How and what the easiest way to whitewash the ceiling: Compare the costs of labor, material choose

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27 May 2016

In every apartment ceiling is an important part of the interior.Today, for the repair of the ceiling, there are many different materials.But despite the abundance of modern finishes - stretch, suspended ceilings, still it demands a simple and fast way to finishing as the whitewash.It is the most inexpensive option renovation and decorating the room.It is no secret that the whitewashed ceiling refreshes the room, adding comfort and lighting.We offer some tips and tricks how to correctly perform whitewash the ceiling with his hands.Guided by them, even a novice will be able to cope with this task on their own.


Preparing to whitewash the ceiling ↑

most crucial and time-consuming phase of work - preparation of surfaces for w

hitewash.This is done so that then through the white spots stood out no fat, rust, etc., And whitewashing turned uniform.

Preparing for whitewashing the ceiling surface consists of three stages:

  • Remove old whitewash;
  • removing traces of dirt from the ceiling;
  • alignment ceiling.

Secrets remove old whitewash ↑

At this stage repair old paint is removed with a sponge and a soap solution, paste or a wide spatula.

It should be noted that the complexity or simplicity of this work depends on what the ceiling was painted before.

Remove old whitewash
Removing old whitewash with a spatula and small pan will significantly reduce the spread of dust and debris

mortar is removed is quite difficult, and the Cretaceous - easily.

Removing the old coating
lime layer is removed is quite difficult

And to determine what was painted ceiling, enough to hold your finger on it - will leave a white chalk mark.The more thoroughly washed to whitewash from the ceiling, the greater the adhesion (cohesion) pobelochnogo new composition with a base, the bubbles will not be formed.

Eliminating traces of dirt from the ceiling ↑

clear old paint, you should carefully examine the surface of the ceiling, if there contaminants such as mold, grease, rust.All kinds of stains and rust are washed with warm water, then applied to the place of treatment 10% solution of copper sulfate.

Remove dirt from the old cover
old drips and stains wash off with warm water

blackened ceilings should be wiped with a 3-percent solution of hydrochloric acid.We must not forget at the same time to protect themselves, as well as furniture and other items from these solutions.Persistently stood out on the ceiling drips paint over gruel of lime and synthetic varnishes (20: 1).Drip need to handle three times - up to their complete disappearance.To neutralize the spots may also be used water glass solution (1 part of the glass, 2 parts of water).

greasy stains can be removed with a clean cloth dampened with a solution of soda ash.Then, the place from which removes stains, thoroughly washed with water.

process of leveling the ceiling ↑

To properly whitewash the ceiling, it must be carefully aligned.The irregularities, crevices and cracks hydrate and fill the same with a solution how plaster was performed.Thus, the damage will be overwritten lime plaster mortar.It consists of two parts of fine clean sand, one part lime slurry and water.First, lime is diluted with water, then add sand and enough water to make a thick mass.If slaked lime is used, then it is first mixed with the sand, and then water was added.

Align the ceiling
Alignment - an important stage in the preparation of the ceiling for whitewashing

To align the ceiling, you can use adhesive putty - it is easy to manufacture, easy to apply and well kept.It consists of 1 part chalk, gypsum pieces 2, 2 pieces of wood glue.For the liquid adhesive solution to be mixed beforehand with water: 50 g of adhesive per 1 liter of water.Impose putty by hand, using a spatula, spending their first across the cracks and crevices, and then along.Ends putty grout treated surface with pumice or fine sandpaper.

Preparing the ceiling
Floating sandpaper after shpatlevanija

Note!Given that the process of preparing for whitewashing quite dirty, you must take out all the excess out of the room, and the furniture and floor cover with plastic wrap.

After shpatlevanija ceiling should be primed.

Priming the ceiling
Priming to whitewash the ceiling - a process that provides optimal grip with the surface finishing material

The aim is that the surface is smooth and it formed a thin film, in which the paint will not be absorbed.

Important!Before whitewash the ceiling, primer must dry well.

better whitewash the ceiling?↑

Consider the 2 most common variant whitewash ceilings.One of them - chalk whitewash the ceiling, the second - the ceiling lime whitewash.Both of these options are environmentally friendly and hygienic.Lime has also antibacterial properties.In addition, it tightens and fixes the gap.But some people are allergic to lime.In this case, the ceiling is better with chalk whitewash.A distinctive feature of the Cretaceous in comparison with other materials used to cover the ceiling - is its deep white.Chalk is also very hygienic and provides good hygienic conditions.The people spread another concept - latex paint whitewash, but the process is still not to whitewash the ceiling, and for painting.

important to remember!If previously the ceiling was whitewashed with lime mortar, the chalk whitewash will not fit (on the ceiling formed a blur).

How to whitewash the ceiling chalk ↑

Preparation Cretaceous solution to whitewash the ceiling

in 5 liters of warm water to dissolve 30 grams of wood glue, 3 kg of chalk and 15-20 g of methylene blue.Blue is added to the solution to enhance the whiteness of the coating.This portion of the solution will be sufficient for 10-12 square meters.ceiling.The density of the solution is checked by lowering a knife into him.If whitewash dripping from the blade, the solution is too thin, you need to add chalk to bring to the desired viscosity.

Whitewashing the ceiling chalk solution
ceiling Whitewashing chalky solution is a two / three layers, each of which is applied "to cross" the previous

How chalk whitewash the ceiling?Putty is usually done in two or three layers.Each subsequent layer pobelochnogo solution is applied only after the previous dry.If no sprayer, you can use a roller.The last layer is applied in the direction of "the window", and the previous - along the wall where the window is located.

Before the start of the main surface of the ceiling whitewash greased brush on the perimeter, so you do not touch the roller has finished wall.

Technology lime wash ↑

Preparation of solution of lime. In one liter of water is stirred 2-3 kg of slaked lime, 100 g presoaked 200g salt or alum, or slightly diluted with methylene blue needed 400-500g dyes.The whole was stirred and warm water, the volume of the solution was adjusted to 10 liters.Lime wash is best falls on the damp surface, so portions of the ceiling are moistened during operation, and then covered with lime.To do this, use a wide paint brush (hard), roller or spray.

Lime whitewash the ceiling
lime wash is best to lie down on the damp surface

How to whitewash the ceiling?To whitewash brush need some experience, so in the absence thereof, to obtain a perfect surface is better to use a roller.The solution was thoroughly mixed before application, or whitewash turn uneven.At whitewashing brush first layer is applied in the direction of sunlight, and the next - on the contrary.So you will not see the traces of the brush, and the ceiling will look neat.Brush before the whitewash should be soaked in warm water.

Important!In the process, the painted surface should be protected from direct sunlight, drafts, you should not hold or accelerate drying by using heaters.During the whole cycle of works the temperature must be maintained smooth.

Necessary precautions ↑

In preparation of the ceiling, in the preparation and conduct of the solution pobelochnogo whitewash need to take precautions.To protect against fine particles of chalk and lime, you must use a respirator or dust mask.In the hands need to wear rubber gloves, eye - protective glasses.

Whitewashing the ceiling
right whitewashed ceiling has a nice matte tide

after whitewash the ceiling has small pores that allow it to "breathe", to absorb water vapor.Subsequently, they evaporate and go through these same pores.Whitewashing also has disinfectant properties.After drying whitewash forms a solid film that is resistant to abrasion.With the right preparation of the composition and the technology of application, whitewashing the ceiling is maintained in perfect condition for 4-5 years.

While whitewashing the ceiling with his hands rather laborious process, it is easy to digest.But you will be able to update and refresh their own room at a minimal cost, it is important to not only have the desire to learn this.