What are the disadvantages of suspended ceilings have and how to eliminate possible problems : how to solve recommendations

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27 May 2016

about the beauty of suspended ceilings can talk endlessly, but no less durable and can talk about their shortcomings, of which there turned out to be not so little.Manufacturers and installers are often silent and not talk about the problems that may arise during the installation and operation of suspended ceilings.However, one should be aware of all these things, because as the saying goes, "The enemy needs to know in the face!" This article will look at three things that need to be found by selecting ceilings Store reviews disadvantages problems.


list of disadvantages of suspended ceilings ↑

Incompatibility with elements of plasterboard ↑

Some of the disadvantages of suspended ceilings to themselves are irrelevant.In this case, the problem lies in the fact that during the installation work, rather pulling the material can occur separation of sheets of drywall on the walls.This is quite a natural process, because any suspended ceiling has to pull out the walls of some impact, the force of which may reach 70 kg per meter.

constructive solution

situation is quite fixable, if the pre-mount attachment points baguette mortgages that will not allow "off" sheet of drywall.

Stretch ceilings and drywall
Installation mortgages drywall

There is a second solution: if the ceiling will be lowered to a considerable distance, it can be further strengthening of the walls with the help of so-called "scarves".Make them out of the board, or any other available material.

unpleasant effect of "cotton» ↑

Sometimes, opening a window or door, there is the effect of "cotton" (collapse), which is the pull-vinyl film to the base ceiling.And at the time of closing the door, the window, the reverse reflex.As a result, one can hear cotton.Predict a similar problem is difficult, but it is possible to stop.

How to get rid of the negative sound

Get rid of intrusive sounds in this case is not difficult, but it is worth to think in advance about the possibility of their occurrence and buy the suspended ceiling which will not exactly "to behave in a similar way."The category of finishing materials is netyanuschiysya seamless fabric ceiling.

If the suspended ceiling is already installed, then you can solve the problem by equalizing pressure zapotolochnoe and space in the room.This procedure experienced craftsmen hold without problems.

Bay and its impact on ↑

Any ceilings - disadvantages solved the problem anyway - may be at the epicenter of the flooding.In this case, rusty water from the radiators zapotolochnoe accumulates in the space, and if it does not flow weakens, it starts to look for possible "escape route."Cut under the chandelier, or spotlights, the site of attachment of the ceiling to the walls are just the weakest stretch ceilings.Water, "finding" these openings will rush into the apartment.

Seamless ceilings from water just sag, welded - may diverge at the seams, fabric and do pass water, which eventually causes the appearance of rust stains on the canvas.Think before you choose one or another type of suspended ceilings.

Bay stretch ceiling
Bay stretch ceiling

What to do if you have filled

  1. unplug the apartment, because all the wiring hidden in the zapotolochnoe space and do not know in what condition she is now;
  2. notify neighbors above and utilities of the Gulf;
  3. leaks put in places capacity to collect water;
  4. call the masters to resolve the issue.

To fully prevent this, you can carry out the sealing of junctions and wall moldings.Then no leaks you will not be afraid.

Deformation and sagging canvas ↑

In the small area premises sagging ceiling - the problem irrelevant.But in rooms ranging in size from 20 square meters.m this issue is very acute.The maximum permissible level for welded sagging ceiling of 1% of the diagonal.This means that 20 square meters.Square meters allowed slack to 4 cm. If this figure is greater, the defect will be sufficient very noticeable to the naked eye.

As slack

problem must be addressed at the planning stage repair.No sane installer will not mount a suspended ceiling in a room the size of 50-100 square meters.m - it's just not realistic, so be sure to first decide the issue with the company, which will deal with the installation.You may even find a way to finish ceilings.

Sagging may be, and hidden.You set a ceiling, and after 3-5 years you will have noticed that in the vicinity of the chandeliers were the characteristics of "bubbling" or folds.We solve the problem by pulling the web.

loss of height of the ceiling in the room ↑

Any ceilings - cons not going anywhere - "stealing" precious centimeters in height.In general, for quality installation of cloth of 2-3 cm is sufficient, but in reality little more beyond.This is due to the fact that ceilings in the apartments are almost always uneven: some corners can be located below or above than the rest.Masters have to rely on the lowest of the corners, and then it turns out that the suspended ceiling "steal" is not 2-3 cm away from the plan, and all 5-7.

Mounting tension ceilings
stretch ceiling "steal" a few centimeters height

How to minimize the loss of altitude

Unfortunately, to solve this problem cardinal means impossible - why would you break the ceiling.However, output is still there.Designers recommend using only pure white matte or satin fabric, because they are visually expand the space.Besides the three-level two- forget about ceilings - they take your height and kitchen-living room-bedroom turn into a hut on chicken legs.

Do not buy and paint coatings - believed that the gloss adds volume mistake.

Finally, use conventional chandelier and not to resort to additional lighting with built-in spotlights - halogen bulbs require a lowering of the ceiling by 5 cm, and lamps with incandescent generally 9 cm.

melting from incompatible lighting ↑

Not every lampsuitable for suspended ceilings, because in this category of finishing materials there its power limit lighting.

There are three types of lamps:

  • bulb - taken from a height of about 9-10 cm, but they are inexpensive and easy to replace;
  • halogen lamp 220;
  • halogen lamps transformer type - for this type of lamp transformer, it is desirable to establish an easily accessible place - suddenly have to replace them.

Solution - competent selection

problem is solved during the installation of lighting fixtures.Masters must provide insulation shades in the form of special rings.If you miss this point, a few years around the fixtures may appear yellowish halo.

Installing lighting fixtures suspended ceiling
Choosing the right lighting - the key to long service life of a stretch ceiling

choosing lamps, opt for traditional 40W incandescent lamps and 35-50 watt halogen.

complexity of mounting options ↑

According to some reviews, we can conclude that consumers are not happy with the fact that the rails have to strengthen not only the wall.But as a rule, modern cornice is made of light materials and it will be sufficient adhesion to the wall.

But with built-in appliances (chandeliers, lamps), and various elements of the decor is much more difficult, because for them to have a secure fit to equip the "seat".It would be good to decide in advance where and what you will be to master can immediately prepare a place for fastening.But what if you wish to decorate the ceiling moldings emerged after the installation of the ceiling?Just inform the company that is installing your ceiling, of its intention.Experts arrive and disassembled portion of the web, install the "footprints".It's not so difficult!

Damage sharps ↑

This is perhaps the most glaring problem of all, because for some reason, everyone thinks that the suspended ceiling is very easy to pierce.Indeed, if we make some effort (throwing knives and forks at the ceiling, go skiing in the apartment and at the same time waving sticks, etc.), the belt does not break down and tear.But if you lead a normal life, even childish pranks or flying in free flight champagne cork can not damage your ceiling.

Damage stretch ceiling
Damage stretch ceiling - the most urgent problem

However, there are times when there is still cloth hole.

measures to prevent damage

  • If the cut is near a wall, then simply pull up the fabric to the guide.If
  • hole formed away from the wall and has a small (2-3 cm) size, the patch can be glued from the same material from which the ceiling, or to try to sew kapron thread hole.
  • Alternatively, you can seal the damaged area beautiful applique.

If worried unpleasant odor ↑

Bad breath is even at the stage of "warming up" paintings gas burner.However, if the ceiling is high quality, such a "defect" withdrew after 3-5 days, and if you bought the cheapest option, you'll be living next door to the "flavor" is much longer.It is worth knowing that the smell is not dangerous, but still be in the room in which smells like in a Chinese store is not very nice.

solve this problem for vinyl ceilings impossible.With fabric tension ceilings anything like it does not threaten you, so if you are environmentally friendly materials is paramount, choose fabric materials.

Video: debunk myths ↑

Based on this information, you can choose for yourself just such ceilings - reviews disadvantages now you know - that will meet all your requirements.And it is possible that even after 10 years, your ceiling is slack, do not turn yellow and not lose one bit of her beauty.