Raster ceilings grilyato - practical interior decoration

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26 May 2016

raster ceilings - a new solution for the rationalization of interior decoration.The appearance of these decorative panels is very futuristic and unusual, apparently so they do not survive long in apartments and private homes.But in offices, stores, shopping malls and other public places, they feel pretty good.The fact is that the raster ceiling, or as they are called grilyato ceilings, perfectly fit into the interior spacious rooms and in addition perform a lot of functions.But more on that later.


What raster ceiling?↑

Raster ceiling is a mesh surface, which creates a certain amount of aluminum grids and guides.All these elements are quite bulky and require fixing it to the ceiling using special hangers.

aluminum profile that is used to manufacture gratings is available in several versions: its height can range

from 30 to 50 mm.It is through the use of profiles of different heights and created a special shadow effect, by which all the utilities going to zapotolochnoe space practically invisible.In addition to the "transparency" of the design is influenced by other factors, such as:

  • distance from the ceiling to the profiles;
  • mesh size;
  • the right choice of lighting.
Raster ceiling
Ready block raster ceiling facilitates installation, provides fast installation

fewer downlights and lower ceiling height, the smaller should be the cell and the greater should be the height profiles.Using this little secret, you can achieve the "effect of the well" that securely hides behind the ceiling all communications and irregularities.

If the ceiling in the room are high, it is possible to experiment a little with lighting, thus saving on the ceiling, because the larger the size of the cells, the cheaper will manage the purchase and installation of the structure.

Benefits raster ceilings ↑

  1. Excellent light fastness;
  2. frost;
  3. durable decorative coating;
  4. water resistance;
  5. not corrode;
  6. allow you to quickly and easily replace defective utilities, since the dismantling of the individual units is required no more than 1 minute.Rod hangers simply understand, but in order to collect all the back, do not need a master;
  7. to combine on a single pendant design diverse decorative elements of the ceiling in any order.

Thus grilyato ceiling - it's not only technically perfect design, it is not bored and did not beaten fashionable solution.A variety of colors and shapes provides a fertile ground for designers and quick installation allows almost instantly realize all ideas to life.

Ceilings grilyato
ceiling grilyato - modern interior decoration

Scope ceilings grilyato ↑

main application grilyato suspended ceilings - all sorts of public places.You can meet them in cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, shops, boutiques, theaters, areas of airports, train stations, etc.In short, wherever there is a need for quality, reliable and most importantly - practical ceiling.

Suspended raster ceilings is a great solution for areas in which to use the ventilation system operating through the ceiling surface.

In addition, the design type is ideal for those people who do not accept in its interior is nothing superfluous.Take the same elements of the spray fire extinguishing systems, which are always fixed on the ceiling.They do not spoil the aesthetic and the look is not only the ceiling but also the entire premises in general.Raster ceiling design perfectly hide these indispensable attributes of any public place out of sight.And if something goes fire and automatic fire extinguishing system work, the aluminum profiles easily outsource streams of water, because they are treated with a special anti-corrosion compound.

Raster ceilings
combination of colors - an interesting design course to create a stylish interior

Features assembly and installation of raster ceilings ↑

design raster ceilings consists of rails and blocks of aluminum profile.Slides are fixed in the ceiling, and then connected to each other by transverse elements.As a result of this work, it turns out grille with large cells.That they will be installed later blocks of profiles.

basic details raster ceiling :

  • long rails;
  • short cross rails;
  • suspensions;
  • corner moldings:
  • aluminum profiles of different sizes and heights.

With all of these elements can be assembled different in the form of ceiling construction, which can combine with panels of different sizes different from each other cells.

Technology mounting ceiling grilyato ↑

Raster ceiling grilyato begin to collect only after all the necessary communications have been conducted and there is nothing stopping the build process.

Tier 1

mark a first plane of the ceiling.To do this on one wall make a mark with a pencil, which will be the starting point for subsequent installation work.A point that should be chosen so that the mounted design could completely cover a variety of projections, the upper floors and all utilities.

make a mark, you need to project it on the left wall, and then connect the obtained coordinates of each other.As a result, the walls of the room there should be a horizontal line, the entire envelope of the perimeter of the room.

Step 2

along the line guides are mounted.Attach of need so that the profile forms a ledge facing face to the floor.Screws must be chosen according to the material from which made the wall.The maximum distance between the screws - 45 cm.

Driving raster ceiling
Schematic representation of a phased installation of raster ceilings

Step 3

Once the perimeter of the room were fixed basic guide, you can proceed to mount the guide profile design, which laterbecome the basis for setting them in blocks of aluminum profiles.

For effective and proper placement of the guide again required markings.And to secure the profiles required suspensions that must be mounted on the ceiling of no more than 1200 mm apart.

Installation of ceiling grilyato
Fixing suspended raster ceiling on hangers

Thus, going grille of the guide, which will be installed later on tape.By the way, the same way the system is collected and ceiling Armstrong.

Step 4

The last step is to install the cassettes made of aluminum profiles, fixtures and other decorative elements.

variety of design features raster ceilings grilyato small.This is due, above all, a small amount of shapes and colors.Aluminium profiles are produced mainly in white, black and metallic.But it is possible to buy a custom design desired by the customer in color or paint it yourself in the shade that best suits the style of the interior.

Against the background of a huge number of benefits only drawback grilyato ceiling looks like a pathetic, but nevertheless it is still there.The high price of such structures is that does not turn their hearts' content designers and architects, but most likely, such a "whim" of the producers - a temporary phenomenon.In the near future, every office, every boutique, every store will greet visitors cheerful "perforated" ceiling.