How to put a tile in the bathroom: detailed instructions for beginners finishers

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24 May 2016

How to put a tile in the bathroom - a question of interest to many people who decide to make notes of originality and modernity in the premises, to make a normal repair.Sure, it's an excellent facing material with a long life, good toughness, resistance to temperature changes.He also looks attractive and extremely easy to care for.Therefore, this article will describe the technology step by step to get it accurately.


Putting tools and materials ↑

process of laying tile is really simple, it does not require specialized knowledge, the patience and the desire to do everythingyourself.This will be saved the money that is better spent on a more expensive tile and sanitary ware.Of course, laying tile in the bathroom beg

ins with the definition of design and choice of tile - single-colored tiles, mosaics, construction drawings.

Tools for laying tile
set of necessary tools

then necessary to determine the area: this is calculated for an area of ​​the walls, the floor, added 5% to fight and scrap.But that's not all, you need the following materials:

  • sufficient amount of tile adhesive;
  • liquid waterproofing (if the walls are not moisture-proof);
  • grout;
  • crosses;
  • cloth, sponge.

should not forget about the tools:

  • pencil;
  • tape measure and level;
  • gear and rubber spatula;
  • metal profile;
  • drill (set pobeditovye drills, Whisk);
  • Bulgarian and Tile;
  • bucket mallet.

Provisions ↑

Preparation of the base under the tile ↑

laying tile in the bathroom is impossible without a "dirty" work.Initially, all the furniture and bathroom equipment is dismantled and removed from the bathroom.This is done in order to preserve the values ​​and for operational space, it is so much easier to work.You also need to fight off the walls and floor old tile, taking care not to damage the substrate.

Important: this process should be carried out carefully so as not to aggravate the subsequent alignment surfaces.

next important stage - direct alignment.This is due to the fact that the ideal outcome is caused by laying the foundations evenness.The walls are checked for the presence of the rule "trapped" corners and pits.Detected faults are sealed carefully: for essential uses mortar pits, for small - starting putty.

Important: it is desirable to put on the walls of small grooves, this trick will provide the best laying tile.

As for sex, then to equalize significant irregularities (more than 2.5 cm) must use a cement-sand screed.Before you start laying the tiles, do the waterproofing, ie the surface of the fluff with a special solution.

Well, the final stage - taking out the trash and cleaning.

markup - guarantee aesthetics ↑

«The metronome" first row - is also an important process in which you want to bring the level of the whole room.With the water level in each corner is fixed "zero", then calculated the number of tiles for the horizontal and vertical rows.After analyzing the calculations, it is clear where to start laying the tiles, and in what angle will be "clipped" series.

Proper markup gives you the opportunity to decide on the planning decoration: how often, in what order will be placed with a tile pattern.Options can be a lot, for example, refers to the classic chess order, or in a horizontal row decor is set at regular intervals.

If the calculation is done, then you need to start weaning the first row (the first he just literally).From the ground, at a distance equal to the height of the tile, metal profile is installed (can be applied to a piece of wood - the main thing that he was perfectly flat).This backup will allow to clearly establish the level of the first series, and will not give the tile "crawl" is not the solution hardens.After installation, you can already begin to close the masonry.

As for the adhesive, it is necessary to use only the dedicated tile and strictly observe the preparation of proportion.The adhesive should have good consistency: not thick nor too thin.

Selecting the layout, the basic rules ↑

Tile can be joined together on the basis of three basic options:

  • straight seam - joint to joint;
  • in Extension - brickwork;
  • angle, diagonal, diamond - only when laying square tiles.

Each dock has advantages and disadvantages.For example, if we talk about the direct seam, it is strict, presentable, but boring.

Masonry rustic, but very comfortable to use.Diamonds can be called more interesting, he hides the disproportion walls.And if you want something exclusive and individual, it is possible to create your own design, using different combinations of drawings and tone.

Laying tiles on the walls ↑

How to lay tiles on the bathroom walls?Laying should start with the corner trowel a little glue is applied to the surface of the wall, and the second mass is smoothed with a spatula to apply the adhesive on the tile.

Important: it is desirable to use a spatula with teeth with it on the back of the tiles formed the band.

When the first tile is installed, you need to press it lightly and check exactly whether it lay.Also, do not forget the plastic spacers, they are installed from the bottom and side walls - so you can not worry about evenness gaps.

Important: cross-shaped plastic spacers between the tiles are installed.

first 3-4 rows stacked up around the circumference of the room, while constantly checked evenness level.The process of laying continues in a similar manner, the main rule - do not overdo it with the amount of glue and do not forget about the same girth.Plus, you need to remember about the decor elements (if any), to closely monitor the laying tile, avoiding the "sticking of" angles.

Laying tiles
level checks should be carried out regularly horizontally

If necessary cutting tiles, there will Tile.The use of other tools is undesirable because they give rough edges, defects.The best option - to buy your own Tile is not necessarily a professional: a small and relatively inexpensive is fine.

How does the cutting process?Pre-cut line is marked, cut tiles on the front side.It should be a quick movement to hold a couple of times on the tile, then lightly stab Tile by tile and all, the two halves are ready.

One of the significant problems - cutting tile with round holes (exit site of the aqueduct, sockets, switches).This issue also has a special device that greatly simplifies the process."Ballerina" - a drill with an attachment, which has the shape of a compass, and cut them all the necessary holes.The second option - "crown", thus cutting drill more simple, but its value is large.Therefore, if the tool is not used frequently, it buying unprofitable.And another disadvantage: "crown" must be chosen for each hole, and "dancer" can be cut any diameter.

Laying tiles
laying tile in the bathroom proved most suitable for the arrangement of the space material properties

Before you glue the tiles in the bathroom need to consider all the points.For example, it concerns the doorway: it is necessary to calculate, where better to start laying out and find out what will be done the slope, picking up the color of the tile bar.

also be analyzed in terms of laying tiles cutting.It is desirable that in the end of the series remained a small piece of tile (less than 2.5 cm), it will be difficult to cut, and the view is beautiful.In this case it is better to start from the middle of a series, then you need to cut the number of tiles in the beginning and at the end.

How to glue tiles on the floor ↑

To begin with, the floor tiles should be different from the tile to be placed on the wall.Some people mistakenly believe that there is no difference in principle, but it is a profound mistake.Firstly, floor tiles less slippery, and it is a very important parameter in the operating conditions of the bathroom.Secondly, it can withstand large power load.

Technology laying on the floor
horizontal stacking tiles must be constantly checked by applying a layer or a simple bar to multiple elements simultaneously

Also note that the floor tiles are divided into classes: the first kind of the least durable, designed for installation in bathrooms, fourth grade- the most durable, it is used in public institutions, and there is an extremely high intensity of the operation.

Step by Step:

  • if the surface is leveled, waterproofing done, you can start laying the tiles;
  • preparing a solution: the best option - dry construction mix consisting of plasticizers.The mixture was diluted with water (in the strict proportions) and mix thoroughly with a mixer construction;
  • technology laying tile on the floor is not much different from the art lining the walls.It starts with laying the farthest corner of the door.On the surface, a layer of adhesive on the floor tile is laid.The cut pieces are arranged along the walls;
  • necessary to ensure that tiles are on the same level.As for the rubber hammer, it is used to shrink: slightly pristukivaya need to "besiege" the tiles to a certain level;
  • as on the floor can be faucets, plumbing pipes outputs, the cladding is delayed, because with such obstacles have to tinker;
  • to dry on the floor can not walk, then such action may be the root cause of peeling tiles.

technology grouting ↑

front of the tile adhesive should be wiped off immediately, because after the solidification process will be long and extremely unpleasant.The final touch at the end of installation is grouting.It can be purchased in a specialty store, while it can be of different colors and tonalities.

Important: you need to take care of a harmonious combination of tile and grout, choose a suitable color.

For quality grout need to know some of the nuances that guarantee a good result.When laying the wall tiles were left small gaps, it is necessary to use a grout-free sand.Conversely, grout with sand normally used for floor tiles, there are seams wider.

grouting advisable to start no earlier than one day after laying tiles.The fact that it occurs through evaporation seams adhesive, ie, if the ignore time, the glue will not dry properly.

How to wipe the seams
Grout rubber spatula over the surface, after drying, any excess material removed from the surface with a cloth

for more grip and elasticity can be added to a solution of latex grout.Just do not go on about poorly informed people who offer to save and dilute latex milk in half with water.The additive should be used only in the concentration specified by the manufacturer.These savings only reduces the effect.However, this addition will give difficulties in the final cleaning, but in the end increase the durability of the coating.

So grout mixed with the additive and is mixed.The mixture is then necessary at the time of leave alone (a few minutes).It is important to a lot of the mixture to cook only the amount that you want to work on a certain area, for example, to one wall.

Use a rubber grout trowel distributed on the surface.At the same time it should be held at an angle, moving in a diagonal direction - so much better filled with grout.Then make sure that all the joints are filled with a mixture of high quality.By that time, while there will be floating over the walls, the place started to be ready for further purification.

Important: read the instructions for use will never be over.

laying on the floor
device beautiful floor in the bathroom quite a force diligent beginner finisher

Clean tile, though boring, but easy.To do this, prepare a bucket of warm water and a sponge.Sponge wrung out and completely wiped it all the walls: it must be kept at 45 degrees to the seams and never wipe in a parallel direction.This method allows you to retain the grout in the joints.After washing is plaque, which can be removed by wiping the surface, such as an old T-shirt.

21 days is recommended to treat the joints with sealant, sealant and fill the places around the cut holes.

video lesson for future finishers ↑

Basically, a lot of time spent on pre-deployment training and the start of installation.In the process, it becomes necessary skill, work faster.It really put the tiles on the walls and on the floor for two weeks.If it is, of course, does not a professional tiler.But then it will be pleasant to look at their works, and money will be saved.