Laying carpet with his hands: and the ways of their implementation

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31 May 2016

Carpeted Floor or carpet creates a special comfort in the house.His love both adults and children, because it is such a pleasure - to walk barefoot on the soft, warm floor.In addition, existing on the market a huge range of carpet under the carpet will select any interior.The choice of carpet on the quality and color of the task is simple, but the laying of the carpet - a rather demanding job, especially if you do it with your hands.In this article, we'll show you how to do it right.


calculation before buying ↑

calculation carpet made so that it was a piece of.It would be better from an aesthetic point of view, but will also

affect the life of the coating.Of course, do not take the carpet strictly on room size.

How do you practice?Draw a plan of the room, which denote the window and door openings, niches radiators.We measure the distances (do it yourself, do not take the data from the technical plan of the house - there may be an error).Measure the carpet, leaving a margin of several centimeters on a side.According to professionals, properly made measurements - the key to a successful installation.The store might prompt, a carpet lies better.

Start: training grounds ↑

Before you start laying kovrolinovogo fabric should be carefully prepared base.

How to prepare concrete foundation ↑

to the concrete base is necessary to perform the following works:

  • equalize floor using putty;
  • remove the previous coating, remove glue residue;
  • handle floor primer to eliminate dust (if the dust will remain, it will later make its way through the carpet).

Prepare a wooden subfloor ↑

If the base under the carpet is the wooden floor, it is possible to prepare 2 ways:

  1. put chipboard on the floor surface, putty joints and primed;
  2. remove the nail heads, remove the screws and other protruding parts and the wooden surface ottsiklevat, primed, and then self-leveling compounds for wood.

There are several important points that must be taken into account in preparation for laying carpeting their own hands:

Unfolding kovrolinovogo web
Carpeting should stay in the unfolded form for at least a day before laying
  • before laying carpet need to endure hours in the room;
  • indoors, where folding kovrolinovogo canvas should not be a draft, that it did not form waves and folds: In the future, these mistakes will not be easy to fix;
  • if you want to save on the primer, can be used instead of a mixture of PVA and water;
  • to laying carpet with his hands was normal, the air temperature in the room, as well as sex, adhesives and coatings shall not be less than 17 ° C;
  • humidity in the room should be in the range 10-65%.

need to be padded?↑

The support under the carpet
substrate under the carpet improves the sound and heat insulation floor

Many ignored when laying carpet backing, but it's definitely a negative impact on the further operation.If its application increases the service life of the carpet twice.Substrate coating imparts strength and elasticity, in addition, improved sound insulation and the floor will be warmer.Postelennuyu the substrate effect of a thick carpet will get.What

chosen as a substrate?Most often this is a flat or grooved tires, and more - polyurethane foam.Its thickness - 5-10 mm.In circumstances where it is assumed a large cross, the substrate is best to use thinner and stronger, and in a room with a small cross - thicker.

When placing the substrate, it is necessary to keep in reserve for 8-10 cm above the skirting board.The corners were cut in the form of the Latin letter V. The substrate of a single sheet of paste is not necessary, but if you want to hedge, then you can glue the edges in the doors and under the baseboards.Align the support roller in the direction from the center to the walls.

Unfolding kovrolinovogo canvas ↑

When everything is ready for laying carpet, roll on the floor can be expanded from the corner to the opposite wall.The edges do not need to customize just below the plinth, better to impose them on the wall.They can be useful in places doorways and niches, which will be tailored carpet.After laying the canvas is rolled out with a roller from the center of the floor to the walls.

Laying carpet with their hands
Carpeting first put on the wall

above the threshold for the start can make diagonal cuts, and after the installation will become clear as you need to cut off excess material.To cut straight, you must purchase a perfectly flat board.By applying it, the cutter is removed too much.To put under the radiator cover, the excess carpet cut from two sides parallel to the stripes.Thus, the required area will be measured accurately.After finishing the job, you need to deliver the goods in several places that the web is not shifted.

When unfolding carpet is worth considering some of the features:

  • carpeting laid in one piece to the room, he lay down of the pieces is not recommended.But if you still have not managed to escape, then stitch fabric need only factory edges.It is necessary to ensure that the joint is parallel to the incident light, and then try to hide it under the furniture.
  • necessary to make sure that the cover is not stacked wrinkles and swellings.
  • lest irregularities trim carpet is better to start than with the angle, and from the center.
Laying carpet with their hands
Excess carpet is cut with a knife for cutting carpet
  • Surplus coating is cut in place, leaving a space from wall 0.5-1 cm. These gaps need to prevent blisters and wrinkles.Carpeting then still vylezhu and violence, so the stock will increase slightly.
  • most important condition for laying carpet - is that he has not rested in the edges of the wall.
  • To hide joints between the rooms, you need to install special sills.In stores today sills are presented in a large range: from different materials (aluminum, brass, anodized, painted), different sizes and various colors.
Laying carpet with their hands
To hide the seam between rooms set nut
  • Laying carpet should be made so that the direction of the pile had to leave (for easy cleaning).

Application Method carpet ↑

laying without fixing ↑

Stretching canvas carpet operate with a special tool - the knee kicker.If the base wood, cover is attached thereto brackets.And if the concrete foundation - this step is skipped.

Laying carpet without fastening
Stretching carpet knee kicker perform

After trimming excess carpet and stretch fabric on the perimeter of the room set plinth.This work is necessary to try to carry out carefully so as not to damage any of the materials.

innovative methods and scotch ↑

This method is cheaper than others, because it only needs carpet and adhesive tapes.However, fixing at Scotch less durable.Most often, this method is used for frequent updating facilities or when carpet cleaning periodically give in.

Securing carpet on the adhesive tape
parallel bands of adhesive tape glue

double-sided tape glue parallel stripes across the room, then shoot it with a protective layer of carpet and pull on it.

Securing carpet on the adhesive tape
remove the protective layer of Scotch

If it is assumed that the room will constantly be a lot of people, in this case, the best fit method of laying on the glue, as a two-way locking tape will not be enough.

If you decide to stick ↑

This method is more time consuming, but it can prevent damage.The adhesive is applied with a thin layer on the entire floor.

then lay on top of a carpet roll and smooth it to eliminate bumps and swellings.With glue working on his instructions.Glued carpet, baseboard and establish where necessary - metal slats.

Laying carpet glue
Special adhesive is applied onto the substrate

remove carpet glue after the installation is difficult, so it will be unusable thereafter.When laying carpet area must be closed to prevent drafts.After drying glue to ventilate the premises need to bring odor.

combination of several parts ↑

This method is the most time consuming and is used in large rooms.In this case, a special adhesive can lubricate the entire floor, and can apply different methods of attachment.

Consider the case of tiles with a combination kovrolinovoy kovrolinovym web.

tile is glued with special glue, from the wall.When laying tiles uneven wall start from the second row, leaving part of the floor has width of tiles.Glue is applied by roller or brush.

Securing carpet tile
glue evenly distributed with a roller

Then roll the carpet is laid.At first it smoothly cut, paste double sided tape on the floor, took off his blanket and laid carpet, pulling, to eliminate wrinkles and swellings.

Laying carpet of several parts
After trimming the excess part of the roll of carpet cleaned

Round carpet is laid with overlapping on the carpet tile.Then, the prepared templates cutter cut connecting line.Near this line is adhered double sided tape, which is attached to the rolled carpet.

Laying carpet of several parts
connection between the different types of carpet held bilateral scotch

Features laying carpet ↑

We examined the sequence of work, which provides the technology laying carpet, but there are some points that need to be taken into account that the quality of this work was flawless, andlaid carpet served long enough:

  • if the carpet consists of several parts, the grain direction should be the same;
  • joints between the webs of carpet glued with special glue or PVA width 15 cm, after which the load is placed on it for a few hours;
  • carpet is pressed against the perimeter of the skirting, seams are glued only;
  • after laying carpeting on it can not go within 24 hours;
  • holes in the carpet beneath the pipe is fixed with transparent tape, because over time if you do not, it may peel off;
  • in the case of fixing only the carpet skirting it can not be further cleaned wet vacuum, and can not be put on him the furniture on wheels, because there is a risk that the carpet will be pulled out from under the baseboards;
  • applying adhesive method, the substrate is not stele.

Video Guide for laying carpet ↑

carpet - practical, durable and aesthetic flooring.This is an important part of the interior space.But to take full advantage of the qualitative characteristics of carpeting, you need to know how to properly lay.If you are interested in this coverage, you should know that the laying of carpet - the price of which will be much lower than in the performance of its own hands, it is available to the process.You can learn from the above information, but even better help in this case video - Laying carpet video.

Now you are armed with the necessary knowledge for laying carpet, there are only consulted before the repair with a competent professional who will help you choose a method of laying and the necessary materials.