Examples of using suspended ceilings in the interior: the symbiosis of practicality and aesthetics

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31 May 2016

rack ceiling - the simple and relatively inexpensive way to decorate a bathroom, hallway or kitchen.Use a similar design for the decoration of apartments and houses began relatively recently.Even just a few years ago, suspended ceilings was the prerogative of the various government agencies and offices.But that all changed when a very ordinary person with the most common name, which unfortunately has passed away, decided to establish the design of the aluminum slats in your bathroom.And!About a miracle!Friends at the sight of such beauty, immediately rushed to the shops to buy a luxurious ceiling and for their bathrooms.The mechanism was launched, and the rest - a trick.We can only enjoy the fruits of the labor of millions of followers.And if you are in doubt, if you are lost in a huge range of finishing materials for the ceiling, the roof rack - photo collection of the most stylish and beautiful designs - this is your chance to see more and understand what you want really.


Excellence suspended ceilings in the kitchen ↑

The kitchen is the most important thing - the practicalityAll its elements.This rule applies not only furniture, but also finishing materials.Common paper wallpaper, new in some unconscious, a few months turned into a "fatty tissue" with small specks of oil;pretty nappy pad, postelennuyu the table, from the very first days of its presence in the kitchen, will be subjected to a massive attack crumbs, drips and other unpleasant consequences of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.The same can be said about the ceiling.Simple whitewash or cheap ceiling tiles here are clearly inappropriate.The kitchen ceiling must be easy to wash, be strong and beautiful.Rack ceiling just falls into this category of finishing materials.

echnye ceilings in the kitchen
Rack two-level ceilings with gold strips

create beauty in the kitchen with the help of a rack designs.

It can be single or duplex ceiling, white, gray, brown or any other color, with colored streaks or thin reechkami main background color.Imagination is boundless.

Duplex rack ceiling
Duplex rack ceiling with silver streaks
Combining strip ceilings and classic outboard
Combining strip ceilings and classic outboard
Suspended ceilings in the interior of the kitchen
combination of slats of different colors
Suspended ceilings in the kitchen
Geometric shapes of slats on the ceiling

Photo bathroom with suspended ceilings↑

Due to the fact that the bathroom is always wet and damp, the walls, floor and ceiling it should definitely meet the requirements for this type of premises, that is, they must be water-resistant and durable.If we talk about suspended ceilings, it fits perfectly under the image.Usually

bathroom has a very compact size, but for an experienced designer is not the problem - it may even be an area of ​​2-3 square meters.m. to create a luxurious interior with the help of the same rack ceiling.See for yourself!

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom
Duplex rack ceiling in the bathroom
mirrored ceiling rack
Mirror rack ceiling in the bathroom
Suspended ceilings for bathroom
Rack ceiling in the bathroom, stylized tree
Combining rails
Combining slats - an interesting design course
White rack ceiling
ClassicWhite rack ceiling

And finally a few more photos of beautiful suspended ceilings in the hall.

Suspended ceilings in the hall
Non-standard suspended ceilings in the hall
Rack ceiling hallway
Rack ceiling hallway in country style
Rack and pinion ceiling in the hallway
Lath perfection
Interesting suspended ceilings
unusual approach to installing rack ceiling in the hallway

Whatever was your repair, as long as it was completed.Without a beautiful ceiling, even the most chic interior will look dull and uninteresting.Experiments generate fresh ideas, ideas translate into reality, but a reality ... Let it be flawless.

Video: pros installation and operation ↑