Varieties and characteristics of linoleum, market range

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30 May 2016

Linoleum - universal democratic flooring on the market represented by the enormous amount of colorful, structural, textural choices.Buy now you can, as a budget homogeneous linoleum and costly natural Marmoleum or heterogeneous coating, wherein a wide range of prices.The proposed stock market have this type of materials with specific properties.All types of floor coverings, under the general title of linoleum, are characteristic differences, their inherent quality disadvantages and advantages, details of which will correctly pick material.


Modifications modern linoleum are substantially different from the old nerespektabelnyh counterparts.The supremacy of the quality of the acquired right is recognized environmental friendliness, not pecu

liar historical predecessors.Decorative attractiveness of different varieties of the material allows it to compete with the used everything for living rooms, offices, bedrooms with carpet or laminate.Practical durable linoleum could replace ceramic tiles used for installation of the floor in bathrooms, kitchens, showers, bathrooms.

Durable wear new linoleum
Rugged durable aesthetic linoleum new generation

presented today consumers linoleum - a versatile material in no way inferior to their rivals, including on operational terms.

overwhelming number of products will serve their masters from 7 to 10 years, selected material model can be used for 30 years.However, the service life will be equivalent to the values ​​guaranteed by the manufacturer, provided the precision stacking technology.What is absolutely not difficult in principle, as the simplicity and speed of installation is one of the main priorities of all types of linoleum.

What tells marking ↑

choosing material for a particular arrangement of the premises of destination, buyers are looking for an option that most closely matches their needs and conditions.Can help you choose linoleum specifications defined by the manufacturer in the manufacturing process and referred to in the documentation accompanying the product.Most of the companies engaged in the production of linoleum, is now equipping its product image and graphical icons.Available on the packaging of information greatly facilitates the study of the qualitative characteristics of a particular modification.The marking of the material indicated:

  • scope of linoleum, depending on the wear resistance, the ability to resist indentation, abrasion;
  • density is directly proportional to the strength and water resistance;
  • insulation properties, including resistance to the penetration of the sound vibrations and the passage of heat waves;
  • behavior coating in the combustion process;
  • resistance to mechanical shock.
Thousands modifications linoleum
Large assortment of linoleum with different technical characteristics and performance

Conditional graphical icons on the packaging will talk about whether it is possible installation of this product in the children's room, on the stairs, in the dining room, whether this type of linoleum laid over the system"warm floor".Here you can find information about these color fastness, the reaction of the material to chemicals and UV radiation.

coating requires good choice ↑

How many would not have fought manufacturers to improve product is no final decision of several major problems:

  • material damaged by frost,
  • not tolerate sunlight,
  • number of species in the specificsmell.

Because the coating of PVC is not recommended to lay in the premises where the temperature can exceed 60 degrees.The acquisition of material in the winter is necessary to allocate a day to adjust to room temperature.Linoleum, made cloth, and made from natural ingredients, should not be laid in bathrooms, showers, kitchens and pool.Selection of coatings for arranging premises with risk of fire is recommended to focus on the types of non-combustible linoleum.

specific brand linoleum ↑

In stores now you can find versions of linoleum with specific properties, details of which can also be obtained from the information on the packaging.Specific types are:

  • antistatic type of flooring used for arranging premises with lots of electronic equipment;
  • conductor material that promotes allotment of static electricity due to the presence of graphite inserts;
  • elektrorasseivayuschy kind of linoleum, to perform its function irrespective of the level of humidity;
  • flooring laying in sports complexes, provides optimum ball bounce, reduces the likelihood of serious injury;
  • anti-slip linoleum, provides good traction with wet feet or shoe soles due to the introduction of the quartz chips or by forming a surface relief in the manufacture;
  • Medical species, in the formula that contains ingredients that prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria formations;
  • acoustic linoleum, having a thicker foam substrate with excellent cushioning properties.
Sports linoleum
specific kind of sport linoleum designed everything for sports complexes

graphic marking helps competently choose linoleum - characteristics, their values ​​and specific qualities, certain icons can be understood without translation.Sold in domestic stores and building material markets subjected to stringent control checks, the results of which are issued by the fire and sanitary certified confirmation.Issued on the territory of our country the product is tested according to the parameters specified in the GOST 11529-86.

presence of bases and the number of layers ↑

lot of questions for those who wish to choose the right linoleum: What is the basis and whether it is at all, or the single-layer material layered prefer better?This is natural, because the structure of the material largely determine the future behavior of the flooring, which manifests itself in the course of use, reliability and durability.

Regardless of the number of layers, linoleum divided into baseless materials and types of coatings with paper, cork, jute, cloth, foam cushioning or heat insulation base.

  • no basis linoleum is made on the technological principle of rolling and rolling calender method.The mixture of the polymer with the additives is supplied to hot rolls, the material thickness is formed on calenders.It is predominantly commercial types of flooring that can firmly hold a heavy load.Having a single layer of linoleum is also called homogeneous.They almost did not bend, but slightly abraded, they are difficult to cut and impossible to burn a cigarette.Laying of floor coverings homogenous commercial type usually takes professionals possess excellent technology installation is quite thick non-elastic material.
  • linoleum with a base doing a totally different way.On the basis of the prepared mixture is applied hot, acquire during the cooling required flexibility and hardness.Jute, cloth, foam PVC or other support can be applied as cold formulations.After application they are heated, then passes during polymerization.Having two or three layers of linoleum classified as heterogeneous materials.The third layer is typically a three-layer coatings, PVC film protects the fabric from external destructive factors.Common to all the variants of the second layer of puff determines the color of the material and its technical quality.
Multi-layered linoleum with the substrate
Multilayer version of linoleum with a warming amortization substrate

production of heterogeneous flooring - a complicated process, because the resulting material is much more expensive.

However, thin heterogeneous material less weight, easier to install.Subject to the recommendation of the manufacturer will be able to put a heterogeneous linoleum artist without experience.

depending on the application ↑

  • Household linoleum.Designed for arranging housing and public buildings with low permeability floor features a minimum thickness of the active layer, elasticity, softness, light weight.This is the kind of thin material, and therefore the least durable, useful life of 5-7 years.Recent models do not attract dust, inert to all household chemicals.
  • Polukomercheskie varieties linoleum durable and reliable household modifications.They serve more than 10 years, applied for resettlement offices, lobby and reception of public buildings.This type, equipped with the substrate, well holds a temporary static load, restores structural volume after its completion.
  • most rugged and durable commercial linoleum - material characteristics of values ​​higher than those of all types of these products.He did not bend, but not used up, even during intensive use, no problem holding the weight of larger machines.Commercial models of the new generation are 25 years.
Linoleum semi-commercial category
Semi-commercial linoleum - a combination of strength and aesthetics with a lifetime of about 10 years

division of the composition of binders ↑

All products offered by foreign and domestic suppliers can be divided into five major groups, the division of which is predetermined different compositionsComponents:

  • PVC linoleum made on the reinforcing fabric or foam based on a warming.They are represented by single and multilayer models.Negative qualities - the ability to shrink, which must be taken into account during installation.
  • Alkyd anyway Gliphtal linoleum by using alkyd resin have high insulating properties, are equipped with a fabric basis.Compared to PVC flooring more fragile, prone to the appearance of cracks material.
  • performed on the basis of nitrocellulose kolloksilinovy ​​linoleum.It is predominantly single-layer material without reinforcing substrate, flexible, moisture resistant type of linoleum.Among the negative qualities distinguish flammability.
  • two-layer linoleum, rubber top layer which is made of rubber with a mixture of pigments and fillers, the bottom from recycled rubber recycled.Characterized by pledged properties of initial components in water resistance and flexibility.
  • natural, the most expensive natural linoleum made from natural ingredients.In the production of coatings using natural fibers of jute, coconut straw, cork, limestone dust with the addition of pigments, linseed oil, resin coniferous trees.The most expensive representative - marmoleum in the production that uses only natural ingredients and the base of jute cloth.With Marmoleum equip residential interiors, healthcare facilities and child care centers.
Linoleum their natural constituents
clean, safe natural linoleum

A common width linoleum ↑

traditional question arising in the calculation of future expenses, "How wide is linoleum?".

  • supplied in rolls of flexible multi-layer coating with a printed pattern, monophonic and multi-color color may have a width from 1.5 to 4 meters.
  • Linoleum with insulating foundation presented the products, having a width of 1.2 to 3 meters.
  • vinyl covering with fabric-based release width 1.6 - 3 meters.
  • Rubber linoleum - relin comes in rolls of a width of 1 - 1.6 meters.

Video instruction buyers ↑

Information about the vast range of assortment of flooring available to consumers under the generic name "linoleum", will help you choose the most suitable arrangement for the material.