How and what to paint the walls in the apartment: correctly select the material and method of staining

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28 May 2016

Beauty and cosiness in the house are extremely expensive every woman.The more of their own forces is invested in creating this very comfortable, the more prized work.But if you decorate the table with a vase of flowers very easily, without special knowledge and skills, then paint the walls of the apartment at random - a waste of time and money.All the same, it will be "hard to bear", which will require a qualitative alteration.Before you paint the walls in the apartment, you should understand the essence of the case and to consider all the subtleties and nuances.Only then the wall will delight the eye and enrich the interior of the premises.


Choosing paint for walls ↑

It is well understood that the word "paint" a common

basis with the beauty.Indeed, paint brings a new breath to the apartment and gives originality and uniqueness.For interior paint formulations apply accordingly.First of all, interior paint must be safe for health.And also you need to choose a quick compositions without odor, easy application that does not require skills and equipment.

Staining the walls vodoemulsionkoy
Proper painting - an excellent result

materials for painting the walls should have a higher quality characteristics than paint for ceilings.This is because the wall surface more accessible.Of particular relevance has an opacity that is the minimum amount of dye which is necessary for the uniform color of the original painting.This value determines the amount of paint and its economy.

To calculate the amount of paint produced measuring facilities and calculate the square.We should not subtract the area of ​​windows and doors - an extra supply of paint does not hurt.And if you buy the paint, "zero", it may not be enough, and then have to pick up the tone;also need to take into account the number of layers.

important aspect in choosing the coloring composition - performance moisture.For wet areas should buy the paint with a high degree of water resistance and protection against mold.Well, the children's rooms are painted in mandatory only hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly paints.

preliminary stage - careful preparation ↑

Before you start painting should be possible to release the room from furniture, and the remaining thing is desirable to concentrate in the center of the room and cover with a dust-proof film.

Do not forget about respirators, goggles and protective gloves during the preparation of the surface.Soda and sodium phosphate even in the pulverized state can cause allergic irritation.

walls need cleaning, alignment, removing the old layer of paint or wallpaper, Caulking cracks and conducting quality primer.After drying primed the walls to be treated sandpaper rough spots.

Important: if the surface of sandpaper covered with dust and grit lost - it's time to replace the new piece nazhdachki.

After polishing all primed substrate is wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust.The boundaries of the territory designated by painted masking tape, and covered her door and window boxes, adjacent to the walls.

Correct painted walls ↑

So, the work front is prepared, but how to paint the walls properly, because one wrong smear and appearance would no longer be so beautiful as one would like.Therefore it is necessary to adhere to proven advice and get to the finish line an excellent result.

paint should be applied evenly, thus the motion should be first in one direction and then perpendicular to the first direction.Also, the surface should be shaded to obtain uniformity.Otherwise, excess paint will flow down, and the wall will have an impartial view.For the same reason, you should avoid using too wet paint and apply it in several layers.

to paint a large area it is advisable to preliminary separation walls into smaller areas, they can limit the straps or seams.

use latex paint ↑

Decorative wall finish with latex paint - a common way of giving dwelling elegant appearance.It is characterized by a rich variety of tonal callers to create a wall of any color.This implementation of the most all-time fantasies.

vodoemulsionku - paint, based on the emulsion and the water contains.It can be purchased at any hardware store.For breeding you need to add water and then mix thoroughly.

Selecting a color scheme
rich variety of callers used to impart color latex paint

fact, latex paint white, to obtain a certain color it adds color scheme, which sets the tone.Color saturation is dependent on the amount of dye added to the caramel.

Kohler stirred until a streak-free consistency, it can be done manually or with a drill with whisk.

Important: diluted latex paint color schemes right on the whole area.If the paint is not enough to achieve the same tone extremely difficult.

Application vodoemulsionku brush ↑

How to paint the walls with latex paint brush, and what rules should be followed?For such a wide paint brush should be used, preferably with a size of 100-125 mm.The brush is immersed in the ink so as to cover only a third bristle brush then pressed against the wall of the vessel to remove excess.

staining the walls should start from the top, the paint is applied in short strokes that overlap.It is desirable for the one-stop processing the surface area of ​​about 1 square.m, and a new section should overlap the previous one, but still wet on the edges.

paint is applied in sequence until the end of staining the walls.A break is best done at the end of processing of one wall, because the change of tone is evident.

staining by roller ↑

Application latex paint roller - a quick way to handle a large surface.But in this case it is necessary to apply more layers, as the paint roller is distributed using a thinner layer.

Paint the walls in the home
roller Paint the walls with a long handle

Important: use a roller with a long handle facilitates operation.

First pan filled with paint (about one third), is lowered into the paint roller and rolled ribbed bottom of the pan back and forth.Such movements provide a uniform distribution of the paint on the roller.

Important: the axis of the roller should not be immersed in the paint.

careful movements paint is applied to the base.The work should start with the top of the wall, while the roller is moving like a W-shaped pattern.And do not forget about the new joint it has smears on the edge of the painted surface.

Painting walls
When painting roller tray executor need the raised floor, it is necessary for even distribution of material on the work of the painter tool

Upon completion rational leave the roller in a bucket of water at night.This would provide the possibility of reuse if necessary applying a second layer.

then removed masking tape and thin brush podkrashivayutsya border.

Spray: combine the speed and volume ↑

With this tool work will go much faster, large wall surfaces are uniformly painted, including remote places (behind the radiator).To make this work should be in a ventilated dry place.

Gun - a tool for coloring
Spray - fast staining

Important: strong air currents in the room should not be to the ink composition falling on the surrounding objects.

Before painting, you must test the gun on rough surface, the paint should be used with the liquid and homogeneous.

Paint brick wall ↑

argue meaningless bricks and of itself a beautiful building material, which does not need additional decoration.But this applies more to the outside wall.And if there is a wall in a room of a given material, it is necessary to dye.Brick wall will have a decent view, but will also be durable and water resistant.The process is complicated, because the surface of a brick wall uniform, so the need to pre-training.

Firstly, the brick wall is necessary to give a homogeneous structure.If you ignore this process, paint drain or crack over time.So, first it examined the wall, found the crack cleared of debris and sealed with cement or a special latex.Small cracks smeared plaster, masonry joints are cleared from the solution and also plastered.

As for possible lime stains, you need to get rid of them, because the paint in these areas will stay poor.And it is a kind of signals in contact with a wall of water, the cause of this phenomenon must necessarily be eliminated.

Painting the brick wall
Brick wall before painting requires good preparation

Secondly, brick wall must be perfectly smooth.This can be achieved using stiff wire brush.If the wall is very dirty, it should be treated with solvent and remove all traces of the previous paint or whitewash.Then, the wall should thoroughly dry (a few weeks) and only then it is primed.

Primer - an important process, chief mediator for good adhesion of paint wall.Therefore, her choice should be reasonable and well-considered: the primer must penetrate deeply, to repel water and prevent the devastating effect of dampness.It is applied in a layer of 1-2 mm is the optimal choice for best smoothing walls.

Tools for painting a brick wall similar needs, that is, brushes and rollers, only they have to be more stringent.Wall of bricks has a rather rough surface, so the tool wears out faster.

How to paint a brick wall, and what parameters should guide the choice of paint?To paint the walls of brick used silicate polymer and cement paints.This is the most durable and resistant paint.Besides, in the ink composition should not include solvent - long it will dry.

Acrylic paint is a type of latex, it is characterized by high moisture resistance, durability and excellent coverage characteristics.It is a water-based paint is best to paint the brick wall.

And another important point, the point is, what's hot retrostil.For its design uses the natural texture of the material.In this case, it may be plastered, bare brick wall in the apartment.You do not need to pre-treat the walls, because the material does not have to hide, but on the contrary, bricks must be underlined.Decorative brick properties are complemented by a simple painting.

Video: spectacular reception staining ↑

Using dye compounds different tones can be created on the surface of the walls of a unique pattern.See movie about an interesting reception called stepper, this video certainly tell an interesting idea for the decoration of the room.

When properly done painting the room becomes very different, fresh and clean.You can paint the walls with his own hands, and the money saved to go to a restaurant and celebrate the end of the repair.