Features of the construction of the furnace barbecue with his own hands

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28 May 2016

Food cooked on the coals, it has no alternative in domestic food.No wonder the favorite holiday of many citizens is leaving to nature with a hot barbecue.Cottagers and homeowners easier: they can build outdoor oven, and every evening to cook gourmet meals on logs.The case for small - to build a barbecue or choose a fixed factory option.Consider what subtleties to consider when choosing the place and how to create a brick oven barbecue with his own hands.


video story on the construction of a barbecue with his hands ↑

Choosing the factory model of barbecue ↑

If you intend to buy the finished product, theit should be noted that today the three types of furnaces

is available for different types of fuel:

  • traditional working on charcoal;
  • gas, the source of the fire which is a cylinder of liquefied gas;
  • power.

most "real" option, of course, the furnace operating on coal, but they can smoke, soot covered space next workpiece and require fuel.Gas is easier to maintain, but may fade with strong gusts of wind.Electric require laying of underground cables and are not recommended for use in wet weather.

Factory garden barbecue oven and different dimensions.For example, portable model with wheels less expensive than an order to build a stone or brick construction.However, you can always first try to make this device yourself.

Charcoal barbecue oven
Compact factory oven BBQ Charcoal - great for use anywhere in the site

Determine the location for the oven ↑

Whatever buy you finished the oven-barbecue or become its spread themselves, you should consider severalmoments.

  • Location structure relative to constantly blowing winds.

place or mount the oven so it is necessary to focus with an open flame could not get the exact opposite of the wind, or the fire will fade or burn unevenly.Look for a place that at least the two sides will be protected green spaces, buildings or dense fence.That's why often put in the oven barbecue gazebo where by the walls of buildings blocked direct access to the site of the wind.

furnace device
on open areas of combustion flame can interfere with wind, so these options are provided for heating the protective screen
  • the furnace with respect to their own home and neighborhood.

to housewives more profitable to barbecue area located near the entrance to the house, because the ingredients for dishes and utensils necessary to carry out of the kitchen.Rare oven barbecue provide niches for storage of tableware accessories.

sure to note which will pull the smoke from your fryer.This is done simply by a barbecue or campfire, which for several weeks is ignited at the site of the future installation of a barbecue.If you smoke more often goes straight to the neighbor's land - change the location of the oven while it is still not built.Otherwise, conflicts with its neighbors can not be avoided.Even if they will not be on site during your picnic, smoke may prokoptit they wash clothes and so on.

  • Accommodation barbecue relatively greenery.

Due to the fact that the outdoor barbeque oven give a very hot temperature, heating up all around, close proximity unlikely to enjoy your trees and shrubs.Set design by spreading the old pear certainly convenient, because you can relax in the shade, but the heat will shorten the life of the tree several times.Try to keep within a radius of 2-3 meters from the source was not tall trees and shrubs, and hedges.

Also, do not install the stove on a green lawn or near the flowerbeds.The heat, however, does not get to them, but your feet and your guests vytopchut all around during the cooking of food and rest.It is better to put these facilities on a concrete pedestal or the spread area of ​​the patio tiles, decking and other outdoor materials.

We raise barbecue oven with his own hands: step by step instructions ↑

Since you decided to dazzle the stove yourself, then you need to do consistently and accurately.It is desirable that the process commanded people to think a little in construction.

Design and site preparation ↑

before a furnace for a barbecue, outline the future design drawing you visually see how it will look like, and can calculate the consumption of materials.Very handy when the hearth with a working table top.

scheme furnace
If we add to the central furnace side "ears", then one of them can install the sink, and the second used under Worktop

Think niche for the hearth.If it is in the form of a rectangle, you need metal corners, which will serve as bridges.Arched doorway requires harvesting of the boards, which will serve as a basis for laying.

Look at the suspected site of construction and eliminate anything that will interfere with the site and the construction of the furnace.Please note that the barbecue has a blank back wall.If it is turned to the good side of the viewing area, it is necessary to consider decorating or doing perfectly smooth clutch.

Ovens BBQ
Ovens barbecue with tabletops suitable for housewives, because the cut products can be right next to the hearth

collection materials ↑

For brick buildings you will need:

  • firebrick (straight three-quarter size 187h124h65mm);
  • cement-sand mixture for making concrete base;
  • edging boards (formwork);
  • fittings and metal debris (to strengthen the foundation);
  • cords and stakes for marking;
  • pipe (Ø15 cm);
  • roofing material.

exact dimensions of materials and the number of bricks is calculated based on the future size of the furnace.

Fill foundation ↑

Since the oven does not apply to heavy structures, for its foundations have enough tape base 20 cm high, reinforced rebar and other metal waste.

the foundation of the furnace
foundation creates the foundation for a barbecue without height differences
  • First spend a breakdown of the foundation, using twine and wooden pegs.
  • When counting stretched, dripped a trench to a depth of 30 cm. Width of the margin is added to the formwork (5-7 cm).
  • bottom of the trench is lined with a layer of gravel or slag, sealing it down or tamper homemade.Gravel spread on top of the metal reinforcing layer in the form of a mesh or a fabric.
  • Set of boards shuttering.
  • Make a concrete solution and filled the trench to the ground.
  • allowed to cool (for about 3 days, spilling water in hot weather).
  • Take formwork is filled with sand and emptiness tightly tamped it with a stick.

masonry oven ↑

    1. for waterproofing rolled out across the site of the foundation sheets of roofing material.
    2. Masonry walls is performed in a half-brick.Prior to the opening of the hearth wall erected to a height of 60-80 cm. The high altitude it is not recommended, as it will be inconvenient to cook and carve food on the table.

      The height of 60-80 cm
      height of 60-80 cm is calculated that the hosts will be convenient to use the tops and spread on the grating products for cooking
    3. then proceeds directly to the creation of the furnace.
    4. At the 6th row of the radius of the furnace bricks create support protrusion, having them not along, and across the main series.When the projecting half remains inside.In her later put metal grill for frying foods.
    5. Krepjat jumper from the corner of a wooden template to create arches (at the opening) and continue to display the wall on either side of the future source.

      Oven BBQ
      Without a template from plywood or boards arched doorway is not possible, because the bricks need support
    6. At the 10th series of repeated cross-laying to create another ledge.At this altitude you can then put the finished dish to keep warm state (fixing grille).
    7. between 6 and 10 m can be a number of further reinforcing insert pins.So you can adjust the level of roasting meat, exposing the grid at different heights.
    8. Keep in mind that the walls of the hearth should be narrowing upwards to reach the size of the pipe through which the smoke will be displayed.So after 7 series firebox narrows each following a quarter-brick.Thus, a number of 12-13, you narrow down the clutch so that the rest of the wall, which is hidden away in the pipe, can be output with the same number of bricks.
    9. finished composing the furnace, the sides set at ustyvshuyu laying countertops.It can be curved sheets of tin for safety edges, thin units that closed on top of wooden planks and other available materials.

When the furnace is lined with brick barbecue, it is allowed to settle for about a week and start decorating.

direct the "marafet» ↑

to your building was not only functional but also beautiful, trim the outer walls of various interesting materials.They are often covered with tiles or veneer decorative plasters.You can even lay the individual sections with natural stone.In other words, feel free to realize their fantasies, coordinating the design of the furnace with the rest of the site.

with their own hands
finishing of natural stone buildings always adds solidity and age

After the outdoor barbecue stove built and tested in practice, engage in resettlement area because this area will be the most popular gathering place for family and guests.Garden furniture, durable coating such as paving stones and a couple of interesting accessories make the stove notable element of the landscape is admired by friends and neighbors.