opposite walls.Then connect them to each other marking cord.Next, we find the middle from the intended line and a metal gon Measure out the right angle.Draw a second line perpendicular to the first.Along the lines planned to be installed in vinyl tiles.

Scribe lines to determine the center of the room
Scribe lines to determine the center of the room

Conducting work starts from the center of the room.This is due to the fact that the internal walls may not have exactly right angles, but when laying on one of these walls can occur along the remaining slots.Care should be taken so that the edges of the tiles were of the planned lines.

When the installation should avoid unnecessary air from entering under the cover suits.In order to ensure uniform application of the adhesive in the required amount should use special notched trowel having replaceable blades to achieve the desired flow of the adhesive.

Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel
Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel

Once glued tiles should be firmly pin down her arms and rolled tamping squeegee to remove any bubbles, and even better adhesion.Emerging during installation excess adhesive should be removed with a sponge or cloth soaked in soapy water.

Laying vinyl tile
laying vinyl tile

A simpler way to fit self-adhesive vinyl tiles.It is enough to remove the film protecting the back side and press firmly to the surface of the base.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles
Self-adhesive vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles enjoys quite popular.But if there is a question about whether or not to lay vinyl flooring - reviews of this flooring will help to make the right choice.Vinyl flooring - is not slippery, resistant to sudden shocks, has good sound quality.

There are many designs that use as flooring vinyl flooring: a selection of photos of the interiors will help determine the most appropriate option for any room.

Photo interior vinyl floor ↑

Vinyl tiles in the bathroom
vinyl tiles in the bathroom
Vinyl tiles in the kitchen
vinyl tiles in the kitchen
The unusual design decision with vinyl tile
unusual design solution with vinyl tile
Vinyl tiles in the living room
vinyl tiles in the living room

Video: operational laying PVC tiles ↑

Ensure technical and operational priorities of the vinyl floors help video material demonstrating not only cover the pros, but the technology and styling.