How to make a garden picket their own hands - a review of options

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27 May 2016

remember how to begin the theater?With hangers!But how to begin your site?That's right, with the front garden!Over the years, relevant to this small area in front of the house has undergone a change.Previously, he was treated as the place where you can plant flowers and put the bench.Today it has become a kind of calling card garden plot.It shows the result of the labor of the house owner and his aesthetic perception of the world.The best part is that to create a garden with his own hands is quite simple.Thanks to the special tools and a variety of information on the Internet, you can make this a completely unique piece of landscape.Typical projects in this matter, as a rule, lacking.And this is good!For every gardener has the opportunity to show their skills and imagination.


Varieties front gardens ↑

All plots of land areits f

eatures.This is reflected in the design of territory in front of the house.It can be of two types:

  1. Open.The space, which is in front of the house, in this case, has no fences.It is open for public inspection as from the porch of construction, and with the public road.A typical embodiment of the front garden - a carefully manicured lawn, where there are beds.It crosses the path leading to the main entrance.Frames territory extremely low fence that does not interfere with viewing.
  2. closed.In this case, it is fenced off from the street by a hedge.Some owners prefer to fence - brick, wrought iron, wicker, wood, stone, etc.An example of this type can be considered the front garden courtyard, which is surrounded by high hedges.It does not allow to penetrate the outside no noise, no dust.
decorative fence
Looking at the fences, stop thinking about problems

Depending on personal qualities, homeowners or flatter his "ego" or trying to impress the neighbors.From this depends largely on how they are doing with their hands garden - photos show that they reflect two different types:

  • Russian style.All that is behind the windows of the house should be, above all, to please the eye of the host.View from the road they are interested in is less than the view from the windows of the mansion.Most likely, it will be closed territory, enclosed on all sides by a fence (perhaps even not always deaf) or a thick green flowering hedge.Much attention is paid to interior decorating front garden.It may be clay figurines, wooden painted decor and a large number of richly blooming flowerbeds.
  • European style.There are applied stringent standards.They are reflected in the carefully calibrated geometry lines manicured lawns, shrubs and trees, as well as immaculate paths and flower gardens.In most cases, open type, allows any passerby to get not only a pleasure, but also to evaluate the quality and level of garden design.In this courtyard is thoroughly planned, including the form of steps and location of pots of exotic plants.
European type of device frontage different forms of impeccability

can plan the design of your garden, leaning on one of the styles - romantic, rustic, Japanese, Mediterranean, German, etc.On some of them we dwell.

German style frontage ↑

This simple, concise and landscaping for those who prefer the privacy of a noisy and loneliness.

done German garden picket, which performs a decorative function.Alternatively, he may have no barriers, allowing you to see all the plants located in front of the house.They are selected depending on the preferences and the nature and type of business owners.If you like the neatly trimmed bushes and flowers of medium size quiet tones, then most likely, you are a business man and dedication.Creative nature choose bright flowering plants and bushes like a lush pink rose hips.Every resident in Germany is not a home without a front garden or even vases, standing in front of his entrance.

front garden in the Japanese style ↑

If you are a person prone to asceticism and philosophy, you'll like this style.Landscaping of the site is so varied that it is able to express the mood, taste and even the social status of the owner.

Japanese-style observed clarity and brevity forms.It is mandatory to be present stones and a small pond.Preference is given to perennial herbaceous plants that form the basis of the landscape project.Among the flowers dominant position given to iris, hellebore, Astilbe and daylilies.Basic care is associated with preservation of early forms of greenery.

Japanese garden
Japanese garden is always a place for a small pond

Pay tribute to classic ↑

most important in classical style - a select for the front garden fence or other barrier that helps to withstand a single style.Fans of riotous colors and abundance of flowering may opt for a country style.

  • It is simple device and further care.This garden is usually shielded wicker fence or picket fence.
  • It looks great many familiar plants.These are the bells, peonies, Phlox paniculata, dahlias, helenium, nasturtium.In the corner of the plot can be planted birch mourning, but so that its branches could not hide too much land area.
  • near the tree can be installed on the bench birch chumps and landed near some bushes chubushnika.Earth's crust fall asleep beside her.Hollow birch stumps are often used as special beds under the bells.On both sides of the path, laid out towards the garden, you can plant asters and phlox.
  • special feature classic frontage is considered his deliberate negligence.Caring for them is very easy - just periodically to weed and water the plants.
  • Wattle made of birch twigs.It hung Krynki and chipped iron pots.If you put on the street side kalistegiyu, such a fence would look very impressive.
lovely garden
Make garden can be pretty minimal means

Video: the story of an unusual front garden ↑

As you know, the device front garden need a combined approach.You can use different methods of design and materials, and also take into account the nuances of the different styles.The main thing is to land in front of your house in harmony with it and how you can look attractive!We wish you success!