The advantages and methods of installation suspended ceilings in the bathroom: a spectacular finish with his hands

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27 May 2016

choosing materials for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom should be noted that the high humidity require special treatment.To choose the means of decoration should be very carefully.Moist air, steam, droplets in contact with the surface, negatively affect the appearance of the ceiling, so the main criterion when choosing - perfect moisture.Invalid selected materials quickly dampen, exfoliate and become a source of mold.But now the trouble can be avoided, and will help in the suspended ceilings for a bathroom.


What Pinion ceilings?↑

Suspended ceilings consist of suspension-type system (which is attached to the base with special ceiling spokes) and metal panels.During installation between the main ceiling and curtain design empty space is formed, which

helps to hide the wiring, plumbing and heating communications.

Suspended ceilings for bathroom transform space
Rack ceiling will help transform the room, hide the unpresentable communication

panels are made from food-grade aluminum thickness of 0.3-0.6 mm, stove-enamelled in several layers.The grid shows the carrier and the end profile and suspension.Support section is a bar with grooves for mounting panels made of steel or aluminum thickness of 0.6-0.7 mm.

Methods rack mount designs ↑

Suspended ceilings in the bathroom, depending on the method of mounting rails can be of several types.

Rack ceiling with inserts
chrome inserts help visually "extend" the room in a given direction
  • closed.In this case, the mounting rails go against each other, intervals therebetween.This allows you to get a nice and smooth coating.
  • open.Between the panels is left small gap, which closed with a decorative skirting width of 1.5 cm. This option is not suitable for small bathrooms - the gaps are evident, which is not very aesthetically pleasing.
  • with inserts.On a design reminiscent of an open type suspended ceilings.The only difference is that the space between the rails is closed with strips of aluminum, making the ceiling turns out perfectly smooth, without bumps and hollows.This type is especially popular becauseIt provides the ability to combine designs and implement unusual design projects for bathroom design.
The combination allows you to create original effects
inserts between the rails can be any width by combining the elements, you can create a wide variety of options

panels can be solid metal or perforated.Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom is recommended to install perforated strips, which improves sound insulation and ventilation.

This is important!
panels of different widths are available.Most running - 50-300 mm.

As for other indicators, the length of strips varies from 3 to 4 meters, width - from 9 to 20 cm. The most popular - the panel thickness of 10 cm.

advantages suspended ceilings ↑

Suspended ceilings are used forfinishing the bathroom more often.It is not surprising, because they have plenty of advantages.

Suspended ceilings have a lot of advantages
Suspended ceilings - a successful combination of affordable price with the practicality and durability
  • moisture;
  • durability;
  • lightweight design;
  • acceptable cost;
  • ease of installation;
  • practicality.

Suspended ceilings have a corrosion protection that allows their use for a long time.Simple mounting design will understand even the "teapot", without having to finishing nothing.

This is important!
use of modern materials in the manufacturing process guarantees complete safety and compliance with all the necessary environmental and hygiene standards.

Matt pinion ceiling in the bathroom with the glossy inserts
Matt pinion ceiling in the bathroom with the glossy inserts

Suspended ceilings are easy to clean.Dust properties make forget that the ceiling might look imperfect.To restore the lost luster enough occasionally wipe with a damp cloth.

How to choose a ceiling lights?↑

most acceptable solution in terms of lighting for suspended ceilings in the bathroom are the point of the lamp.When choosing, keep in mind that they must be water-resistant.The best option - installation of low-voltage light sources with built-in transformers that reduce the voltage.

Rack ceiling with spotlights
for bathrooms and damp rooms should be chosen moisture-proof lighting

addition spotlights allowed to use other types of instruments.Someone like sconces, and someone semi-circular lamps.The choice will be limited only by the limits of your imagination.The only condition - the observance during the installation and operation of the safety rules.

Design suspended ceilings for a bathroom ↑

common assertion that suspended ceilings are no different variety does not correspond to reality.Building materials market offers a huge number of designs to suit every taste and color.You can easily find not only color, but also the texture.

Suspended ceilings striking variety of shades
For the construction of rack design elements you can pick any shade

Suspended ceilings can be both glossy and matte.Glossy ceilings reflect bright light - it's not like everyone.The bathroom is better to install frosted rack ceiling, which passes 2 times less glare, and lighting for him to pick up a lot easier.For lovers of exclusivity not so long ago there was a novelty - rack laminated panels, capable of give the interior a luxurious look.

If desired, you can vary the overall picture when installing the combined aluminum and steel panels.It allowed the formation of a two-level coating which looks quite unusual.Can be laid rails "herringbone", as if to alternate different colors, the original composition that attracts the eye, is ensured.

Pinion ceilings for bathroom - the embodiment of all ideas
Pinion ceilings for bathroom - the embodiment of all ideas

As you can see, hanging rack ceiling bath - the best option, wherein durability and outer beauty.Combine different shades and textures and have an extraordinary result - a spectacular ceiling coating capable to become a worthy decoration and a source of pride!

Photo Interior with slatted ceiling ↑

Suspended ceilings for bathroom: №1 photo
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: Photo №1
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: Photo №2
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: Photo №2
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: №3 photo
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: photo №3
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: photo №4
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: photo №4
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: Photo №5
Suspended ceilings for bathroom: Photo №5

video lesson for domestic installer ↑