As you cut drywall: tools and methods

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29 May 2016

Drywall - a unique material, which on one hand makes it possible to obtain a strong structure, and on the other - are fragile, providing a careful and accurate attitude.Despite the fact that the process of cutting this popular means of decoration is not special difficulties, irregular cutting - the most common mistake that leads to a waste of material.On how to cut drywall correctly, we now know.


Cutting ↑

First you need to prepare the tools that you need to progress.It should immediately make a reservation - these things are very ordinary and most of them there are in every house.

pencil and tape measure

simple device, without which, however, do is unlikely to succeed.No special requirements for them are not presented.Only for your own convenience, pencil must be sharp, and the length of roulette must be at least 3 meters.

metal ruler or ...

The longer, the more comfortable you will be working.If there is none, it will serve as a good alternative to metal profiles.

knife What to prefer?

Universal knife in handy more than once
tool for drywall knife

There are 2 options: use stationery with a knife, which, of course, is not very convenient to buy or utility knife with replaceable blades.This versatile invention is useful in later times.


Too can do a good service, but only if it is not old and perfectly sharpened.The best option - a narrow saw designed for cutting dry branches.

Roughing plane

With the help of the planer is processed slice
Roughing plane - an indispensable tool

This is the only tool for drywall that can not be replaced by anything.It is used for processing the resulting cut edges.Do not even try to follow in the footsteps of some of the "artisans" and try to replace it with a file or rasp - nothing good will come of this.

How to cut the drywall ↑

Drywall allows you to receive the details of all shapes and contours.Only need to go to the cutting with a fair amount of patience (especially at first).Traditionally there are several types of cuts:

straight cut - the easiest ↑

Its main purpose - to reduce the sheet to the required size.It is simple and easy.With the two sides should be noted predetermined size, then attach a metal ruler and cut the top layer of cardboard.

How to cut drywall
How to cut drywall

first draw a pencil line, then do not cut costs - so it will not entirely smooth.

Do not forget to deepen slot three times, then break the sheet where you want, not where he wants.
then be put on the edge of a sheet of drywall, and going on the other hand, to knock on it.After a few jolts gypsum core will not stand the pressure and break according to your layout.You will be left only to cut a second sheet holding cardboard halves.We can assume that the task is executed.

See video on how to properly cut a sheet of drywall in a straight line.

Specificity double cut ↑

This incision is indispensable if the way of any structure erected obstacles such as a doorway or beam.In this case, on the one hand we have to produce correspondingly shaped recess.Usually it is a rectangle or square.
cut out the shape is simple - you need a hacksaw to saw only one side, and the second bit of pruning knife.Then dislocate and cut from the back side (as indicated in the previous example).It remains to handle the shear plane.

How to make a hole in the drywall round ↑

In most cases the need for the opening round form occurs during the installation of fixtures in a false ceiling.To achieve the desired two ways.In the first case, you will need a nozzle used in the sidebar of the castle in the interior doors.In the second - you can do with a knife, with which cut out a circle of the desired diameter, and then he gently knocked a hammer.

Performing cutouts ↑

This recess is often used in the bathroom and the bathroom, where there is an extensive network of sewerage and water supply.The main difficulty - the correct calculation of the cut.

Important!Check back
circuit caused a few times before you get to it.If the cut
get more - mounting plate to the frame will cause difficulties, if less - will need extra time to fit.

The results of the hard work
final result

That's all the difficulty, or rather the complete lack thereof.As you know, without the practice experience is not be typed, which means that it is time to start to take decisive action.