Technology laying laminate hands - video nuances valuable advice

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30 May 2016

huge number of people interested in the technology of laying laminate: a video of the process is extremely popular on various resources that host these videos.The prevalence of the material due to its environmental friendliness, ease of care (any stains can be easily removed by applying acetone, while the laminate will lose its outer gloss), ease of installation and excellent appearance.An important fact when choosing a floor covering is also the ability to perform all installation steps on their own, without the involvement of specialists.With the laying of laminate panels can handle anyone, not even having absolutely no construction skills.It is enough to read carefully the technology of these works, and follow a few simple rules.


Let's start ...

Substrate Preparation for laying ↑

Before you begin the installation of flooring, you need to perform a series of preparatory work.The main requirement is to base its maximum smoothness.Laminate flooring can be laid on:

  • old wooden floors;
  • concrete base.

Prepare wooden floors ↑

First you need to carefully inspect the surface for the presence of various defects, such as shattered boards or protruding nails and screws.Offset boards, however, as the protruding nail heads lead to progressive deformation of the finishing floor.

All unstable areas should be fixed or replaced with new opportunities, and nails and screws sink a few millimeters below the floor surface.

Leveling the floor before laying laminate
Before laying the laminate surface of the wooden floor should be leveled, for example, using machines Scraping

can then begin to level the base.In the case of wooden flooring is much easier to polish the surface with a Scraping machine.If this is not possible, you can lay a layer of plywood or cardboard.

Prepare concrete base ↑

Concrete is the most reliable basis for virtually any floor covering, not excluding the laminate.Laying material on it - is a guarantee of long service life, but preparation is the foundation requires a very time-consuming.

To start horizontal surface is determined using a long spirit level.If the presence of slopes of more than twenty percent of the total area of ​​the base, there is a need for a cement-sand screed.Under laminate screed height should not be too high, about 50 mm is sufficient.

Next, a layer self-leveling compounds, not exceeding 20 mm.The composition of the need to align better with a special roller and scallops.Particular attention should be paid to the joints between the floor and the wall.The angle should stay equal exactly 90 °.Compliance with all these rules will greatly facilitate and accelerate further work on laying laminate.

Important: to the deck floor can begin only after 2-3 days, after drying self-leveling mixture.

preparation of direct material ↑

Technology laying laminate it requires keeping the room in which it is planned to blow at least two days.Packages panels without opening should be left in the room for the material acquired temperature and humidity characteristics inherent in the microclimate of the premises.

substrate under a laminate ↑

In order to prevent deformation of the finished floor covering, care should be taken under the laminate substrate.If the floor is planned to be laid on concrete, the waterproofing is a must, otherwise this step can be ignored.Directly under the laminate panel is necessary to lay a special substrate, provides cushioning when walking, as well as sound and heat insulation.

The substrate for laminate
When laying laminate flooring on a concrete foundation is needed not only the support, but also waterproofing

The most common substrate is a polyethylene foam material.It has excellent performance, mainly due to its porous structure.True, he slaboustoychiv UV (here it does not matter, because the substrate is not subjected to the direct action of sunlight) and slightly compacted during use.

are very good and cork backing, which allows not to use waterproofing layer.Cork material is of natural origin and is an excellent sound insulator.Another type of high quality substrate for laminate - a composite material consisting of polystyrene beads, sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene.

Technology laying laminate ↑

Technology laying laminate flooring with your own hands is quite simple.First we need to determine how the process is planned to lay flooring.Laminate flooring can be installed in two ways:

  • direct;
  • diagonal.

If you do not have sufficient experience in this field, you should not immediately start with a diagonal installation, which requires certain skills.To get started, try to lay laminate usual straightforward manner, and you will avoid many of the difficulties.

Laying laminate direct way
For direct installation panels are located in the direction of the sun's rays

Direct laying laminate ↑

  1. Laying starting from the wall situated opposite the door in the direction of sunlight.We spread the first row, fastening the ends of the panels together.Before fit tightly to the wall of the assembled structure, using small wedges create clearance between the wall and floor covering of at least 10 mm.This will help compensate for the deformation of the laminate after full installation and temperature and humidity changes in the room.Then customize the front row close to the set stakes.
  2. saw off from one panel 500 mm - this will be the first band of the second row.Laminate must be placed in a staggered manner - it will help more evenly distribute the load on the finished surface and give it greater stability.Consistently connecting the ends of the panels, we collect the second row of flooring.Now the ridges of the second row into the groove of the first and gently snap connection.There are two variants of locks: «click» - raise a panel of the second row at an angle of 30 °, is inserted into the lock of the first and a slight touch is pressed to the floor;«Lock» - both rows of panels are arranged horizontally to each other and the spikes of one row into the groove of another, inciting a little wooden hammer.
  3. Similarly lay out the rest of the series.
  4. After work remove all installed wedges, and the gap mask the decorative molding.
  5. last row comfortably spread with a small crowbar, but they need to work very carefully, without damaging the laminate panels and walls.

Interestingly, some species require the use of a special laminate water repellent glue.In this case, after the laying of the first four rows is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the adhesive solution and only then proceed to further work.

diagonal laying laminate ↑

This kind of styling is good in the event that the floor is not planned to cover any carpets or make numerous pieces of furniture.

In addition, this method significantly expands the visual boundaries of space, making it ideal for small-sized housing.

Laying laminate diagonally
Laying laminate diagonally in a very time-consuming and expensive process.Consumption increases by about 15%

installation process is rather complicated.Laminated pane, in this case at an angle of 45 ° to the wall, which significantly increases the material consumption because of numerous undercut strips.If you decide on a way to deck flooring, increase in the calculations the amount of material at least 15%

few tips ↑

Laminate flooring can not be laid in areas with high humidity.The flooring of this material is located in the bathroom, the sauna or the toilet fast enough swell and covered with ugly waves.This is due to its design features: a laminate made from fiberboard, easy to absorb moisture.

Lay laminate necessary on the window to the door, and the light should fall parallel panels covering.Otherwise, on the surface of the finished floor will be very noticeable low seams.

located below a short but very clear video will help to better understand the technology of self-laying laminate.

We hope that these tips will help you do all the work yourself, and flooring for many years will delight you with its wonderful appearance.After all, nothing brings as much fun as a good job, made with his own hands.