Installation of plastic plinth: the calculation and methods of attachment

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31 May 2016

One of the finishing touches in the room after the repair work is to install baseboards.This decorative element makes it possible to give a neat kind of flooring around the perimeter of the room.Also plinth floor closes some edge roughness of the material used for the flooring.Once used for this purpose only wood products that do not provide a snug fit to the wall plinth.Not all apartments could and can still boast a perfectly smooth walls.The slots have to gloss over and tint in the color of the plinth, thus it is necessary to try not to smear paint finish sexual walls.The era of plastic moldings removed most of the problems described above.Therefore, these products are easy to install, virtually supplanted their wooden counterparts from the market of finishing materials.


Plastic plinth floor
plastic moldings for floor cable channel provides an opportunity to place in it a television, telephone and electric wires

Calculation of skirting ↑

Installing skirting their own hands is not difficult, it is only necessary to calculate precisely the amount of the plinthin meters.At the same time take into account the number of parts (external and internal) and the connecting elements.To do this with a tape measure around the perimeter of the room.Eliminate from the resulting value of the size of doorways.The resulting number is divided by the length of the selected plastic moldings.The result of the division, rounded by excess, shows the number of profiles that must be purchased.

Important!Round of excess, we recall, is to bow down to the choice of a larger whole number.Let's look at a specific example.The perimeter of your room, with all the ledges and niches, is 23 meters.The length of the plinth is 2.5 meters.If you divide 23 by 2.5, then 9.2 is obtained.That means we need to buy a plinth in the amount of 10 pieces.

These calculations can make sales consultants, which should always be contacted in case of doubt.In addition, it is necessary to purchase other supplies.

Choosing plinth and accessories ↑

When choosing a plastic plinth is necessary to pay attention:

  • color that can be selected to match the floor or be a contrast in relation to it;
  • presence of the cable channel in the plinth, you can hide wiring and other connecting wires;
  • form moldings.
Skirting board with cable channel
plinth with cable channel

sale there are special types of profiles baseboards, located in their construction with removable parts that provide access to the wiring for repairs.Also, manufacturers produce plastic moldings, having a flexible edge, easily covering the unevenness in the floor and walls.

Draw a plan of the room and calculate the exact number of parts, plugs, couplings.All these elements are called in one word - supplies.Note that the shape of different parts for external and internal angles.Plugs are used to close the ends of the skirting board, there are left and right.Couplings difficult to calculate in advance, so they are taken with a small margin.The cost of these items is small, so large losses in finance you feel.But save time due to the lack of downtime due to lack of any important detail.

Availability hardware speeds up and simplifies installation

methods and installation process ↑

mounting skirting boards can be done in several ways, which differ from each other mounting options.Thus, the plinth can be attached via:

  1. glue;
  2. screws;
  3. special fasteners.

Sticking plastic moldings ↑

advantage of the installation of plastic skirting boards with glue or liquid nails is the lack of drilling.This means no dust and dirty work to remove it at the end of the installation.It does not take the time to stick skirting.First, all vymerte and install floor skirting without glue.After fitting fit and glue the elements to the desired location.

disadvantages of this method is the use of disposable plastic moldings.Re-apply them will not have as dismantling worsen the appearance of the product.You should also be able to work with glue, skilfully dosing the amount.Thus it is necessary to try not to smear adhesive flooring and wall finishing material.

Mounting with screws ↑

This kind of attachment is slightly inferior in decorative, but at times exceeds the reliability.It performs the following algorithm:

  • profile baseboards, drill holes Two millimeter increments of 40-50 cm;
  • to make a hole with a large drill hole in the shape of a cone, allowing unnoticed "drown" cap screws;
  • start installing skirting from the corner;
  • press firmly to the baseboard and the wall through the holes put pencil marks;
  • in marked places, drill holes and insert the dowels;
  • attach further cut skirting the wall and tighten the screws.

Important!When tightening the screws, make sure that the plastic moldings that are not forced or crinkled.

described algorithm again for fixing these segments baseboards.After the cap screws masked by plastic plugs that matched the color of the floor.To cap tightly held in the right place, experts advise them to stick.

Fixing screws plinth
Fixing screws plinth - a reliable way to use a second time after the dismantling of the baseboard

mounting plinth: Special fasteners ↑

This method has several advantages, but does not exclude the presence of minuses.The advantages include easy removal if needed.The same simple reassembly, which does not leave marks on the outer surface of the mounting plinth.By cons include increased demands on the evenness of the walls and floor, which narrows the scope of their use, especially in the secondary housing market.Also, do not always smooth passes reassembling as the system weakened fasteners, which can not provide the original perfect seal.

The installation skirting with the option of installation is as follows:

  • mark in the wall space for mounting;
  • drill holes in the ground with markings, the depth should not exceed 2-3 cm;
  • insert the plastic plugs into which screw the screws that hold fasteners;
  • soak the distance between adjacent fasteners in the range 30-50 cm;
  • installation skirting always start from the corner.

Important!The first place on the mounting angle should be at a distance not exceeding 10 cm.

Installing baseboards: video instruction ↑

Now, after reading the article, you yourself easily select how to mount a plastic plinth in your room.The paper handy screwdriver, which is several times increases the speed of installation.