Rules autumn pruning fruit trees and shrubs

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27 May 2016

fruit bushes - currants, raspberries, gooseberries, sea buckthorn - in need of pruning.This procedure stimulates the growth of new branches, increase the quality and quantity of fruit.How to make a crop, without damaging the bush, and there are some features of the procedure, you will learn from this article.


About pruners and not just ↑

Pruning fruit bushes by means of such tools: garden saws (with a special sharpened pruning), pruners, loppers.The secret is simple serviceable tool, you should always ensure that the nut was podkruchena, spring and oiled and sharpened cutting edge (one side only).After work, wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

  • saw or shears must be sharp.Only this tool makes a smooth, clean cut.The clean cut, the faster the tree heal "the wound" after "surgery."
  • Observe the secateurs.The blade shou
    ld be placed toward the part of the line, which will remain on the bush.Rana smeared garden pitch when its diameter is 2 cm or more.
  • If you cut a large escape, divide it into parts, it will be easier to remove it from the bush, and you do not damage the twigs and buds.

Vitamin Currants Currants ↑

wakes up early in the spring.As soon as the snow melts from the ground, her buds swell and sap flow begins.That is why the best time for pruning currant is considered late autumn.In early November, the bush is already dormant.

trimming shrubs
Pruning blackcurrant - effective way to increase its yield

When cut ↑

branches zero order - it shoots that come directly from the root of the earth.It is the most valuable and productive branches.The length of these branches should be 30-40 cm. It is possible to collect them with the best quality and abundant harvest.Escape - a branch that has grown over the past summer.In winter shoots shed their leaves, and the next year it is full-fledged branch.On the stem there is a zero-order branch - a branch of the first order.From the second order stems depart branches of the third order.There are also fruit shoots.

Red and white currants are more restrained growth of zero branches

When planting currant bushes trimmed the weakest branches at their base, the other shoots - 3-4 buds.When autumn pruning should strive to ensure that the shoots and branches from the zero-order currant was 15-20.

In the first two years of rapid growth of plants occurs.From 3 to 5 years, the growth is slowing down, while the yield from 5-year-olds branches bare.At zero annual branches more growth and fruit buds.

Pruning of fruit trees and shrubs is done to maintain the bush in a normal sanitary condition and to stimulate the growth of shoots zero and first order branches.

peg-top-buoy shoots - it shoots that dramatically geared up, and they thicken the crown.They have a lot of fruit formation, but such branches crop yield is only 1-2 years.

How to carry out the procedure properly ↑

  • Dispose of lying, dry, old and mossy branches.
  • Fruit and berry bushes can be thickened, leave only the strongest branches with lots of buds.
  • Light brown bark, pale green buds - signs of the young branches.The cut young branches - white, cut the old - brown.
  • Do not leave the stumps.Cut the branches as close to the ground.This stimulates the bush to forcing new lines.If the threads are interwoven, the excess branches should be cut in pieces.

Pobegoobrazovatelnaya capacity and probudimost kidney affect the amount of the crop.To call a speedy revival of shoots can be cut to a length of thread from 1/3 to half of the shoot - a welcome shortening the autumn shoots, it helps strengthen cause branching.

Cutting rules
Pruning to "transfer" is performed with a sharp instrument

The leaves are formed in the light necessary for plant nutrients that are transmitted on the trunk of the roots.Roots, in turn, give shoots minerals from the soil.The more glucose is produced in the leaves, the more nutrients the roots of the shrub land transfer, the higher the quality of the crop.Bush bears fruit also buketnye small twigs and short annuals.

summer currants are not pruned.Currants over 15 years to rejuvenate it makes no sense, it should be removed.In its place, plant new bushes.

Useful ↑

buckthorn bush is dioecious, that is, there are male and female plants.For pollination of 4 female 1 male trees are thrown.

  • When planting immediately cut off the tip (5-10 cm).
  • As the tree need to ensure that the tops of the shoots do not overlap, do not rub against each other.
  • on one trunk do not do a lot of wounds.
  • If the plant is growing rapidly, periodically cut the end of the tip to hold back growth.
  • The adult plants prune the upper branches with lateral branching.

buckthorn have a strong, well-developed root growth.When the plant reaches the age of 15, his dig, and instead leave one escape from the undergrowth.To the roots do not spread through the garden, the ground digged roofing, slate and so on. N.

Medical raspberry ↑

Lifetime branches of dwarf shrubs 2 years.In the first year grow shoots, and in the second year, they bear fruit.In autumn, when the fruiting season take place, old branches are removed, cutting them at the base.At the branches, which must be removed, the bark of a dark, dry.Old branches can be cut and early spring, the bushes was delayed to more snow.

how to prune raspberries
Proper pruning raspberry

For better probudimosti kidneys can be cut off the tips of shoots - 3-4 cm (in non-remontant raspberries).In remontant varieties of this crop does not do, such as the harvest of raspberries is going to the top of the stems.

With Spray method of planting leave 15-20 shoots per meter, with a belt the way - 10-20 shoots.

prickly gooseberry ↑

Gooseberries on features of growth and fruiting is divided into European macrocarpa (probudimost pobegoobrazovatelnaya ability of the kidneys and the average) and the US Small berried (probudimost kidney pobegoobrazovatelnaya average and good ability).There are also hybrids (especially growth and fruiting may vary depending on the variety).

Pruning gooseberry.The main crop is located in the new growth on the annual branches

Lifetime zero branches gooseberry: 10-12 years.When planting a sapling each branch is cut to 2-4 buds.

To rejuvenate the bush, you can use the translation of the old branch to the younger.This young branch closer to the ground is better.Trim the ends of the stems in spring until the first buds.

Chokeberry ↑

bush forms a set of basal branches when pruning leaves 10-12.Twisted, covered with lichen, weak, underdeveloped branches cut at the base.The lateral transfer is used for imparting a desired shape, and for the recovery of wood.

how to cut a mountain ash
If you want to enjoy stable yields chokeberry, take care of timely pruning

seedlings of shrubs and fruit trees, if you do not perform their crop may in the short term much overgrown.This leads to darkening of the bush and reduced productivity.

If you want to plant in the country at the southern fruit bushes, and still live in the middle lane, do not count on high yield.Choose fruit trees and shrubs that will feel comfortable in your climate.They will delight you with a great harvest if their time to water, fertilize and trim.