Boilers for heating private homes - how to choose and install, the installation regulations

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25 May 2016

Construction of the country house - time-consuming process consisting of many stages.After all, in order to create their own cozy nest, it is necessary to do a great job, from the design of future housing and ending with the selection of furniture and curtains.Among the hassle installation of the heating system is one of the priority seats.The heat in the house - an important component of a comfortable environment, and boilers for private homes - a reliable means to create it.


Landmarks selecting boiler for private houses ↑

modern market offers a huge range of boilers foreignand domestic manufacturers.The availability of a

particular type of fuel - a determining factor in the choice.Consider the main types of boilers for a country house.

Gas heating equipment ↑

This type of boilers for heating - the most common.The popularity is due to the availability and relative cheapness of fuel - factors that make the use of gas-fired boilers best method of arrangement autonomous heating system.
Depending on the burner gas-fired boilers for private homes are divided into atmospheric and supercharged.In the first case, the process of removing the waste gas is effected by flue draft.In the second - by-products are removed through a special tube by a fan.Boilers with a fan do not require a chimney, and cost, of course, much more expensive than counterparts equipped with atmospheric burner.

A gas boiler
Gas boiler - a rational option transforms the cheapest form of fuel

When you select should be noted that gas-fired boiler for a country house divided into floor and wall.Do you want to receive in addition to heat hot water?Choose the wall-mounted boiler, otherwise you have to install a boiler for hot water.Wall-mounted gas boiler for private houses are economical becauseAll necessary equipment is included in the complete set (pump, pressure gauge, thermometer, expansion tank, etc.)

This is important!
advantage of wall-mounted gas boiler has the ability to output of products of combustion directly into the street (when choosing a model with a positive diversion of waste materials).

It should be noted that the operation of the boiler wall is possible only when the uninterruptible power supply.If that is not observed in the house will be no hot water or heat.
surges in your home - a regular event?Then it is better to pay attention to the floor boilers whose operation does not depend on electricity.But here it is important to take into account a small caveat: be warned beforehand about the flue pipe is good, because the floor heating boiler for a country house will work effectively only if there is traction.

on the market are steel and cast iron boilers for a country house.Which one to choose - decide.Of iron or steel manufactured combustion chamber (heat exchanger).Cast iron heat exchanger is heavy, but fragile, which requires diligence in transit.Otherwise the housing may crack, which will adversely affect the life expectancy of the equipment.

Steel coils are durable, weigh a bit, but they are susceptible to corrosion, so the acquisition of the steel boiler is necessary to control the temperature: it should not fall below the dew point, asThis may cause rust on the walls of the chamber.

specific differences of electrical equipment ↑

the absence of main gas pipe is necessary to look for alternatives for autonomous heating.That option could be an electric boiler.It is compact, easy to install and use, more environmentally friendly (not at work produces hazardous waste).

This is important!
widespread use of electric boilers hampered by two factors.For heating 150 sqm premises should be 15 kW of power, which is not always technically possible.And secondly, it is quite expensive pleasure.

Electric boiler
electric boiler does not require the device chimney, easy to operate, but not economical due to the high cost of energy, so it is often used as an option

Electric boilers are often used as a backup option in tandem with solid systems that are intended solelyin order to save.In this case, the burden is solid fuel boiler and electrical support required temperatures.

Boilers for solid fuel boilers ↑

this type, perhaps, be called the oldest, used in stand-alone heating system for many years.Their main advantage - the availability of fuel, which can be used as wood, peat briquettes, coal, coke.The disadvantage is the inability to work completely offline.

Solid fuel boiler for heating
construction and operation of the boiler, solid fuel processing

Improving solid technology systems contributed to the emergence of new boilers - producer gas.In these boilers using pyrolysis - a procedure in which at high temperatures the gas is released from the wood, which is the main source of fuel.Such heating system private homes have an efficiency of more than 2 times.Of the minuses can be noted a high price becausePyrolysis is impossible without a sealed chamber, which is costly to produce.

oil boilers ↑

oil boilers used in diesel fuel.If you choose to install this type of boiler, it eliminates the need for firewood, but there is a need in the tank with diesel fuel.

The main disadvantage - the cost of the burner, comparable with the cost of gas boilers with atmospheric burners.But at such a device has multiple power stages, which helps to consume fuel economically.

Boiler on liquid fuel
boiler on liquid fuel: most of the models capable of processing in the heat not only diesel or kerosene, and gas

This need to know!
existing models with interchangeable burners to switch from diesel to gas or components working simultaneously on the gas and diesel fuel.

Combined heating systems ↑

This type of boiler equipment allows the use of any fuel, from gas and finishing power.

Installation of gas boiler in a private home ↑

Installing or replacing the boiler in a private home (especially if the boiler - the gas) is permitted only after making the relevant documentation.The resolution can be obtained in the case of compliance with a whole list of conditions.

technological requirements and conditions ↑

  • room should not be less than 4 m2 with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters as a minimum.The width of the door opening - 80 cm;
  • required ventilation, as well as providing natural lighting of the boiler plant through a window;
  • need to install a chimney with a cross section corresponding to the boiler output (at a power of 30 kW diameter shall be 13 mm, and with a power of 40 kW - for 170);
  • power should take place through a special machine, which set overcurrent and thermal protection;
  • in the room where the boiler is located, you must install a gas analyzer and an electric valve that serves to stop the flow of gas;
  • gas equipment installation in basements is not allowed;
  • pipeline must be made of metal pipes.It can be both open and closed;
  • to lay a gas pipeline in fire hazard zones is prohibited;
  • boiler must be equipped with a sensor.

This is important!
Installation of gas boilers without the intervention of specialized organizations that are not only carried out the installation, and draw up the necessary documentation, it is not recommended.

Stages replace gas boilers ↑

Install gas boiler for private houses only by professionals, because the slightest mistake could cause an explosion.In general, the process looks like this:

Installation of heating equipment
Installation of heating equipment

1. Rinse the old system.The successful operation of the new boiler is largely dependent on the condition of the pipeline system.The operation is carried out by a compressor, the high pressure which removes dirt.
2. Dismantling of old equipment.
3. Installing a new boiler.When installing the need to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, indicated in the instructions.
4. Connecting the boiler to the chimney.This ensures that the output of products of combustion and provides oxygen for combustion, if the camera is a closed type.It is important to comply with the requirements for the height of the chimney, aswhen it is insufficient waste combustion will inevitably fall into the room.
5. Connect the boiler to a gas pipeline.The procedure enabled organizations with officially certified supporting documents.
6. Box boiler in PVA and the heating system.
7. Commissioning - the most important step, which affects the performance of the installed equipment.

Installation and connection of a new gas boiler ↑

As already mentioned, installation of boilers - a job for professionals, but at least the theoretical knowledge can not hurt.Installation of gas boiler is carried out in the following sequence:

  • check the boiler equipment (pipelines, mold assembly, bracket for connecting gas and water boiler);
  • level selection for securing the hinged strap and straps for connection of mounting patterns;
  • attachment straps;
  • installing gaskets on the water and gas pipes;
  • removing protective caps;
  • boiler installation with brackets;
  • connecting the water circuit and supply to the equipment;
  • power connection;
  • Post boiler with a coaxial pipe or chimney;
  • attaching the drain valve.

consolidate the theoretical knowledge of video viewing:

gas boiler installation process is finished - you can enjoy comfort and carefree pastime close to nature without discomfort.After all, in your country house is now going to be very warm and cozy.