How to build a gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands

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28 May 2016

own land - not just for the field work, but also a relaxation area, is not it ?!Each family settles in its own land, but all in agreement on one thing - the territory must necessarily be for the construction of outdoor recreation.With this important mission perfectly cope with their hands erected a gazebo with a barbecue, where the same table and can fit a family, and dear guests, which will prepare the most delicious in the area where the meat and want to come back to everyone who has visited this delicious tale.


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you noticed that in the summer garden furniture - the most popularpla

ce in your area?After all, when it's warm, I do not want to be locked up, buried in a TV or a computer screen in a stuffy room.The soul is calling merge with nature, immerse yourself in the sweet bliss of rustling leaves, the heady scent of flowers, lulling murmur of the fountain and the beautiful scenery of contemplation.

Of course, even in this effort to present people spoiled comfort, want to enjoy nature with all the comforts, nestled in a gazebo with all facilities and surrounded himself with the most expensive heart of the people.It's so nice in the evening to spend time with family, treating his own barbeque made for a heady drink, given neighbor - born winemaker.

What will be the gazebo - it's up to you.You can build a beautiful open, only protects you from the sun and rain playful, and can build and stationary version, connect the structure to the heating system and enjoy nature year-round.

a gazebo in the country
Look, what a beauty.Unless there is a family that summer evening would not have wanted to relax in this oasis ?!

And you want, combine the gazebo with a kitchen, dining room, living room or even the bath or sauna, turn it into a reception hall or a room for hobbies.All in your hands!Of course, not only a good rest in the comfort, but also treating something tasty.And what could be an amazing dishes cooked over an open fire right before your eyes ?!Therefore, a gazebo with a barbecue is always more popular than their "sisters" without this wonderful device.You've already seen it yourself, have not you ?!So, it's time to move on to the main point: how to build a gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands?

barbecue in a closed structure
BBQ can be arranged even in a closed structure, it would wish!

Location gazebo ↑

If you decide what format will your gazebo with a grill, you can switch to the question of where to place the gastronomic Mansion.Of course, the new structure should be in harmony "fit" into the overall landscape, does not violate the harmony of the site, combined with the house and neighboring buildings.It is important that a piece of land where you are planning to build a gazebo was marshy, he was in a secluded place away from prying eyes, sheltered from the wind.Ideal - not very far from the house, in the shade of trees near the pond and scenic views.

Experienced gardeners advise builders have "Mansion" is not so far from the kitchen, because you often have to "run" between the two rooms, especially during the arrival of guests.But also close to the main building to attach the arbor should not be, because the smoke from the barbecue and undesirable odors can penetrate inside the house.Of course, you can make a barbecue in a furnace with a pipe and a vacuum system, then it is another matter.

Experts also recommend to take into account the security measures.Gazebo with barbecue should be removed from the power lines and gas pipelines.

It is important to know!While the definition of "residence" gazebo with barbecue and do not forget about the neighbors.If you place a rest area close to their home, there is a risk to disturb the peace of neighbors, and, possibly, your friendship.

gazebo on the site
Simple and tasteful.Maybe you choose this option?

Construction gazebo ↑

If the construction site is defined, it is time to move on to the preparatory work.Start with a plan diagram pavilions, calculate materials and general hardware store purchases.The list and the amount of material depends only on your preferences and the size of the future, "Towers."

your order on the spot, the family has approved the scheme of building the gazebo?Go to cleanup.First, remove any excess with a selected area.Second, remove the top layer of the earth - somewhere deep in polshtyka shovel.

Do I need a building foundation, depends on many factors: what you erect a gazebo itself, whether the work carried out on the ground or on the court, paved with tiles, there is land close to the ground water, and so on.The foundation is a must in the marshland, if you are being constructed on a slope, as well as using heavy materials for the project, for example, build a gazebo in stone.

To make the base, you need to dig around the target area trench 30 cm wide and 40 cm deep, and then build the formwork and pour deepening concrete, which, incidentally, can be covered and the ground under the floor, if you are planning to issue its tile (stone or ceramic).

Meanwhile, if your beauty is as light as a feather, you are planning to use the holiday destination in the summer and have the "Mansion" decided on the paved section, then to the foundation, you can not mess around.

your choice - something?Do you want a simple arbor made of wood?Then you need a special foundation.On the perimeter should dig a pit and set and covered with rubble and the Gulf of concrete, pillars, props, which are suitable as wooden beams.To the solution was frozen, as the builders recommend a couple of days to leave the construction alone.

skewers on the grill
What a delicious barbecue outdoors, cooked on the grill own ?!

As for the roof, here just a mass of options, ranging from the same wooden beams and tiles and finishing with a temporary tent or even a live vegetation, such as ivy or vines.Some of the roof is collected separately, and then the finished design is attached to the joists.It is important not to forget the most important thing: all the wooden pieces of material to be treated with a special mixture that will protect them from moisture and, consequently, and rotting.You can buy a ready means of a solution or make your own.This will require 100 g of sodium fluoride, and 4 liters of water.This volume will be enough to cover 10 square meters of construction.

How to make the floor?As mentioned above, it is possible to cover the land concreted and liked the tiles or decorative stone.If you want everything to be natural?Take a wooden floor.First, install the joists, then the flooring.And do not forget a protective layer of roofing material, which for many years will protect your floor from moisture.

BBQ at the cottage
If your house is always a lot of visitors, a large brick BBQ - the best solution

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So gazebo is ready, it's time to move to the center, which will all be fed.What are the options you can consider the barbecues?From the category of "cheap and cheerful" head hits the usual folding grill that can help you make the kebabs, and then gradually move into the trunk of the car, and to please you with a new dish in some other place, for example, on the beach during the holidays "savage. "However, note that such a model, unfortunately, are not very long, they are fragile and require special "fuel", simple wood can simply break the design.

Whether business, solid metal grill - heavy miracle machine for cooking yummy in nature.This handsome excellently copes with its functions, "feed" the usual firewood, long retains heat and serve over the years.His "brother" - a cast-iron grill, is more expensive, but you will not be put to a decade.However, wear it on the territory would be hard.

One of the most popular options barbecue for true lovers of the earth - brick.This culinary "assistant" - the most reliable but also the most time-consuming.Dear this option can not be named, because the materials for the construction of the barbecue should be a minimum, but the skills, experience and diligence - maximum, but because they are free, are not you ?!

Your circuit-tip structure of brick barbecue

And what about those people who can not stand the smoke and do not want to mess with fire?For such people are capricious invented electric grills that are unpretentious in operation and are always ready to work.You are free to choose any of the options, the main thing - the result - flavorful, tender meat, juicy vegetables and other tasty treats that you can enjoy in good company, surrounded by nature.

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families, erecting on the site gazebo with barbecue - the most cheerful, active, friendly and hospitable.And you?