Simple ways to laying turf

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26 May 2016

There is an old anecdote in which a British lord questioned about the secrets of growing perfect English lawns.What he says: "The problem is not - it is necessary to constantly cut the grass and water.And do it at least two hundred years. "Perhaps the truth is hidden in a joke.To own a lawn grass grow best length and softness, it will take years of work and attention.But now there is a way to quickly build on the nature of a place to rest.One only has to buy a lawn roller, styling and care that afford everyone.


What is lawn cover↑

Biologists suggest that the natural creation of lawn grass is good enough and dense turf cover - not an easy task.It will require time and effort.Of course, many people do not stop the prospect of many years of work and expectations.But now there is an easier option - artificial turf.Its purchase cost is not cheap.But you

can quickly set up on the site sodded area, to decorate a garden, flower garden or yard.After just a few weeks after the installation has to be obtained result - excellent turf.

lawn near the house
To get a great lawn at the house, do not necessarily take care of it for years

In essence, the device turf differs little from grown yourself.This is the live grass.Specialized farms grow them from seed, which takes about three years.Ready material is a turf mats, a base which is strong mesh base.One layer of the cut has a width of 0.4-0.6 m and a length of 1,9-2,15 m, depending on the manufacturer (ie. E. The area is about 0,8-1,24 sq. M.).The height of the material - about 2.5 cm. Weighing turf can from 15 to 30 kg.These herbal plate just of the roll.Usually they are warehoused, stacking on pallets stacked.

importance of preparatory works ↑

Deciding to buy, no need to hurry - the material does not tolerate long-term storage.Initially to be a thorough preparation of the soil under the turf - without this lawn will last a long time.The soil is treated according to the same rules as normal prior to sowing suitable grass.

site should be cleared of stumps, domestic or construction waste that can not be buried in the soil.Heterogeneous grass from the ground removed with the turf.It is important to choose carefully to the prepared area remaining weeds, especially the rhizome.It plantain, mother and stepmother, nettle, couch grass, dandelions, goutweed, nettle, etc. D. It is recommended that in areas of special clusters of weeds produce herbicide treatment means such as "Roundup."Before you lay turf, soil should be dug with a shovel or tiller.Earthmoving lumps are broken and crushed to a size of about 2 cm in diameter.

If the area clay soils, poor water dispersion, carefully laid drainage pillow height 5-10 cm layer of sand and gravel.This will prevent root rot and improve water and air permeability of the soil surface.It is recommended that the soil improving various components (to enhance fertility, low acidity, improve the structure).For a week until the planned laying of turf with their hands on the land entered the complex fertilizer, about 50 grams per sq. M.All the ingredients are well mixed.

soil preparation
Pre will have to carefully prepare the ground

Then proceed to step plan area, followed by rolling a special roller (tamper).These works are carried out in dry weather, when the soil is not sticky.Rolling need for leveling and compacting the soil in which the fertile layer should exceed the thickness of 10-15 cm. The level of smooth, groomed soil should be 2 cm below the height of the tracks.

Tips how to lay turf ↑

Acquires Turf experts advise in the spring, summer or early fall.In the heat require regular watering.It is better to carry out work in the dry, but not hot weather.

Bought herbaceous cover is desirable to stack immediately, without delay for storage.Lay turf with their hands is recommended for a day or two after he was cut and delivered to the customer.Before laying rolled coils should be kept in a shady place - the sun and grass in the heat can overheat, turn yellow and die.To avoid this, the plates are regularly watered.If for some reason the installation is delayed, may be unfolding and watering plates.This time-consuming work will extend the life of the plant for another day or two.

laying lawn
can put yourself and bought coating adhering to certain rules

Getting laying, lawn mats gently unfold, putting on prepared soil areas strictly in a straight line.Work carried out on board or panel not to push the turf.To lay the first row, it is well tamped thick board to ensure full contact with the ground roots.So do with each successive decking.In order not to break the sod, it is impossible to drive or push strongly.It allowed easy rolling the roller to remove air and create a fit.

number should end the whole or half of the plate.Next begin to stack with polkuska roll to get the chess order and combine cross stitches.Adjoining strip of grass should fit snugly together.The edges of the dock may be a small hill that has not appeared after rolling periods.We can not allow the overlap turf.Is not desirable, and the gaps between the plates, especially in excess of 1.5-2 cm. On a land with a complex configuration of the plate as desired cut.However, it is impossible to place small scraps of turf on the edges.

rolls stacked in neat rows surrounding

Each received a seam and ends lawn backfilled with fertile soil structure.If the local clay soil - a mixture of peat, loam and sand (in a 1: 2: 4).For the sandy loam soil proportion of the same components change (in 2: 4: 1).And in the peat soil, a mixture of peat and sand (3: 1).Immediately after laying needs abundant watering, to water not only drenched the turf, but the ground beneath a depth of about 3 cm.

How to maintain the beauty of grass ↑

walk on newly nestled turf area is not recommended more days 15 or 20, while the rootsfused with the soil.Be sure to provide care for the turf to the plate soon settled down.In the summer, in the hot and dry season, need abundant daily watering.When the turf will grow, should be watered less frequently, 1-2 times 10 days.

lawn care
Longevity herbaceous cover only provide proper care for them

From the second year, you have to regularly mow grass (required careful cleaning of the cut).The ideal is considered the height of greenery in the 4-5 cm. The first mowing is carried out, when will the growth of grass, and only need to cut the tip.In subsequent times gradually lowered the mower blades (they should always be sharp).Mowing the lawn is made from mid-spring through October.During the rainy season the grass is mown frequently and below cut off.In dry time is often not necessary, and the mower blades rise above.Since mowing can begin to feed the plants with chemical fertilizers.Make it better before watering.

plates herbs can be easily rolled into rolls

before winter it is necessary to mow a meadow.When there is no snow and the cold, it is better not to go on this site.And in the spring by puncturing the turf to get rid of the puddles of melt water.When the soil dries, the grass will need to comb through and complete aeration.

Video: laying turf ↑

can quickly transform your land, creating a uniform coating it with a beautiful emerald grass.The first couple of years do not even have to worry about removing weeds or pest control.Observance of simple rules for the installation and maintenance of the turf will allow to refine any terrain, including areas with steep slopes.