Glossy ceilings - a spectacular touch to any interior space and welcome transformation

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27 May 2016

Glossy ceilings - a great opportunity to transform the room filled with light and visually expand it.The mirror surface is not only dazzling looks (in the truest sense of the word), but also helps in creating a unique appearance of your home.

Where once gloss ceiling was considered a sign of luxury and glamor, but today - this is one of the original ways to design living space that can afford almost everyone.


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Glossy ceilings are made of filmPVC and are characterized by high-gloss and high reflectivity.These qualities are especially valuable if necessary visually enlarge the area - gloss canvas is able to make the room more spacious 2-fold.

Glossy ceilings extraordinarily beautiful
glossy ceiling - the most affordable cost, easy to implement, diverse method of producing spectacular surface

these circumstances, of course, could not take advantage designers who

use PVC ceilings in the interior more often.Well, quite justified, because the glossy ceilings Review impeccable.How are experts, and the lucky owners of innovation.

Judge, they are easy to clean, antistatic, moisture, masterfully conceal communications equipment and allow to implement any ideas for decorating your favorite, but such conventional rooms.

The glossy stretch ceiling - effective way of transformation of your home
glossy stretch ceiling - effective way of transformation of your home

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As already noted, glossy ceilings are irreplaceable in small, poorly lit rooms.For example, in the hallways, bathrooms, bathrooms, but it does not mean that Stylish Mirror is inappropriate in the living room or bedroom.The beauty is that the suspended ceiling - is universal and will naturally look elsewhere.

This is important!

film coating will come to the rescue, if the goal - the creation of extraordinary beauty of the interior.Glare and reflection of the surroundings in the "sky over your head," creating a design point of view the interesting effects that can not be overlooked.

Among other things, the glossy ceiling attracted manifold colors - you can easily pick up a pattern that is perfect for a child's room or hall.

Gloss is appropriate in any room
Gloss appropriate in any room: in the main rooms and living apartments, offices, public places

A well thought-out lighting - an essential condition to the ceiling "played."Spotlights, imitating "unfathomable stardom" have long been widely used and has not lost relevance of the classics.In this case, the star mimic fibers connected to the light source and the flicker generated by the use of special filters.

Proper lighting - an important component of glossy ceiling
lighting options you need to consider before designing and installing ceiling structure

But this is not all that is capable of innovative development of modern science.Glossy ceilings can be multi-level, and therefore, the skillful selection of lamps on the ceiling to create a fascinating picture - a piece of cake.If you and this is not enough, you can enhance the beauty created by applying gloss to images.The main thing considered when selecting the style and purpose of the premises.

White glossy stretch ceiling

White glossy ceiling attracts primarily refined appearance.Light painting reflects the large amount of space that could and should be used as a fashion accent.White pushes the cover walls and ceilings makes even higher.If the pros are available to complement the right light, the result becomes more pronounced and evident in two ways.

Glossy ceilings with photo printing
glossy ceiling can be depicted by any image from recurring stringent motifs to classic works

Textural features allow material to put on snow-white film of diverse graphic elements.It can be abstract painting, photography, art pictures.

This is important!

white ceiling would be the best decoration for any room that sets the tone and special mood.

Many people mistakenly believe that the white ceiling quickly loses its original beauty and is required to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the incredible efforts.In fact, this view is mistaken.Enough time to time to wipe the ceiling with a wet sponge and shining purity is restored!

The white expanse is easy to clean
Over the stretch ceiling is easy to care, its glossy expanse is always spotlessly white

If you chose this alternative design, but the design you have not decided yet, white glossy stretch ceiling: photo examples presented in this article can helpin the difficult choice.

Black glossy stretch ceiling

Black ceiling (that whatever is said) always looks catchy and elegant.It is chosen by those who appreciate luxury and unusual approach to ordinary things.Dark Gloss not only expand space, but also emphasize the available interior color detail.

can lay a single color coating and strew it with asterisks, lights, and can be applied to "flashy" image than to declare their difference from others.Black ceiling is equally good both in the residential and office premises.He nebanalen and perfectly "gets" with any fellow palette.Spoil the overall impression is not possible.Absorbing mirror-static, impressive and unusual.

Black ceiling - the choice for bold and extraordinary people
The darker tone of colorful fabric, the more pronounced the reflectivity of

Regardless of color preferences, gloss - is a unique opportunity to exploit the advantages of the film web in full.Durability, sustainability, heat resistance, resistance to UV light and elegant appearance - only a small part of the benefits that accrue to the owner of the mirrored surface.You can not determine the choice: the ceilings gloss or matte?Look closely at the above photo collection, and make sure that the reflective surface looks amazing.

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White glossy stretch ceiling: №1 photo
White glossy stretch ceiling: Photo of successful variant multi-tiered ceiling structure
White glossy stretch ceiling: Photo №2
White glossy stretch ceiling: photo presentable living
White glossy stretch ceiling: №3 photo
Bright satin fabric is combined with colored elementsmulti-tiered structure
Black glossy stretch ceiling: №1 photo
bright abstract elements and glossy black stretch ceiling: Picture of unique interior
Black glossy stretch ceiling: Photo №2
glossy surface like a mirror reflects the atmosphere of the room, visually expands the scope of the enclosed space
Black glossy stretch ceiling: №3 photo
Black glossy stretch ceiling: photostylish extraordinary design solutions

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