The better to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway, focusing on usability and design

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31 May 2016

ceiling - a prominent part of the room, so how it is decorated, independent imaging facilities as a whole.For this reason, you must make every effort to create a harmonious space and stylistic unity.Alternatively, you can use the services of professionals to spend some amount of money and material, and hired labor.But finishing the ceiling with his hands - substantial savings, you only need to know some of the rules, nuances, then all you can do yourself.


few recommendations and tips ↑

VoFirst, if the question is what to decorate the ceiling, you should consider these points:

  • what color will be used for registration;
  • functionality of a particular space;
  • like (in the geometric plane) should look like the ceiling;
  • what budget provides for the purchase of materials.

also need to understand that the ceiling has n

ot only an aesthetic function, but also technical tasks.For example, methods of finishing allowed to visually reduce / increase the height of the room, or by the use of certain materials that are highly reflective ability to save power.

Important: using ceiling coverings can hide the flaws of the ceiling.

If we talk about color and materials selection, united by the same idea, so here is important nuance: the style of the ceiling should be in harmony with the design of walls, without creating sharp visual boundaries.But this does not mean that decoration should be identical, just need to think about the compatibility of colors and textures.

Imitation sky
finishing the ceiling - an imitation of the sky, glossy surface creates the illusion of infinite space with a lot of reflection from it "stars" -svetodiodov

no secret that designers carefully think through every element of the interior, so it makes sense to heed the advice of professionals:

  • if the color of the ceiling pick up the tone with the walls, with only a lighter shade, the room becomes more spacious;
  • ceiling, which is covered with bright paint, scatters, reflects the lighting;
  • glossy ceiling - a kind of intrigue;
  • if the ceiling has a metallic hue, "sparkle" architectural details;
  • wooden lattice looks excellent on aquamarine, green roof;
  • pale blue - imitation of the sky;
  • if in the center of the ceiling to allocate a different color dotted line, will create a sense of spatial depth;
  • elements of painting enliven the interior;
  • ceiling can be painted in the same color as the walls, but be sure to separate them relief.

How to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom ↑

Aggressive environment in this room does not select any material, so it is necessary to take into account indicators of humidity - in operation inappropriate material will be ruined.

How to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom?The first option - the traditional painting.It is the most affordable way to decorate the ceiling, but here you need to know what paints are recommended by experts for use.In particular, strongly desirable to use water-based paint, as well as lime, chalk whitewash.From the constant evaporation surface, painted similar compositions will delaminate and covered with cracks.In this case, a good solution is to use compositions based attaching latex, silicone.

Important: for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom suitable oil and water-emulsion paint.

second option - wrapping the ceiling steklooboyami.The cost of these materials is low and they are easy to use, but it's not all advantages:

  • wallpaper fiberglass positioned under the status of non-polluting;
  • amazing texture like a lot of people who wish to create a unique interior;
Finishing the ceiling in the bathroom
Steklooboi ceiling - a great "long-playing" option, it will be possible to update the interior by simply coloring
  • fiberglass resistant to moisture indicators, to sudden changes in temperature;
  • such material is virtually immune to the effects of alkalis, acids, and the like, which are used to restore order in the room.

should be noted that in addition to all the advantages, glass attached bathroom respectable.

Important: fiberglass may be glazing coating, which ensures the availability of material splendor, with a possible gradation from matt to mirror tones and gloss.

As for the gluing process, the material is partially performs the repair function, concealing a small unevenness defects.Before gluing it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness and dryness of the walls, you can also carry out a primer treatment with a waterproofing effect.

fiberglass is applied on the adhesive layer of paint: latex, acrylic.This type of wallpaper can withstand 10-12 repeated repainting so no need to change the wallpaper every time, whenever you want to create a new design in the bathroom.

Finishing the ceiling in the bathroom
mirrored ceiling in the bathroom - a bold decision that requires careful meticulous care of all the components of the situation

If acute problem than to decorate the ceiling in the room with high humidity, you should pay attention to the mirrored ceiling.Firstly, it can be installed in the presence of irregularities, depressions on the surface, and has a number of advantages:

  • excellent resistance to moisture;
  • ease of installation;
  • aesthetics;
  • functionality.

In addition, a bathroom with a mirrored ceiling visually expands, such ceilings can be performed in a variety of colors: steel, bronze, turquoise, malachite.

Examples of design in the kitchen ceiling ↑

Often, when planning the repair in the kitchen, in the first place is considered furniture, decoration of walls, floors.This approach is wrong, because it is necessary to take one more right solution, that is, than to decorate the ceiling in the kitchen.

rack ceiling - a perfectly acceptable choice because it is based on an aluminum plate coated with all kinds of patterns and colors.Thanks to the glossy surface of the ceiling is not difficult to care for, but there is a disadvantage in terms of harvest: even the ceiling and looks like structural integrity, yet between the small and almost invisible gaps accumulate dust, soot.

Finishing the ceiling in the kitchen
beautiful and original ceiling: longitudinal stripes rack space design visually adjust

If we consider the ceiling of plastic panels, it is a very popular type of coating.Why is that?The reason is clear - the installation does not require any specific skills, and do not need to align the surface.

Important: for the set of plates should be collected frame of metal profiles.

plastic corners are bolted around the perimeter, and then dialed the ceiling.The plates are fixed to each other by lateral grooves, like the designer.The advantages of such a ceiling material:

  • ease of assembly / removal of structures;
  • durability;
  • easy maintenance.

If plastics are used instead of wood panels, it is also a wonderful option of finishing.However, the colors of the tree is not so diverse, but the natural and continuous operation of the competition.

Important: before the actual set of panels should stretch the wiring and make holes for the fixtures.

Combined ceilings undoubtedly look great compared to homogeneous materials.Moreover, a breakdown in the area of ​​kitchen space can effectively be used as decoration even materials unsuitable for the harsh conditions of space.

to confirm these words can give you an example.Above the working area is mounted plasterboard, then he is protected by fiberglass wallpaper, which are stacked on top of glass mosaic.As a result of these actions is obtained reliably protected from moisture surface that can be cleaned by any means.

ceiling over the dining area is done via the web tension - this option can be called a win-win, because the area above the dining table are the least exposed to grease, soot.

Important: for such a combination is necessary to build a powerful hood above the hob.

also combined embodiment can be used, for example, the ceiling "Grilyato" above the aluminum slats.But in principle, the most you can think of different solutions, the main thing to remember that the ceiling must be easy to clean, resist moisture well.

Ideas for finishing the ceiling in the hallway ↑

course, today a variety of materials surprises and delights, because every home owner can pick out the most optimal variation.How to decorate the ceiling in the hallway?This question is no less versatile.

Stretch ceiling - a modern type of finish that is perfect for the hallway.In addition, this ceiling will attract the attention of visitors, as well as leave their lasting impression of your home.With the help of a stretch ceiling is possible even nondescript residential premises turned into a full-fledged interior ensemble: an exclusive and original.

Finishing the ceiling in the hallway
stretch ceiling in the hallway

What then should be the ceilings in the hallway?You can use several options:

  • matte canvas;
  • satin cloth;
  • glossy canvas.

If the hallway is too narrow a high ceiling, with this type of finish can be lowered.In this case it is better to give preference to the tension matte ceiling, but not glossy (entrance is dark and narrow).Matte canvas is perfect for multi- and single-level designs.

As for color, there are more appropriate milk, gray and white tones.If it is a small hallway, designers are advised to use the method of nuances: for example, if the suspended ceiling has a milky color, wallpaper should be on the darker tone.

trim tiles, PVC - a fairly economical type of design ceiling.In addition, tile, PVC hides defects of plaster, it can be glued in a perfectly flat surface.Another advantage of this material is the variety: in any decent hardware store you can find the right size tiles, various textures.

Ceiling tiles can mimic relief structure or stucco, wood carving.Besides tiles, PVC may be coated with the laminated film.But it is glued on all surfaces: plaster, plaster on derevostruzhechnye plate.If

-PVC tile simple, that is, without a protective film after installation it is painted with latex paint.The main advantages of this material include ease of installation, insulation, low price, rich colors, light weight.

publication can summarize as follows: If the question is what can be decorate the ceiling, you need to carefully consider all aspects, starting with the color, finishing functionality premises.Only then the result will please the eye, and the material will serve long.