Can I paint the ceiling tile: find out, evaluate, select material

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31 May 2016

Sometimes it is cheaper to restore the old than to buy a new one.This statement can be referred to the ceiling tile, as for many people is much easier to paint the ceiling yellowed by time, than to tear off pieces of old tiles, cleaned surface and glue after all these manipulations new.And in general, whether it is possible to paint the ceiling tile?What is the best thing to do as much as will result in such an event?Let's deal!


Types ceiling tiles ↑

Not every tile can be painted.There are species that do not recover except to try to wash or partially replace contaminated elements with new ones.This category includes plastic ceiling tiles.No, of course you can try to update your ceiling with the help of paint, but the result does not please you - divorce, str

ipes, spots and bumps - like so much beauty in his house?Hardly!So do not waste your time on ineffective activity.It is better to be engaged in removing the old tiles and go to the store for a new - will benefit much more!

Laminated ceiling tiles also "does not like" the paint.When painting the surface it turns out patchy, with lots of "bald spots" and uneven.

But foam tiles - this is the perfect playground for your imagination.No matter what her surface - smooth or embossed - without any problems, you can update your ceiling with a roller, brush or spray.

Relief ceiling tile
Relief ceiling tile might look interesting and unusual, if you add to it a little color

In any case, buying a tile, be sure to read the instructions - where the manufacturer can specify the types of ink that colors the product is by no means impossible.It so happens that the appearance of the tiles does not cause you any doubts about the possibility of her painting, but in the manual is clearly written: "Beauty can not be!" Better to play it safe - you never know what the outcome of the experiment.Although it is possible to do a "test race" trying to paint remnants of ceiling tiles, if they have, of course, there is.

Or put a little on the ceiling and wait.If after a few hours you have not noticed any changes for the worse of course, then you can safely do an update of the interior.

Choosing the paint for the ceiling tiles ↑

For painting the ceiling tiles are best suited acrylic, latex or water-based paints.Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type and choose the one that is most suitable for painting your ceiling.

Colorful tiles
Plain white tiles can turn into an exquisite decoration for your ceiling using a conventional paint

Features latex paint ↑

This type of coatings has a number of advantages:

  • suitable for all surfaces
  • dries quickly
  • tarnish
  • no bubbles when applied
  • possible to paint and dry and wet surfaces
  • long retains its luster and color

Well and disadvantages Unfortunately, they also have:

  • if too thick causing a high risk of delaminationPaint
  • may appear moldy spots in areas with high humidity.

draw conclusions so far, so consider this type of coverage.

Acrylic: pluses and minuses ↑

advantages of acrylic paint:

  • dries quickly by evaporation of part of the water
  • highly resistant to solar radiation
  • tarnish
  • can be used in rooms with high humidity
  • does not have a strong smell
  • ecologically clean
  • large range of colors
  • perfectly protects the surface of the negative manifestations of environmental
  • not crack from the cold
  • durable


  • low threshold vapor permeability
  • instability to peeling and blistering

estimate latex paint ↑


  • harmless
  • dries quickly
  • forms on the surface of a solid protective film
  • applied it can and paint roller and brush, and spray
  • not combustible
  • not toxic
  • can be painted any surface, including the street
  • exactly lays down


  • not resistant to all sorts of dirt

summarize: for ceiling tile is best suited either acrylic or latex paints, asThese types of coatings are highly environmentally friendly, which is important for internal repairs.Breathe paint is not very nice, but to live and constantly feel on your body toxic effect of an unseen enemy is doubly unpleasant.

And what about the cost?The cost of paint depends on several factors: the manufacturer, composition and volume.Of course, the well-known manufacturers, the better and the greater part of the bank with paint, the more expensive it is.But this does not mean that you need to buy only expensive Tikkurilu or Dulux, there are our Russian factories that manufacture good products with a rich palette and at a low price.

Surface preparation for painting ↑

actually much preparatory work before painting the ceiling tiles is not required - it is so well aligns the ceiling.But to make it look even better, it is necessary to cover all joints between individual plates or acrylic sealant putty.The fact is that the ideal is not always possible to glue tiles on the ceiling - always somewhere to be slit.While the new surface, these defects are not visible, but if you will paint the ceiling, all minor defects immediately "come out to the outside."Pay attention to the joints between wall and ceiling - for him, too, need to go putty.

worth protecting and wallpaper on the walls, because you can accidentally catch them with a brush and leave on the surface of unsightly spots and streaks.For this purpose, use a wide masking tape, which is mounted around the perimeter of the room.After the painting works scotch tape is easily removed.

If you plan to update the ceiling in the kitchen, be sure to Wash it with soot, grease and dirt, as after staining on the surface of the tiles all these spots again and perform your work will be in vain.It also happens that the wash does not work - too much fat is absorbed into the tile.Then the only way - a special water-based primer.It is perfectly absorbed in the polystyrene and prevents dirt, grime and grease no chance of further stay in the ceiling.

Colored ceiling tile
Paint the tiles can be before it sticking to the ceiling

Also before painting the ceiling is required to cover all the items in the room polyethylene or your furniture, appliances, colors and other attributes of life will have a new look, and ripples and speck inThis season is not relevant.

And of course protect yourself - wear comfortable clothes, hat or scarf, and special plastic glasses, contact with eyes - something very unpleasant and quite painful.

How to paint a tile ↑

So, you're ready to staining.Well, almost everything!Painting tools ... is to talk about them separately.For painting the ceiling tiles, you will need:

  • brush, preferably of two types - wide and thin
  • roller with high pile
  • dispenser, of course, if you have it.

Sprayer, in principle, not a mandatory attribute, so the brushes and rollers will be enough.

For staining the smooth surface (not shown and terrain), use a roller or spray, but for complicated forms, relief images and flowery patterns will need a brush - it is very convenient to paint small parts, projections and recesses.

Smooth ceiling tile
smooth ceiling tiles painted with ease paint roller
Bold geometric pattern on the ceiling tile
embossed geometric pattern on the ceiling tile to paint only brush

If the surface of the ceiling, there are some dark spots, they must be pre-paint the same shadethat the whole ceiling.When the paint is dry spots, you can start coloring the entire ceiling.So you will be able to smooth the surface and make invisible pollution.

Paint the ceiling tile should be not one or even two layers - the most perfect - three layers of coating.Why do it?Just so you can make the ceiling a deep rich color that the entire structure is uniform and homogeneous.

Video: how to glue and paint ↑

you have carefully studied the information on how, what and how tiles can be painted.However, before coloring it still requires a minimum of glue.If you have not yet pasted tile ceiling, see video guide on the rules of installation and tinting ceiling tiles:

staining the ceiling tiles - it is simple, but requires care and accuracy.You can not hurry - carefully painted over all the details and you will be happy!