Boilers for solid fuels - the market range, the specific operation

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26 May 2016

What do people living in non-gasified areas, because in the winter without heat in the house can not be?Boilers for solid fuels - a kind of prototype of the Russian stove, but at times modernized and improved.Progress crucial because between them there was only the only thing in common - fuel.The principle of these boilers independent and autonomous, because they have no connection with any gas lines, no electricity and central heating system.This is a definite plus for remote villages, because there are people, too, and they need civilization.


Heart heating system ↑

Modern heating boilers for solid fuels are considered to be excellent sources of war

mth and comfortin the house, one can create any climate, regulate temperature and does not depend on communication services, which are sometimes subject to breakdowns.And it is a very wonderful to live in their power (the house), and run the show, that is heating.

Quite often occur at home, cut off from the benefits of human civilization, and in fact home to somehow equip and live in normal conditions.Yes, and it is unclear when there will be good communication.In such a case an excellent acquisition will be a solid fuel boiler.

clear that coal and wood - the main fuel boilers of this kind.This suggests that people should take care of the replenishment of stocks.In addition, it is necessary to equip a special room where the fuel is stored, and it must be protected from rain.

boiler in action

Another nuance - from the boiler to be watched, as one portion of coal or wood burns through and releases heat, and then require regular and always timely loading of fuel.The house should always be the person who will be responsible for the productive operation of the boiler, because "podkidok" will have several, for example, one batch of fuel is designed for 3-4 hours.

You can extend the process of burning the fuel, this must be purchased Pyrolysis solid fuel boiler.When it is used not only prolonged combustion time, but also increases the effectiveness and efficiency.His work in the article will still be talking, but a little later.

And another advantage of solid fuel boilers is "retraining" to the gas (and suddenly highway still appears next to the house), then you need to simply change the burner.

Classification of solid fuel boilers ↑

Such boilers are essential superiority - fuel economy: it can be coal, peat braces, wood, coke.Despite the peculiar alienation from civilization, these boilers are equipped with a fully automatic system, equipped with sensors and also responsible for the temperature, safety equipment.

Material type heat exchanger ↑

Cast iron boiler
Cast iron solid fuel boiler

Boilers for solid fuel divided by the type of heat exchanger material: steel or cast iron, and the fuel resources of their identity.Cast iron solid fuel boilers are more durable, because this material has a property for a long time to heat and cool slowly.But there are negative aspects: These units are characterized by excessive fragility that is due to the sensitivity of the sharp termoperepady.As a result of "thermal shock" wall unit destructs and boiler fails.Not so bad, now current technology to improve and cast iron boilers have overcome the brittleness.

Steel boilers are more resistant to temperature "whims", but also there are nuances - the weakness of corrosion, and the reason for this phenomenon condensate.Cast-iron boilers such exposure is not terrible, but in any case the duration of the service depends on the quality of steel, the thickness and the fact that the proper handling of equipment.

of the number of circuits ↑

- single-circuit boilers are designed exclusively for full room heating.Typically, in such boilers thought the ability to connect the storage water heater;

Turbofan boiler
Turbofan boiler for solid fuels

- combi boilers for solid fuels - one circuit for heating and the other, respectively, for the hot water.Boiler for solid fuels may have a different capacity, it can be calculated, thus orienting ratio: 10 square meters.m - at least 1 kW boiler output.But it provided no more ceiling height of three meters and good thermal insulation.If the heat losses in the building large, the hot water system should be appropriate.

By the principle of operation ↑

on this parameter solid fuel boilers are divided into classical and gas generators (pyrolysis).Heating boiler for solid fuels is working on such a scheme: the fuel is burned, and instead heats up the coolant (water).Using heated water radiator system heats the room.

Important: to classic boiler gave nameplate capacity and high efficiency, it is necessary to ensure the correct functioning of the air and the necessary draft in the chimney.

Gasification boiler
Pyrolysis boiler

Retreating from this recommendation decreases the efficiency, fuel consumption and premature heater fails.Gasification boiler for solid fuels are based on the principle of pyrolysis fuel combustion.The bottom line is this: under the influence of high temperatures in low-oxygen timber (dry) can be decomposed into volatile part, ie pyrolysis gas and a solid residue that is charcoal (coke).

Important: wood is used for the pyrolysis temperature of 200 - 800 degrees.

This process is exothermic, reaching with heat, oxygen, air and pyrolysis gas are mixed, resulting in the latter starts to burn and is then used to generate heat energy.

gas-producing boiler, it is desirable to heat the driest wood, eventually capable of operating on maximum power and long life.What is the difference between the consumer and the classic gasification boilers?Yes, that time between downloads pyrolysis boiler is increased at least twice.We should also note the fact that the flue gases coming out of such boilers contain almost no harmful contaminants to the atmosphere, by and large it is a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor.Hence, they are more environmentally friendly and produced in the combustion process a small amount of soot and ash (this argument is very happy), so it can be cleaned less often.

By type of automation ↑

- volatile - in such boilers, air flow is regulated mechanically;

- volatile - adjustment of air flow carries the blowing fan, which is controlled by the electronic control unit.

By way of downloading ↑

Variety solid fuel boiler
boiler hopper

fuel loading method can be manual and automatic feed (auger).Recent got a lot of popularity in Europe, and it is not surprising, since they are characterized by a huge advantage.That's just not all consumers are available because of the high cost and unavailability of the fuel used - eco-peas.Depending on the type of burner may be employed and other fuels as coal with a grain size up to 2.5 cm, Pellets, dry wood chips.

boiler heating with solid fuel supply is the main plus - the bunker can be downloaded and no longer apply to the boiler about 3-7 days (depending on the size of the silo).Also from this boiler is very high efficiency, minimal emissions, stable maintenance of the set temperature.

Important: for boilers of this type should be an autonomous power supply, simple bespereboynik apply here.

Proper use of solid fuel boilers ↑

So the dream has come true and you become the proud owner of a modern boiler.How to handle it?Naturally, you need to strictly follow the instructions and take willful action.

Good solid fuel boiler is equipped, in most models, the control unit, as well as fan pressurization, which maintains the temperature of the coolant.

control unit at all considered in the article boiler operates one scheme: in the jacket of the boiler is a thermal sensor, it sends a signal on water temperature to the control unit.Therefore, when the temperature dropped below a user-defined, the control unit activates the fan pressurization, so catching up on the required temperature.

After reaching the desired level of the fan is turned off and the control unit is set to standby mode, that is corruption.In this mode, periodically and briefly activated the fan for combustion and removal of accumulated gas in the combustion chamber.

Ignition - crucial stage ↑

Through shurovochnuyu door laid paper and small wood chips for ignition, and through the loading door add larger wood.If the furnace is provided with charcoal, then poured on top of stacked firewood bit of coal.Then ignited paper and given time to chip buildup.In the case of the recent operation of the boiler, chimney and warmed up well enough traction, you can close the door and just turn the control unit, thus setting the desired temperature of the coolant.Then, after some time, the control unit must be switched off and gently open the door of the furnace, to see firsthand that laid the coal already inflamed and can be added to the main batch.

Important: in this case the gap in front of the grille is not closed kolossnikovoy.

Now all the boiler itself will take care of maintaining the temperature.This is only a low-quality coal coke can, so it is recommended to periodically move his pawn or fuel type of "sandwich" - wood-coal, wood.

also must be remembered that a complete warm-up on the walls of the heat exchanger (inside the boiler) risk of condensation.It's often a temporary phenomenon, if the normal circulation, the condensation disappears.

Important: If the system is cold and the house, it is desirable that the boiler has worked for some time at high temperature, and only then can it be reduced to the required mark.

Removing ash - mandatory work ↑

depending on the type of fuel is periodically necessary to remove ash, which is in the ash pan.Since wood is less hassle as she showered ash and slag from coal to remove a little more complicated.But it's worth it, because the length of the boiler on carbon at a loading 2 times longer.

Why a circulator ↑

to the control unit can be connected to a special device - a circulating pump.Why is it needed?Such a pump is required if boiler is a long time not gaining the temperature, for example, it ran out of fuel, then the anti-freeze mode is activated and the pump periodically runs the water system to keep it from freezing.

Terms device chimney ↑

The chimney for the boiler
Construction of the chimney - a very important stage

Ideally, the chimney must be insulated, it can be canned or brick sandwich pipe.Its height should be at least 6 meters, in this section depend on the type of boiler.Without a chimney can not work no solid fuel boiler, to save his arrangement is not necessary, it is bad for the life of the boiler.

The fact of what should be done chimney, and a device for equipping a video tell:

Solid fuel boilers - a great alternative for homes, cut off from human values.In summer you can take the formation and the purchase of fuel, and in winter enjoy the warmth and no one could depend.The classic version heats the home and hot water boilers for solid fuels in addition to heat and still provide the residents of the house with hot water, but it is also an important aspect.