How to align the wooden floor: the best way to choose

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25 May 2016

wooden floor, even the highest quality, with the passage of time "acquires" cracked;board begin to sag, bend.But who wants to shelter under my feet were unsightly spectacle?Exactly - nobody.In deciding to "refresh" the living space of laying laminate, linoleum or tile, it is important to understand that only quality-adjusted wood floor can become a reliable "base" for the new coverage.Why is this event so important?And most importantly - how to align the wooden floor, what methods exist for this?These and other questions will try to answer in this article.


Why align the floor of the wood?↑

Many are interested in the question: why bother to align the wooden floor?We hasten to assure you that this procedure is very important.It cracks and "humpbacked" old coating can adversely affect the new "decoration" sex.And no matter how it is -

hard or soft;be it tile, carpet, linoleum or something else - trouble with the wrong approach can not be avoided.

But if soft (eg linoleum) coating can still forgive you small (or rather tiny) irregularities wood, tile or laminate that will be "outraged" at the slightest flaws.They are required to "vzduyutsya" in the defective spot.

most popular and effective way to align the wooden floor today is considered to be:

  • scraping;
  • use self-leveling compounds;
  • Shpatlevanie floor;
  • laying plywood sheets.

sanding: difficult but possible ↑

Perhaps the most difficult method of alignment, but definitely effective.Ideal for those who do not plan to install a new cover and decided to limit paint or lacquer, "what happened."There are mechanical and manual scraping.The first is done by Scraping machines, the second - with the help of manual tsiklevatelya (shattered glass).The manual process is extremely time-consuming and often not justified.Therefore, the mechanical method is more preferred.

Sanding wood floor
sanding wooden floor is performed, if the owners do not want to change the flooring

To work with scraping machine to be thoroughly prepared.You will need:

  • headphones - to properly isolated from the noise emitted by it;
  • respirator - in order not to breathe in the dust;
  • gloves, thick gloves - so you reduce the sense of vibration from the device.

Important!Prepare not only themselves, but also "processed" room: furniture polyethylene cover, remove the curtains, paintings.So you will be able to keep things from Inevitably fine dust.

particular danger to the blades of the machine is the nails and buttons.Hats should be completely drown the add on the floor.

finished all preliminary manipulations, you can proceed to the intended use.Begin to "transformation" from the corner and "move" snake.So I removed the first layer.

now be repaired all the cracks, holes, hole filler most suitable color.Continue sanding process is possible only after full drying and curing.

If individual planks badly damaged, it is necessary to remove them ... and turning, laid back.The procedure will help you avoid the "motley" of colors wooden cover: Replace the old board to keep the brand new single tone does not come out.

Processing floor in tight spaces (at baseboards) made tsiklevatelem manual.

Hand tsiklevatel
tsiklevatel Manual is useful for the treatment of hard to reach places

Upon completion of work necessary to vacuum the room - but not in a hurry: let all the dust settles.Before painting or varnishing the floor, wipe with a cloth soaked in white spirit.

Application of self-leveling compounds ↑

in your plans do not include painting?We firmly intend to lay laminate or tile?So, one sanding is necessary.Especially if the floor without a shudder and look.

Self-leveling for wooden floor

best option in this situation may be the use of self-leveling compounds for wood floors.With their help you can get exemplary smooth coating thickness of 5 to 20 mm.

How does the alignment of this kind?

  1. originally wooden base is in proper form."The spring" design elements necessary to make stills - come to the aid of screws or screws.
  2. all caps, as in the case of sanding, it is necessary to deepen the floor.
  3. The base must be sanded, thereby clearing it from the remnants of paint, varnish and dirt.
  4. All nayavnye cracks and voids are sealed sealed with acrylic putty or all of the same self-leveling mixture diluted "thicker".
  5. After drying thereof, the floor is primed special waterproof primer.It will provide good adhesion of the mixture to the prepared base.
  6. walls around the perimeter of the room should be paste over the insulating material.
  7. Places "interface" of the walls and the floor seam is created from Styrofoam.
  8. should determine the level of self-leveling floor.Be sure to note the minimum and maximum thickness of the coating, declared by the manufacturer.
  9. It primed the floor staple gun mounted armirovochnaya mesh.The joints of her paintings are connected with an overlap of at least 5 cm.
  10. mixture is prepared according to the instructions thoroughly mixed using a drill with a paddle.Allow to sit for about 15 minutes, then stir again.
  11. Cooked "potion" is poured, reinforced surface;using a roller removed bubbles.
  12. level the surface with a spatula, squeegee or rules.
  13. Drying must be carried out in full compliance with the recommendations on the package.The qualitative result is impossible without respect for the optimum thermal regime.
Eliminating bubbles
Eliminating bubbles with a roller

Be careful!Excess water in the preparation of the mixture can cause her bundle.If you want not only to align the floor and raise his level, the fill should be carried out in two steps.

We fix the passed material video viewing:

Shpatlevanie floor ↑

impossible not to mention the rapid growth in popularity of putty mixtures based on PVA and sawdust (wood).Thanks to them an opportunity to align the wooden floors quite a large area.And the cost of such fillings and makes the process more cost-effective.


  • the cleaned floor slats stuffed beacon (level);
  • space between them is filled with a mixture of (consistency a la "thick cream");
  • so dust is not pulled too quickly water from the adhesive is recommended to moisten them, then gently squeeze;
  • if you need a thick layer of putty, it is better to do so: the coating is formed in layers of 1-2 cm - each subsequent apply after complete drying of the previous one;
  • result check level.If you need to apply additional portions in "problematic" places.

Lack shpatlevanija - an impressive time period for drying the PVA.

Laying plywood sheets ↑

quite popular, we can say "hit", the alignment of the wooden floor.

And it starts with the installation of lighthouses - screws, screwed to the desired height.Their exact location - the corners of a square with sides measuring 20-30 cm. And the distance is directly dependent on the thickness of the veneer: the thicker plywood, the less established beacons.Then laid lag (strips of plywood).They are attached to the floor with glue or screws.If between joists and boards are viewed "emptiness", you must fill them with glue smeared bars plywood.

Preparation of veneer sheets

considered to be optimal cutting of veneer sheets into squares with a side of about 60 cm. Look carefully at the ends of the blanks - whether bundles?If any, you still found, it is recommended to replace the defective sheet.

Attaching the plywood
With plywood laid on the joists, floor leveled primarily in rooms with high ceilings

Ready squares lay on a preformed net lag, watching location plywood joints - they should fall on the logs.The very same styling is made by brick - offset - in order to avoid crossing the four seams.Secured with plywood screws with countersunk head.

interesting!Pre chalk to mark the joints you are able to save time and effort: improvisation "in the process" more resource.

This alignment provides a fairly smooth subfloor ready to "accept" any coating.

For more information about the rules of leveling the floor with plywood introduce video:

Aligning the wooden floor - it is certainly not easy, but if you strictly adhere to the algorithm of actions and follow professional advice, all must succeed.