The combination of wallpaper in the interior: the rules and design techniques

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28 May 2016

Wallpaper - dull, trite and traditional?No, it is diverse, interesting and original.Of course, only if a decorating treated with imagination and enthusiasm.The combination of wallpaper - an amazing way of transformation from a simple room in the little room luxury apartments.It's not high-flown words.By combining colors and textures can be zoned space and make it unique.


Selection colorful palette ↑

First of all, choosing wallpaper, a man guided by their desires and personal preferences.And rightly so, because it was he who lives in an apartment and color scheme should bring joy, not annoying.In life and so many problems, sometimes like go to their "safe haven" and just take a break from the madding


Yet when you create your interior should take into account the specifics of the impact of a particular color on the psyche.Therefore, you need to know what color the wallpaper, and with what ornament will look in the room.

Graphic color combination
color wheel will tell you how to choose the color of

to determine the harmony we can use so-called "color wheel" in it 12 basic colors are evenly distributed around the circumference.If the colors are in nearby sectors, they can be used together to create a feeling of relaxation.

And if colors are arranged in opposite sectors, they are complementary.So, their combination will give the interior vitality and dynamics.If you want to use in the apartment combining wallpaper - photo "Color Wheel" will be a great help in this interesting case.

Basic principles of combining Wallpaper ↑

combination of wallpaper in the interior today reached a new qualitative level.If a long time ago wallpaper were neither texture, nor the variety of colors, the modern market offers a lot of solutions and variations.This wallpaper of the nonwoven fabric, and vinyl and washable, and textile.Therefore it is not surprising that the combination of wallpaper acquired the status of a national hobby.

Combining wallpaper - color and line
Combining wallpaper - amazing interior

Before the start of repairs necessary to evaluate the main characteristics of the rooms: the appointment, the height of ceilings, the degree of illumination, as well as the position of windows and doors.These data collectively provide a general idea of ​​the integrity of the premises and allow consciously choose the appropriate style.You can then determine how to furnish and purchase all necessary materials.

The large and spacious rooms with a good height is possible to use almost any combination of methods.The main problem of excessive space - it was filled with some content.This does not apply to filling the room lots of furniture, as we are talking about a variety of visual effects that are achieved combined design.In a similar way, you can hide some of the shortcomings premises, and even turn them magically into advantages.

If you have a problematic space, it will help to solve all the problems the combination of wallpaper in the interior - a photo in the article are further proof.Rooms are transformed into completely different areas with smooth contradictions.

Combining wallpaper with their hands
combination of wallpaper at the head - an interesting method of singling out areas for sleeping

Very often need a combination of originally inherent in the idea of ​​the construction of the room.For example, this applies to the design of the dining room and the kitchen work area or bedroom and play area nursery.As for the bedroom, it made the interior, which is adjacent to the head of the bed, the other highlight colors and textures.The room decoration wall near the TV must also be different from the rest of the room.

methods combining Wallpaper ↑

combining wallpaper options are different.This article will be considered the most popular.

Vertical stripes ↑

alternating strips of wallpaper create a great visual effect.For this purpose, one should acquire the same wallpaper texture and width.At gluing strips alternate one by one or one in two.Regarding the color palette, there can be recommended two options: a harmonious combination of shades of one color and contrasting combination of completely opposite colors of the spectrum.

Vertical combination
Vertical combination of the interior creates the illusion of a high ceiling

monochrome combination creates a kind of shadow straight game, and it certainly will add grace and nobility of the interior.A confrontation contrasting stripes give the room personality and uniqueness and emphasize its character.

It is possible to use wallpaper with various images.This trick will create the room warm and cozy atmosphere, as well as will be made a subtle hint of the design community with a certain style or era.For example, the effect is achieved by alternating retro wallpaper stripes with polka dots.

adhered vertical stripes no difficulty will arise.Pasting of walls made "overlapping", as well as with the original wave zigzag and joints.

Important: the junction bands are not visible because they are border color and texture transitions.

division into horizons ↑

Another common method of combining the walls - alternating horizontal stripes.This division horizons often expressed combining cork or wooden panels with a simple painting.Yet the most popular division into horizons it with wallpaper.

Variations combining wallpaper
Horizontal division visually expand the "border" small spaces

Attaching horizontal stripes and not so easy to deal with.Here it is necessary to take into account some special features.In particular this applies to the junction, it must be accurately measured, and even better to hold a straight line parallel to the floor and her navigate.

Note: this recommendation must be considered in order to match the level of Wallpaper with the level of furniture, located in the room.

often combined with horizontal rather meticulous arises a problem that concerns uneven and protruding edges.It is solved quite simply, it is necessary to use in the design of a variety of borders, wooden slats and polyurethane moldings.These devices not only make the joints smooth and even themselves will act as a decorative element.

Upholstery inserts - original effect ↑

This design involves working with a pre-prepared walls: pasted wallpaper or painted walls - insert superimposed over the existing finish.The technology of such a combination is a snap: wallpaper coating inserts are made of massive wallpaper is mainly made on the fleece.

pieces can be different in size and shape.The classic style is allowed framing inserts thin moldings and friezes.To create a sense of atmosphere neoclassical suitable insertion of complex geometrical shapes and rectangular and square - the signs of the Baroque.

Options for combination
Combining inserts provides an opportunity to embody a lot of unique solutions

any difficulties with applying inserts not, because all edges wonderfully masked frame.And the output is excellent stylish designer creations, which will give the room personality and romance.

Combining flaps - patchwork ↑

This method is more suitable for people with visionary, which is badly needed space to express their own creative ideas.Thus a person expresses on the walls of their individual vision of art.You can glue the ordered combination, and it is possible chaotic colorful blocks.The main thing that the whole room look attractive and beautiful.

An interesting option of combining
combining Quilting - custom entourage

Harmony in combination is achieved by applying patches combined with each other materials.For example, this may be the wallpaper with different shades - purple, lilac and eggplant.Admissibility and use of colored rags, they just must be something to unite, for example, the same type of decoration.

Isolation of niches and ledges ↑

Many niches and protruding elements in the room is not a disadvantage.And it should not hide or disguise such places.They can be isolated from the common space and add bright colors.For this purpose, niches and ledges Wallpapers with contrasting colors.That is, if the basic tone of the white walls, the niche can make black and gray;pink wall approach green and light green color, and blue wall can be issued ledge peach.

Combining Wallpaper
Isolation of niches and ledges - the original decision

Important: niches, one-room always fit the wallpaper with the characters and designs.

problem of combining one of the options - a large number of complementary angles and planes.For the rest, everything is traditional: Gaugeable, cut, paste.

Video: combining with photo-wallpaper ↑

One of the most interesting decorative techniques is to combine standard finishing with photo-wallpaper.With options such decisions will introduce video.

In addition, the wallpaper can be combined not only with wallpaper, but also with the tiles, wall panels, natural stone, glass and cork.Variations weight: a little bit of fantasy, imagination and the desire to change their housing and boring interior turns into a trendy and stylish.