How beautiful and make the beds in the garden

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27 May 2016

Cottage - it's not just a house and a piece of land!For many it is a way of life and the ability to achieve your goals!You might ask - what is it?There may be more!For example, to make a well-kept plot, and not like the neighborhood.But for others the meaning of life is not just a collection of good and a bumper harvest!And it is quite possible, if the beds are made with your own hands by all the rules.This will be discussed in this article.


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fundamental truths about the beds ↑

  1. form.It will depend on the imagination of the master and the plot area.Beds can be rectangular, square, diamond, etc.It can be low or high, having a fence and without nego.Naibolshuyu popularity lately gaining high beds (optimum height 40 cm).The reason is as follows.
    • They are layered so war
      m.The first layer - fast composting materials (waste paper, twigs, cloth).The second - slow composting materials (leaves, paper, grass without seeds).They are watered and covered with earth.During the rotting layers of heat is released, which allows the crop to mature faster.They
    • sun warms the ground faster, but it should be watered more often.
    • If a lower layer of plaster put a grid, you can not be afraid of pests such as moles and mice.
    • High beds do not need to dig, they need to make.
    • It is possible to collect two harvests.For example, before you put the main culture, you can treat yourself or early radish salad.
  2. dimensions.The optimum width is considered to be 60-100 cm. In her care for the landing convenient and simple.Length is done at their own discretion.
    your garden can make the most original

    many positive responses deserved method device for Mitlayderu beds.He offers to make them a width of 45 cm and a length of not more than 9 meters, but their share in the wide aisles of 80-90 cm.

    What is the advantage of this method?Vegetables get more sunlight and well ventilated, so it grow and ripen even in overcast summer.The plants come handy.In this way, planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, eggplant.

    record harvest requires effort
  3. Location.Thinking of how to make the beds, take into consideration that they usually have from south to north.So the plants during the day warms up more evenly.In the morning and evening when the sun shines on the side of the beds, the vegetables so much tarnish each druga.A what to do if the site has a bias?In this case, the ridges are arranged across it, allowing the water to be distributed more evenly.If the land is uneven, it is best to place the beds on the south side and the north set aside for garden plantings.
  4. plan.Proper planning must take into account the following points.
    • need to know what the yield per 1 sq.m has a variety of vegetables.So it is possible to calculate and determine the area of ​​the beds for each.
    • have an idea about the compatibility of plants.Without such knowledge can not be made a qualitative planning.
    • in areas with a strong bias, it is necessary to arrange a terrace and install them gryadki- boxes.
    • Planting vegetable crops should be made so that the north garden housed tall plants.It will allow low culture do not fall into their shadow.

construction of the beds with boards ↑

With these beds of the garden is more accurate and easier to care for him.Make them not so difficult to turn to specialists.Knowing how to make the beds, will equip its own garden with his own hands in three stages.

  1. mark up for future beds.
  2. On the marked line will select the ground with a shovel and threw it on the center of the beds.The deepening of 10-15 cm.
  3. Making bumpers.For them, any suitable rigid material, which is able to maintain the shape of the beds.
as fences fit any rigid material

How to make bumpers ↑

  • boards that are fastened with screws.
  • Slate, pre-cut to the desired size.
  • Brick - it is used for shaped beds that are used in landscape design.It will be fixed, because then transfer it is not so easy.
  • height of the wall skirting choose individually.It is calculated so - to their height above the ground adding their depth in the soil.
  • Factory fence made of galvanized steel with polymer coating.It may be of different colors and geometrical shapes.With him will land more colorful and flavorful.

When the bed is ready, it is necessary to issue and then take steps to protect the winter.What is included?

  1. can lay track between the tile or stone.Suitable and lawn grass, which not only looks beautiful, but also pleasing to the legs.
  2. When clay soil in the brick fence drilled holes for water withdrawal.
  3. harvest, dig the soil in the garden and make her small mounds in the form of pyramids.What is it for?After the winter the ground, starting to thaw, will not inflate the fence and did not hurt him.

Remember that time spent on device quality beds, will not be lost in vain!You will be easier to take care of the garden and will have more time to rest!We wish you a record harvest!

Each vegetable feels worthy and respected