Technology grinding concrete floor: the purpose and results of shliflvaniya

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31 May 2016

Polishing of concrete floors carried out in order to obtain an impeccable flat surface and to improve the technical, aesthetic performance.It can be an independent stage repair or preparatory process prior to application of self-leveling floor.Made according to the technological requirements of the construction of the concrete floor grinding ensures long-term service, eliminating the need for frequent repairs, will ensure favorable hygienic conditions.


Priorities concrete floor ↑

Universal concrete floors arrange in areas with different area.They are used for everything related with basements floors in low-rise construction.The floors are made of concrete - the best option for commercial premises with an active attendance and for areas in which there is intense movement

of equipment.Polished durable concrete floor:

  • harmonizes perfectly with almost any interior;
  • maintainable and does not require significant maintenance costs;
  • different environmental safety criteria;
  • resists corrosive chemicals and fat-containing composition;
  • exhibits resistance to a constant load dynamic and static character.
Polished concrete floors fit into any decor
polished concrete floors in perfect harmony with any interior composition

Goals and Objectives grinding ↑

From the quality of grinding work depends on outcome decoration.

essence of polishing is to remove the top layer weakened, unable to firmly hold the load, no different to the same decorative appeal.Turning work performed:

  • when applying the new concrete floors to remove the brittle upper layer comprising weak finely-dispersed particles of filler to eliminate the irregularities, bumps and other surface defects;
  • in preparation for polishing and application of flooring, which requires perfect geometric parameters of the substrate;
  • the implementation of the preparatory work for the self-leveling floor to form a roughness that improves traction;
  • the formation of favorable conditions for the operation, during which removes spread harmful dusty suspension of the upper part;
  • the reduction of the technical characteristics of worn concrete floor, which simply remove the top layer destroyed.

And if you do not handle?↑

rough and renovated floor of concrete loses its main advantage - strength.Moreover, tensile strength loss is not only due to the chopping regions with defects, but also because of the ability to absorb moisture unpolished concrete.When water crystallizes subzero temperatures and increases in volume, destroying the structural relationships in the material.This fact has a negative impact on the floors arranged in the first floor of private, commercial and public buildings and outdoor areas.

Polished concrete flooring is durable, beautiful, easy to use
grinding concrete floor is done to improve performance: polished floor better keeps the load does not absorb moisture

concrete screed with subsequent polishing ↑

Curing new concrete floor takes place during its initial cure during the first seven days withmoment screed.To set the main strength of the concrete is required 28 days.Further increasing the final density, consequently, strength occurs during long-term operation.It is recommended to grind the concrete floor during the second or third week, calculated from the moment screed.

is important to note that the grinding is not intended to adjust horizontal aim sex.Observe the correct direction of the geometric plane follows when pouring concrete.

power and material ↑

power layer covering for polishing of building standards is 3 cm, but perhaps more powerful options.Acceptable presence of protruding bumps and holes, the difference difference between them is less than 5 mm.

The benchmark choice of material for the concrete screed is a function of the object.For solid concrete floor in the garage, in the manufacturing shop floor, in a small storage room, as well as for the device pads or tracks on the street using concrete with markings range from M150 to M300.This material is sufficiently reliable to operate and has the qualities of a priority for further grinding.If the floor more demanding criteria for the strength to take the tie material marked more than the M300.

The choice determines the fine aggregate and the technical characteristics of the concrete floor
concrete aggregate mix determines the specifications and performance decorative concrete floor

optimal aggregate concrete screed by grinding - crushed stone fines metamorphic and igneous rocks.If you plan to post-treatment polishing and important decorative element, the use of fine gravel granite or marble chips will help to create an original surface with stunning effect.

It is best to process material with marble chips, poorly polished granite and sedimentary gravel.The excessive density of the filler is not desirable for the production of grinding work, and poor performance characteristics can reduce overall floor.Because in the arrangement of the lower floors is not used slag aggregate.

Standard milestones of grinding ↑

processing and finishing of concrete floors depends on the subsequent operation.Stages full of work can be from 3 to 15ti.On the volume of a full cycle of processing requirements affect the appearance, the type of premises and the state of the floor (floor repair or device during the construction period).

An important stage of polishing the floor - Preparation
careful preparation, cleaning up construction debris and dust - an important stage, anticipating the successful polishing

Regardless of the number of planned activities have standards implemented in the majority of cases, it is:

  • preparatory work.Purification of the concrete surface, dismantling carpet, epoxy flooring, tiles.Dismantling the worn inlet cover or top layer of the concrete floor is performed by milling machines.In preparing the floor surface for further processing is carried out repair work, embedded obkroshivshiesya areas, expansion joints, cracks and potholes.All sludge, dust and debris removed.
  • pouring concrete ties with a preliminary application of the composition, which increases the adhesion parameters, the fulfillment of which is a necessity when removing a large layer of cement floor in the process of repairs.
  • directly resurfacing concrete floors, which includes several stages, the number of which depends on the builders set objectives and expected results.Each stage determines the use of abrasives with different grit, as well as optimizing result and durability of the material impregnation.Processing of concrete pavement is conducted to the stage of the maximum exposure of the grains of the filler.This floor should reach strength, excluding office and the crumbling of fine-particulate filler and large inclusions.Maximum exposed grain of the material during removal of 5-7 millimeters.
  • seal the concrete floor with special impregnation and flyuatov, making concrete perfectly resists powerful intense mechanical stress.The solutions were applied before impregnation until the concrete ceases to absorb them.
  • polishing as a final stage, if not assumed laying on the floor of polished concrete flooring.It is performed using finer abrasives as compared with abrasives applied during grinding.The number of polishing steps depends on the requirements for decorative floor performance requirements.

After machining in the junction of the lower floors and walls set the skirting boards, the surface treatment is carried out.To make the surface of the glossy effect is applied polyurethane varnish.Lacquer is applied using rollers and brushes immediately after polishing on the surface stripped of dust.In most cases the floor several layers of lacquer.

The sequence of layers in the device over the polished floor of the polymer concrete base
sequence of layers by pouring the filling on top of the floor polished concrete base

distinct horizontal or the presence of bias concrete floor verifies the device, which is a rail-pattern level.The degree of adhesion of the concrete screed underlay checked by tapping the entire site.If the tapping was identified land to the lack of adhesion, the floor will have to shift.As building regulations are not allowed to have stitches in an array of concrete floors, gaps between the skirting and the plane of the coating.

Video: working grinder ↑

Compliance with the technological requirements when grinding concrete floor will provide durability, excellent performance decorative coating, ease of movement and excellent conditions for the operation.Perfectly polished floor is not pretentious to care, does not require frequent repairs, which confirms the economy is quite cheap, but beautiful floor made of concrete.