Step by step description of the construction of kennels with their own hands

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28 May 2016

plant dog, we not only gain a faithful four-legged friend, but also become its careful owners.Indeed, in response to the need to show their commitment to care for him.For example, if the pet is living on the street, he needs a house where he was hiding from the bad weather and at night.By the way, you can make a booth for the dog with his hands, even without building skills.What you need to do and where to start, we now face it.


Video tips on making insulated doghouse with his hands ↑

size doghouse ↑

In the first phase of work on the house for the four-legged friend need to determine its size.Above them you need to think twice, because it affects how comfortable will feel your pet in your house.It is a mistake to believe that only a small booth wil

l be uncomfortable for the dog.In too large, it also feels uncomfortable.

If the animal has reached a peak in its growth, then it is necessary to measure the parameters of the house and do on the basis of them.For example, the depth should be more booth 5 cm, than the length of the pet from nose to tail.From the width of the structure should reach approximately its height, to which was added 5 cm. Laz make 5 cm wider than the chest of the dog, and its height - 5 cm longer than the height at the withers it.

However, if you just take the puppy into the house, then you have to rely on average figures, which indicate in directories.

By the way, the size of the booth not only affect the ease: so does not freeze if the pet in the winter.Therefore, in the northern regions it is especially important to build a house that adheres to these requirements.If you live closer to the south, you can make it a little more, exceeding the recommended numbers by 5 cm.

Booths for dogs
House must be of such magnitude that the favorite could it turn around and comfortable to lie down

There are approximate dimensions, whichYou can stick to making a dog shelter.For example, if you build a booth for the Shepherd with his hands, it must be at least 95 cm and a width of 1.4 m and a depth of 1 m. The same applies to buildings and other large breeds.For animal house suitable growth medium height of 80 cm, a width and a depth of 1.25 m and 0.75 m respectively.And for the little dog to adequate housing 0.7 0.5 (width and depth) at a height of 0.6 cm.

sketches and drawings of the house for the dog ↑

make the necessary calculations, it is possible to think about how to make a doghouse with his own handsand to draw the appropriate thumbnail.After all, the structure may look quite differently, according to your taste, or in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

But there are some recommendations that experts recommend to stick to home for the pet was not only pleasant to your eye, but also comfortable.For example, the input is arranged in long part of the house, moving it slightly in any direction relative to the center.

Booths for dogs
doing home for the four-legged guard, care must be taken to the boards of nowhere sharp edges protruding nails

If you do not have the skills to work with construction tools, then you will be easier to make a shed roof.But more beautiful still looks gable option.If there is a desire pomasterit, the roof can be made with a small loft, and it will keep you dog toys, utensils, food.

Finally, quite simply make a booth with their own hands navesikom: it will look much more attractive.But the same item performs a practical function, as it allows the animal to look out into the street in the rain without the risk of getting wet.Sketched a sketch of the structure, it is necessary to make a detailed drawing.With him will be less likely to make a mistake, and it simplifies the calculations required number of materials.

materials for the construction of the booth ↑

before a booth for the dog, you need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools, if our plans and sketches ready.Preference is given to natural building materials.For example, well-behaved will softwood, which is comparatively inexpensive, and environmentally friendly.

box of logs
can make of this house and logs, especially if your site is designed in a rustic style

For example, you can take for the manufacture of the frame structure beams, section 40x40 mm.To fit the usual side walls boards or sheets of plywood.On the floor you can use the floorboard.If you want to decorate the house, it is necessary to buy another and decorative slats.Additionally, you can use the heater if the winter in your region severe.If you do not use wood moisture infiltration, then you need to take care of the oil-cloth or other materials, which will need to upholster a house that he did not rotted prematurely.

With regard to instruments that set them quite modest, and certainly there is in almost every home.You will need to work hammer, saw, nails, chisel.This gentleman's set is enough to make a hut with his own hands.

Production house for four-legged friend ↑

With ready drawings and materials is possible to start the process of construction.Start making doghouse with his own hands from the base, that is sex.That he was quite warm, it is made in two layers, paving the insulation between them.It is necessary to take care of the legs on which to stand house.This is necessary in order to calm him by air to circulate, then the structure will last longer, and it will not stagnate moisture.

making floor, and attach it to the side plates, which fasten the walls of the home.Do not forget to include in one of them hole.Now it is possible to produce the roof, which must be removable.Then it will be easy to periodically clean the house and treat it by means of parasites.

Booth of timber
can do a booth full of timber; then it will not have to insulate

place for the finished dog home ↑

For the convenience of the pet is not only important to know how to build a doghouse, and still find it a good place in the yard.If you have an aviary, it is positioned directly inside the house.But it must be borne in mind that it has to stand on a small hill.Then I removed the risk of flooding of homes in the rain.

Since you probably keep the dog more, and in order to make it guard your house, it is necessary to provide that from her shelter was a good overview of the main areas.

Once you make a doghouse, and take care of the details.For example, it is necessary to sew curtains of dense material that will be useful in both summer and winter.In the summer heat a house can be covered, so that it stays fresh, and in the cold of winter, they will not pass into the snow and freezing wind.

Now you know how to build a house for your four-legged pet.Good luck, and remember: we are responsible for those who tamed.