How to hang wallpaper in the corners: achieve perfection in finishing

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29 May 2016

Despite the many modern methods of finishing walls, pasting of wall-paper is still a favorite.Those who have often changed the face of his own abode in this way, know perfectly well that if not in advance to figure out how to hang wallpaper in the corners, the result of the work could disappoint.If the corners of wallpapered rooms are decorated carefully, it will look perfect.On the contrary, ugly wrinkles or cracks in the corners of the curves can instantly spoil the impression of an expensive repair.

Actually, mankind has long come up with an algorithm of successive actions to be slowly, carefully perform, not coming up with new ways on the go as pokleit wallpaper in the corner, it is an internal or external.The complexity of the work lies in the fact that the ideal angles of any homes or in apartments do not exist in principle, but so pasted over surface should be pre-prepared to work.


competent preparation angles ↑

If the corners of the room looks almost exactly, can be a good rub them hardcloth to remove dust and putty leveling small errors.If the corners are far from ideal, at the stage of finishing putty should be leveled by fixing directly into the layer of putty mixture of special plastic corners, which can be bought in any supermarket of building materials.Securely fasten the corners, you need to wait until the mixture hardens well, then smooth the surface with the help of plaster or putty and thoroughly primed.Now you can begin to design angles wallpaper.

We must remember: before properly glued wallpaper corners should be good to learn the important nuances:

  • corners can not hang an entire strip of wallpaper;
  • wallpaper in the corners in any case can not be glued back to back.

It gluing two webs butt in non-ideal angles leads to the formation of unsightly cracks and pasting the same angles of the same strip can disrupt the vertical panels, which will be glued later.However, the width of the overlap should not exceed 10-15 mm.

How to hang wallpaper in the inner corners ↑

When the latter is glued to the inner corner of the strip, it is necessary to measure the distance from it to the corner and cut cloth wallpaper, the width is greater than the measured distance of 10-15 mm.

followed by a layer of adhesive applied not only to the panel, but the wall thoroughly prokleivaya angle.

How to hang wallpaper in the inner corners
necessary to measure the distance from leaf wallpaper to the corner and cut a strip of wallpaper, increasingly measured distance of 10-15 mm.

Prepared canvas glued so that the narrow strip of the trimmed (rough) edge went to the adjacent wall.Surplus wallpaper above and below the adjacent walls should be cut very sharp knife, and on the edge of the cloth once more to walk with a brush, well pressed him against the wall and soaking glue.If a glued cloth formed blisters and overlay on the wall adjacent a vertical edge does not abut tightly to the wall, it should make several cuts obliquely pressed against the wall again.In conclusion, having a sharp knife downward over the entire height of the corner, should be cut residue wallpaper.

How to hang wallpaper in the inner corners
canvas glued so that the narrow strip of the trimmed (rough) edge went to the adjacent wall.

measuring the width of the "cut strip" and otminusovav from her 10-15 mm defer this amount on an adjacent wall, using a plumb vertical hold a pencil.Having put a layer of glue on the panel and the wall, do not forget to glue the corner, even combined (factory-cut) edge of the web with the vertical scribed, and a narrow strip of the second "rough" edges folded to the previous panel.The resulting impregnated brush good overlap adhesive and pressed firmly against the wall.If the wallpaper is thin enough, they can and leave: after the glue line interface will be invisible.If the wallpaper dense and thick, the blunt side of a knife or scissors to be on the line "call" on the adjacent leaf blade and cut the rest of the line.Seam toe two panels butt after drying would be imperceptible.

How to hang wallpaper in the inner corners
Gluing panel to the adjacent wall, the resulting overlap tightly pressed to the wall.

Important: When you work with vinyl or washable wallpaper, use a special transparent glue for wallpaper, which, once on the front side of the cloth, after drying, leaves no traces on it.

method of pasting the outer corners ↑

By analogy with pasting the inner corner, cut cloth wallpaper so wide that it rounded the corner edge, set on an adjacent wall by 20-25 mm.If you turn the edge of the Descending of the cloth does not lie properly, it makes several cuts diagonally and carefully pressed against the wall, making sure not formed blisters.

How to hang wallpaper outer corners
Slice off the canvas wallpaper so wide that it rounded the corner edge, set on an adjacent wall by 20-25 mm.

On the adjacent wall of the angle at a distance equal to the width of the strip to be adhering wallpaper plus 6-10 mm with a plumb line draws a vertical line.

having put a layer of glue on canvas and wall, combined with vertical smooth edge scribed cloth, and imperfect "clipped thus should cover the edge of the preceding blade.

How to hang wallpaper outer corners
on the adjacent wall paste the web so that its left edge blocked the edge of the previous web

place where two panels, as usual, cutting the top and bottom thoroughly with a brush impregnated with glue and well pressed against the wall, roll on rubberroller.This seemed so complicated the process pasting wallpaper inside and outside corners can be considered successfully completed.

The ability to cut the wallpaper in the corners useful for beginners finisher.To learn how to do this work carefully and get a perfect result, tell and show video: