The shelves of plasterboard: Photo of options and method of assembly

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29 May 2016

range of modern furniture stores is rich in all kinds of racks and shelves, made in a variety of form factors, styles and from many different materials.But as a rule, the factory products is not enough of a personality, they are designed for the mass consumer.Meanwhile, the shelves of plasterboard - photos that are exhibited in numerous fashion magazines interior, and in the pages of the construction sites, causing an overwhelming desire to have such beauty and at home.

You can not just choose a ready-made design of the shelves, but also to realize their own ideas and to develop one and only model, which expresses your personality and bright room is endowed with those traits that you would like to see it.


Benefits shelves of plasterboard ↑

All shelves functionality can be

divided into two groups:

  • for household purposes;
  • for decoration of the room.

shelves of plasterboard can successfully help resolve and that, and other tasks.For domestic use in the creation of the shelves is better to use the classic techniques and materials - plastic, wood and metal structures.This furniture is characterized by large capacity, a high degree of convenience and flexibility, however, has one major flaw.She rarely carries the elements of style and bad into the interior.

The complex construction of the double shelf
Sophisticated design double shelf

If these qualities brought to the fore, the drywall - it's the stuff that will help implement any design decisions.Shelves of plasterboard meet all modern trends in fashion design and literally pouring into the most original and quirky interior.

The shelves of plasterboard with lighting
shelves of plasterboard with lighting

The designs of plasterboard can skillfully combine and economic characteristics, and the elements of style.This material is easy to create an elegant shelf is so strong that they will be able to withstand the weight of any household appliance or a plurality of flower pots.In addition, using the shelves of plasterboard can mask some architectural defects premises, communication facilities, planning deficiencies, visually expand or narrow space.

They can become the location of the plurality of light sources, such as spotlights, ideally placed emphasis on the more attractive elements of the interior.The use of drywall in the bathroom and the kitchen allows you to successfully solve the problems with the location of engineering equipment and household appliances.

Gypsum shelves with LED backlight
Gypsum shelves with LED backlighting

If you are thinking about creating a highly complex structure, then it is better to invite a specialist of this, so as not to regret later on spoiled material, and most importantly, of unfulfilled dreams.But if the model is quite simple shelves, or you already have some skills in this business, then such furniture can be done on their own.

Technological build rules ↑

If you are seriously puzzled the question of how to make the shelves of plasterboard, you must first determine the set of features that will be assigned to it.Then we think over the design of future construction, planning its size and location.Thoroughly inspect the area where you want to place your shelves may be more prudent not to create a curtain, and a built-in model.

Bookshelves plasterboard
Bookshelves plasterboard

you already know what you will use your shelves?Then you can easily plan for future conditions to which they are exposed and on the basis of these data, choose the material for their manufacture, the thickness of the surface composition of the frame and the number of layers.After drawing up the plan, which will be clearly defined height, width and number of shelves, you can safely proceed to the purchase of all necessary.

What you need for mounting ↑

for mounting shelves of plasterboard need:

  • drill;
  • plummet and rake;
  • level;
  • sheets of drywall;
  • screws;
  • profile;
  • reinforcing tape;
  • putty;
  • soundproofing, and other consumables.

useful if the apartment has recently been used in the repair of drywall, the shelves can be made of the remaining scraps, most importantly, that they are of sufficient size.

If the material has to buy, keep in mind that the correct choice depends on the beauty of the future design and functionality.Sheets of drywall are available in standard sizes: length 2,5-4,8 m, width 1.2-1.3 m. The main difference between the sheets from each other is the thickness - from 6 to 24 mm.Playing thick, you can create a shelf, suitable for the most different load.

Drywall allows you to create a variety of designs
Drywall allows you to create a variety of designs

Drywall - a very interesting material with excellent characteristics.From sheets of drywall can be cut shelves of fancy design and original forms with unusual twists, and the material is very easy to operate and can achieve excellent results with a little accuracy, imagination and patience.

Creating a skeleton - the most difficult stage ↑

Shelves cut from sheets of drywall should be mounted on a solid frame.Creating a skeleton - the most time-consuming and difficult stage in the process of assembling shelves of plasterboard.It is best to do it in galvanized steel, the benefit of modern construction stores rich assortment of metal profiles of all possible sizes.For the carcass profile is better to use the standard size 50h25 mm.Please fasten the frame-based, and then connect to the profile bearing walls and floor slabs with metal dowels.

Tip: instead of metal dowels can be used nylon.

Important: before you drill holes for fasteners drill appropriate size should be possible to accurately mark the position of the attachment points, using the measurement of rail and plummet.Do not neglect this advice, otherwise you will not be able to achieve the correct geometric construction.

Similarly, the frame and fastened to the ceiling.When choosing the diameter and length of dowels need to know exactly the amount of the planned load, otherwise they will not withstand the weight of the structure.

Next on the dowels mounted steel hangers and have them horizontal and vertical guides, which will serve as a solid base for the future of shelves.The next step is forming the framework of the whole structure, using the transverse and longitudinal rail of profiled steel, which is attached to the wall with screws.

Frame shelves of plasterboard
frame shelves of plasterboard

Important: make better use of profiled steel slats, because they have a tick attachment that allows you to create a really solid foundation.Securing necessary step should be selected, guided planned loads on a horizontal surface.

together all the elements of the frame are connected by hollow rivets, brackets and screws.

Tip: periodically check with your plan, it will help to monitor the accuracy of the work.

Casing frame: the nuances, tips ↑

wonder: if you want your design to shine from within, the wiring should be carried out before the final frame plasterboard paneling.

Now proceed to trim our firmly attached to the metal frame plasterboard wall.To do this we need the expansion plugs specifically designed to work with fragile materials, but can withstand quite a lot of weight.

The shelves of plasterboard can disguise architectural flaws
shelves of plasterboard can disguise architectural flaws

sheets of plasterboard is cut to the desired size, make cuts in places where you plan to mount lighting.Now attach the finished fabric to the frame.

To fix plasterboard fixed to the profile so that the grooved edges of adjacent elements coincide with each other.All joints should be zashpatlevat reinforcing tape.

Tip: trying to make the most robust design may end excessive appreciation of the design due to the use of a large number of racks.We must strive to find the optimal value for money.

In order to obtain a solid and at the same time inexpensive shelf drywall is best to alternate with wood panels, MDF, metal or tempered glass.By the way, this way you can create a truly original and beautiful products.

The shelves of plasterboard - your personality!
shelves of plasterboard - your personality!

Lay sheets of drywall - it's not all.We must make sure that the corners were perfectly smooth, otherwise the regiment would be unattractive, repulsive appearance.To achieve evenness, interior and exterior design elements are strengthening metal inserts and plaster mesh.Plasterboard sheets have a flat surface, so only have to handle the corners and joints, Stopper them before the final finish.Thereafter, shelf collected treated with fine sandpaper and coated with a primer layer.

Tip: If drywall constructions serves as a disguise sewer or water facilities, there is a need for sound insulation.Then we must fill the space between the sheets of any insulation, such as fiberglass, characterized by high sound quality.

shelves of plasterboard, designed and constructed their own, this is a great solution for people that put the individuality of the interior of their homes in the first place, and perfect for those who want to save for repairs.

Photos shelves of plasterboard ↑

The shelves of plasterboard photo
shelves of plasterboard photo
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Example of shelves
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Photo niche of plasterboard
The shelves of plasterboard in the bedroom
shelves of plasterboard in the bedroom
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Example of shelvesBacklit
Shelves of drywall in the living room
shelves of plasterboard in the living room
Example of the shelves of plasterboard
Example of shelves of plasterboard