How to make the ceiling "starry sky" with their hands: simple and complex ways

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31 May 2016

Longing for summer vacation and warm deep sky, studded with stars, makes us think about the incarnation of the sky above his head in the urban jungle.Indeed, so eager in the evening or at night to plunge into the abyss of shining stars, planets, galaxies and gas clouds, to appease and filled with strength and energy to accomplish tomorrow.This story can be to try to bring to life, creating a starry sky ceiling with his hands.Incidentally, such a ceiling can be done not only in the bedroom, but also in any other room apartment or house: living room, bathroom and even the kitchen.Ways everything stellar ceilings, there are several of them, and we describe in this article.


Draw luminescent ↑

Using fluorescentPaint - one of the easiest ways of doing and not labor starry ceiling.The technology involves the installation of a stretch ceiling, which is applied to the surface pa

ttern of the stars and other objects with paint.

Cloth stretch ceiling can be ordered from specialty companies.Thus it may be perfectly white or have a pattern formed by printing.Images can be absolutely anything, such as a blue sky or the sea landscape.

Использование люминесцентной краски для выполнения потолка "Звездное небо"
To draw a starry sky on the ceiling fluorescent colors need artistic skills and skill

For installation of the ceiling will need to perform the frame for suspended ceilings:

  • First with the help of the level we find the bottom corner of the room and back down from him 2 cm. Around the perimeter of the room put on the wall mark the zero level.

Important!To frame profiles docked in angles exactly, we measure the corners of the room with a protractor.

  • Fix the profile to the wall at the marked level with the help of screws and dowels.
  • Reiki Profile clipped to the size of the room at an angle equal to half the angle of the room, and even butted together.
  • using a heat gun to warm up the room 40 ° C.
  • Only after the room is warm, start to unwind the film.
  • At the time of fixing the film must be heated to 60 ° C.When we acquired the film of PVC, we begin to fix it to the corners.We stretch diagonally opposite corners and anchoring.Then, the remaining two corners.Then gradually strengthened side of the web, starting from the corners and moving to the middle.If the blade is made of fabric, the fastening technology is somewhat different: first fasten hand, only then the angles.
  • After painting the ceiling is spanned by the frame can be applied to the surface of the image of the sky.To do this, you can put points and blots fluorescent paint in a chaotic manner.And you can prepare a template drawing, which will depict the stars, planets, constellations and galaxies, attach it to the ceiling and put the paint on the pattern.

Day fluorescent dye is not visible, so the ceiling will have the picture that is depicted on the canvas stretched ceiling.It was only with the onset of dusk and darkness ceiling shines stars.

«Starry sky" using Oracal and varnish ↑

Флюоресцентное "Звездное небо"
Painted fluorescent paint a starry sky is no worse than the fiber optic or LED

This method is perhaps the easiest and cheapest.Its only drawback - that have ceiling surface to align almost perfectly with the help of plaster and putty.And while the surface is dry, you can take a picture of the sky.

a basis we can take absolutely any picture that you like.And not only the space theme, but it could be a picture of the sunset sky in which the stars seen through the clouds.Like the figure should be applied to the self-adhesive film Oracal, which is used in advertising.The cost is quite inexpensive.The main thing - to agree with the printers, and the brightness of the color palette to remain satisfied with the result.Such a film is usually issued 2 m long, so for pasting the ceiling figure would have broken into fragments.

When the film is ready, it carefully glued to the ceiling.To do this you need two assistants to keep painting.Remove the protective film from the adhesive layer is applied to the film and carefully flatten the ceiling, to leave no air bubbles.Upon completion of all works on pasted over the surface of the ceiling may be applied to the stars.To do this, use a fluorescent dye, and can be a conventional nail lacquer, which glows in the dark.To put the point of the stars can be in a chaotic manner or according to a pre-arranged pattern.

organize the starry sky of fiber ↑

Starry sky fiber optic strands of
To create a starry sky of the fiber strands have to work hard

This method is now enjoying widespread popularity.To implement it will need the suspended ceiling, the light-generator and fiber optic threads.

light generator is a box in which the installed light source - Halogen or LED bulb.Inside can be fitted with various filters, allow you to change the color of the future stars of the intensity of their glow and create motion effects or even flying.Box-generator is quite compact, so it can be installed in a closet or hidden in the suspended structure.

To light generator connected light guide thread - fiber, which have a flexible structure and a different diameter.

Как сделать потолок "Звездное небо" из оптоволокна
The scheme is seen a clear arrangement of all objects of the ceiling, "Starry Sky" of fiber

for mounting the ceiling, "Starry Sky" will need first of all to find a place to install the generator (ceiling niche design tension or ceiling, mezzanine or other).

Prior to installation of a tension ceiling design to the next level you must pull a fishing net or build another frame of sheet material.The network will need to stretch it on fiber-optic strands - so they will not have the pressure of your weight on the suspended ceiling.

After the network is stretched, stretch-generator from the ceiling light-guiding thread, distributing them over the surface of the future according to the saturation of the picture stars.

then make installation of a stretch ceiling the same technology as described above.

warms fabric and make holes in such numbers and with such intensity as it was planned.On average, there should be about 80 pieces per 1 m2.The diameter can be different.Large (2 mm) - one or two, medium (1 mm) - about 10, and all the rest are small (0.75 mm).

through holes stretching fiber optic strands corresponding diameter and fix them with glue.Then we bite off too much from the bottom wire cutters so that on the surface of the ceiling does not protrude.Happy protruding strand may not look very aesthetically pleasing, so you should take care of a neutral or intricate designs on the canvas ceiling, that they were not noticeable.

also can not print out the optical fiber through the web.This method is somewhat more complicated, as they have to fix to the surface of the web, which is very inconvenient.At the end of the thread attached LEDs, which run into the fabric stretched ceiling and shine through him dull and "distant" light.

Ceiling with crystals
Swarovski crystals will make the stars shine bright flame

Another way - the use of Swarovski crystals.The method expensive, but very effective.At the ends of the lead out fiber optic strands fastened crystals that scatter light and create an atmosphere more reminiscent of a starry sky now.Happy crystals are visible on the surface of the ceiling, but looked very nice, playing glare of the sun.

Managing such a ceiling is carried out using the remote control or switch.

ceiling design LED ↑

Светодиодное "Звездное небо"
stars on the ceiling of the LEDs - bright and saturated

This method is similar to the previous, but more expensive.It will take a false ceiling plasterboard, LED lamps of different power, controller, and wires.

Using this method will not work a lot of small stars in the sky.It is mainly used to make the moon and a few big bright shining stars, as well as for light music.

Before mounting a false ceiling in plasterboard sheets need to make holes and fix them in the LED lamps, connected to wires.After all the holes are made, the resulting structure with hanging wires and inserted LED is attached to the frame of the profiles.Wires are connected to the controller and power supply, which is hidden in the ceiling structure.

In this method has one drawback - no lens LEDs dazzle the eye.Therefore for the ceilings in the bedrooms is preferable to use fiber-optic strands.

in to make the ceiling "starry sky" with their hands, there is some intricacies.The method must be selected on the basis of budget and personal preferences, and for mounting to invite a couple of friends, as with paintings for the ceiling is always a big confusion, requires a lot of hands-free.