How do I choose linoleum or laminate flooring is an ideal coating

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30 May 2016

Paul, as a decisive touch to the picture of the artist, gives the interior a finished look.Correctly chosen flooring fill the interior harmony, and bad choices can discredit any design decisions.Finally, the choice of flooring depends on how long the repair will last, because it takes the floor at almost all service loads: it is furniture, walk on it, it should be washed frequently.If completing the repair, for whatever reason, you decide to abandon the live wood floor, you have to decide what to choose: linoleum or laminate.Both these types of clothes for the floor are almost identical price, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.


Appointment premises - the main criterion ↑

Any floor covering, regardless of the material must be:

  • Durability - serve without repair as long as possible;
  • moisture resistance - the floors need to be washed often;
  • abrasion resistance - go on the floor and move the furniture;
  • resistant to UV rays - does not fade under the influence of natural or artificial light.

Moreover, depending on the purpose of the premises, the priority of the listed properties of the flooring is changing.For example, the floors in an office need to be particularly resistant to abrasion, since they have to withstand intense mechanical stresses more than in the living room.

Appointment premises - the main criterion when choosing a floor covering
choose between the laminate and linoleum follows depending on the destination premises

Paul in a very bright spacious living room of an apartment or private house to be equally resistant to abrasion and UV rays.Indeed, in this room receive guests and even after the dance floor in the ladies shoes with thin heels should stay perfect.Resistance to fading will allow rearrangement of furniture do not fear that at the site of a massive cabinet or sofa suddenly appears a dark spot.

Finally, in the kitchen, hallway or nursery flooring requires not only frequent washing, but also comes with a detergent and even solvents to remove stubborn stains, and therefore the main criterion when choosing the flooring here is water resistance and high strength.

Therefore, only to experience the two flooring and "try on" them to your particular room, you can answer the answer to almost a rhetorical question: laminate or linoleum - which is better?

What is laminate ↑

laminates called artificial laminated flooring.Basis and the thickest layer of the laminate flooring is usually a special panel MDF, on the "underside" side of which is applied a protective layer of polymer.

Laminate - What is it?
Laminate flooring - is artificial laminated flooring that mimics the texture of wood and other natural materials

the front side of the backbone of the laminate is made as follows.On the panel bases of the decorative paper layer is glued, simulating the structure of various natural materials and then coated with a protective wear layer of melamine or acrylate resin or a polymeric film.

By way of surface finish laminate is

  • glossy;
  • Satin;
  • structured.

In terms of durability of laminate is divided into classes, denoted by numerals.Higher numbers indicate a higher wear resistance:

21, 22, 23 - laminated coverings for premises;

31, 32, 33 - high-strength laminated for public premises.

The thickness of laminated flooring, which is from 6 to 12 mm, depending soundproofing floor: the thicker the material, the higher the level of noise reduction.

Thorough dignity laminate ↑

Modern laminate floors are endowed with a number of advantages that make them so popular today in the interiors of residential and public buildings.

  • Resistance to UV-rays.According to this index exceeds most laminate flooring.Laminate flooring does not fade when exposed to sunlight and artificial premises and during the lifetime of the scheme retain the original colors.You can as many perestilat rearrange furniture or carpets: bleached spots on the floor will never appear.
  • strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, environmental friendliness.With reinforced absolutely environmentally friendly and resistant to mechanical stress components, a transparent protective layer of the laminate is resistant to shock, pressure, massive furniture.On the laminate are not scratches or dents on the heels, studs or thermal "burns" from accidentally fallen burning cigarette or a splinter of the fireplace.Laminate flooring antistatic, and therefore does not attract dust and does not cause allergies.
  • Easy installation.Quickly and easily in just a few hours of laminate flooring can be laid even not a specialist, step through the recommendations of the manufacturer's instructions.To install the latest generation of laminate flooring does not need glue, they are provided for connecting the panels snap locks.Gender of this type can be easily removed and reused in another room.
  • possibility of laying any foundation.Laminate flooring can be laid on concrete and stone foundation.If they do not require equalization, it can be dispensed without pretreatment.Also, using in each case a special kind of substrate, the laminate can be laid on wooden planks, vinyl tiles and even on the carpet with a short nap, without removing them.
  • Easy care.To clean a laminate floor rather damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.With easily, leaving no traces, removes traces of grease, nail polish, tar and even oil.

disadvantages laminate all have ↑

When many advantages laminate, as well as any other building material, is not free of shortcomings that should be considered when choosing the optimal floor.

  • Lifetime.It selectively to the choice of laminate floor arrangement in areas with high humidity or high traffic, namely in the office or in the hallway and kitchen premises - even under the most careful care laminate floors here will serve no more than 5-7 years.
  • synthetic nature.Laminate - artificially created decoration material and are not suitable for premises in which preference is given to the decoration of natural materials.
  • sensitivity to water and aggressive environments.Frequent washing with aggressive detergents and wrong care in the laminate floor may not appear amenable to removal whitish spots.
Laminate - What is it?
weak sealed seams between the panels - a vulnerability laminate
  • weak sealed seams between the panels.It is the most vulnerable spot of laminate flooring, regardless of class durability.Technology laying laminate does not achieve a perfect seal seams.During the operation in the junction gets moisture and dust could cause the edges of the panels are destroyed over time and loses its aesthetic floor.

Yet, despite the shortcomings, and thanks to the variety of collections and the continuous improvement of the properties, the popularity of laminate INTERIOR knows equal.Imitating natural wood, stone or tile, it compares favorably with the cost of prototypes.Style, image, and color options allow you to create a laminated cover in the same room with functional zones "different" flooring materials, and the transition line, for example, "parquet" to "marble" look natural and harmonious.Today laminate floors decorated accommodations, shops, restaurants, boutiques, showrooms, classrooms, etc.

Linoleum - alternative laminate ↑

referred to a wide range of linoleum floor coverings made on the basis of both natural and synthetic components.If Linoleum consist exclusively of natural ingredients and linseed oil as the binder, the synthetic analogues, or coating of PVC, polyvinyl chloride-based produce different additives.From the proportions of the starting components depend on the performance properties of linoleum, which can be divided into two groups:

  • linoleum;
  • synthetic PVC linoleum;

addition of natural and synthetic linoleum, for this kind of flooring also include various types of rubber coatings and quartz-vinyl tiles.

Linoleum characteristic ↑

Linoleum - an artificial material floor covering created solely from natural materials: linseed oil, natural rosins, as well as cork or wood flour, chalk powder or limestone as a filler and jute fibers inas a basis.The result is a high quality flooring with excellent performance:

  • durability - life span of 25-30 years;
  • strength and high wear resistance;
  • antistatic;
  • retardancy;
  • heat resistance;
  • moisture;
  • bactericidal properties;
  • a high level of noise reduction;
  • wide range of colors.
Linoleum - an artificial material for flooring, created exclusively from natural materials

Linoleum, due to the strength and the highest hygiene, indispensable in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, catering establishments, retail and office centers.It does not crumble or crack when temperature and humidity, do not wear, do not fade under bright artificial light and the sun.Color or pattern linoleum dyed throughout its depth, and so it will never rub off.Finally, thanks to the thickness of 0.8-4 mm, it is the floor covering can be laid on any even very flat surface.

  • Linoleum Among the shortcomings are the following:
  • high cost;
  • complexity of installation, which can only be carried out by professionals;
  • demands in caring - every 4-6 months is necessary to rub a special mastic.

synthetic linoleum PVC ↑

extensive family of synthetic PVC floor coverings can be divided into three groups:

Commercial linoleum.Group of high-strength synthetic flooring designed everything for the floor in areas with high traffic and high mechanical loads.Commercial linoleum flooring laid in schools, sports complexes, warehouses and industrial premises.The main advantages of this material:

  • antistatic;
  • antiskid;
  • noise reduction.

Household linoleum.Designed for residential, characterized by a variety of colors and patterns.Thanks to affordable prices is widely used in kitchens, hallways, children's rooms and other areas of flats and houses.

Synthetic linoleum PVC
Modern synthetic PVC floor coverings can be divided into three groups: commercial, semi-commercial and household linoleum

Semi-commercial linoleum.The group brings together the best features of commercial and residential linoleum.Others, durable, wear-resistant, variety of different colors and a striking design.Width range of commercial linoleum is quite extensive, which is especially useful in the regeneration of the sexes in the spacious premises of offices, hotels, child care, etc.

Advantages of synthetic PVC linoleum

  • affordable price;
  • broad, often updated palette of colors, patterns and drawings;
  • easy installation that does not require professional skills;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • antistatic;
  • hygiene.
Synthetic linoleum PVC
PVC linoleum palette is varied colors and striking design

In addition to the general list for the group of synthetic linoleum merits produced by certain types of anti-slip properties and high sound absorption.

Disadvantages PVC flooring

  • Disadvantages of PVC linoleum are mainly due to their synthetic nature:
  • are sensitive to high temperatures - are melted;
  • unstable to fats, alkalis, acetone and other solvents;
  • decrease in elasticity at low temperatures, resulting in the coating can crack or break.

laminate or linoleum: what and when to choose ↑

and laminate and linoleum have many indisputable advantages, but also on the shortcomings are not free, and therefore definitive recipes of their application can not be.

example, comparison of synthetic laminate and linoleum correctly, as the prices of these materials are incomparable.Therefore, if you decide as cheaply as possible to update and refresh the room, then of course the synthetic linoleum PVC suit you perfectly.However, in the case of unheated winter summer cottage, by the spring of brand new linoleum on the floor can deteriorate considerably from a cold.

Laminate and commercial or linoleum are comparable in price and may well be an alternative to each other.These types of flooring are inherent in almost the same advantages, but still there are a few differences that can be decisive in the choice of a particular material.

Linoleum can be washed as often as required, any amount of water using any detergents.Laminate can also wipe a well-wrung, slightly damp cloth, do not forget about vulnerable seam-panel joints.

Lifetime laminate shorter duration of "life" of linoleum, but laminate looks so much like natural wood or other natural materials!If you want - Stela.

The laminate or linoleum: what and when to choose
for public buildings with high traffic synthetic PVC linoleum - the perfect floor covering

to the public, storage or production facilities, home workshop, any ancillary business premises, of course, a synthetic PVC linoleum - the perfect floor covering.

Video: What lay in the "warm floor» ↑

Finally, choose between an artificial laminate flooring and linoleum will help only the inner voice, which we hope will not let you down.