How to drill a hole in the tile: on methods and tools

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23 May 2016

reasons, to make a hole in ceramic tile can be a lot: it is necessary to install the socket, hold water pipe, punch or hang shelves towel rack on the wall.And Drill a hole just not a big problem, but the fact that in the course of tiles can crack or crack, delivers a lot of hassle.Posing the problem as tile drill so as not to damage its integrity, craftsmen and professionals have tried a variety of ways.Below are only the most effective ones.


How to make a hole for the dowel ↑

A similar issue arises when you need to hang on the wall tiles from any shelves, cabinets, lamps or other accessories.This tile has long been laid, and we have no room for error.If the tile, which would make a hole, crack or split have to change the whole site.

most optimal option would be to drill a hole in the seam between the tiles.In this case, the risk of crack minimum tile.But it is not always possible.

If you need to drill a hole in the fabric tiles, then have to use some tricks.

Important!Counting place for pilot drilling tiles, try to step back from the edge of the tile is greater than 15 mm.So the risk of fracture will be much smaller.

To drill the tile, you need to drill with diamond tip
for drilling tiles it is necessary to use special drill: with a diamond tip or pobeditovym.For drilling concrete wall to replace it with ordinary

At-drilling holes in ceramic tiles, there are two "unpleasant" moment:

  1. tile surface is very slippery - Drill constantly slipping.
  2. drills for concrete and brick are not suitable for tiles - they split it.

And if the first problem is easily solved with the help of masking tape, which is adhered to the surface of the tiles to the drill is not "ёrzalo", the purchase of special drills can fly a lot of money.To qualitatively make a hole in the tile and does not damage it, you must use a drill whose cutting edge is much harder than the surface of the tiles.

first option - drill with a diamond-tipped .The most expensive and the most effective way.If it accidentally "lying around" among your inventory, then everything just fine.But to buy these drills for two or three holes can not afford one."Diamond" drill makes sense to buy if professionally engaged in repair of apartments, then it will pay for itself.

second option - drill tip pobeditovym .It is much cheaper than diamond, several times.This drill can be purchased in a specialty store, but you can on the market - a "jack of all trades."

third option - special drill for ceramic tiles and glass .In theory may be useful in later life.So if funds permit, you can buy.

Steps to drill a hole in the tile looks like:

  • by about a place where we will drill a hole tag on a piece of masking tape.
  • crosses outline the point where drilling.
  • put in the drill or a hammer drill to make a hole in the tile.It can be rough, pobeditovoe or special drill.
  • Zasverlivaem hole in the tile at low revs.
  • After drill tile drill to replace the ordinary - concrete.The size will depend on the size of the dowel.
  • To obtain the required depth of the hole, you can use a special delimiter.A simpler way: stick a piece of tape on the drill, noting the depth.
  • Zasverlivaem until the end of the hole, remove the drill.
  • purged the hole to remove any dust or chips of concrete.
  • Insert the dowel into the hole, sinking it into the tile a few millimeters.

Important!This way you can make the hole diameter of a maximum of 15 mm.Larger drill with the right tip does not happen.But the crown can be used with a diamond or pobeditovym spraying.

As a drill pipe and outlet ↑

It is best to make such openings tile.It is easier and more practical.If the tiles are randomly split, take the following and practicing until you get it to do well.

In case took more than a hole in the tile laid, you can use methods 2 and 3.

Important!Before drilling tile, it must be soaked in water for 40 - 60 minutes.So much reduced possibility of cracking or chipping.You can even zasverlivat drill at low speeds directly into the water.

a Punch with a crown of diamond-coated ↑

Drill a hole in the tile, you can use the carbide bits for drills
Drill a hole in the tile, you can use the carbide bits for drills and bits with diamond-coated

cost diamond bits depends on their quality, but in any case - it is "fun is notcheap ".Alternatively, you can use the crown to pobeditovymi teeth.It should be enough for 20 - 30 holes.

Before you drill the tile, it must be put on a flat, but not too hard surface such as wood.On the front side we envisage place for drilling.With punch hole is drilled.

This method is the fastest and the most dangerous.In most cases, edges of the hole are formed larger chips, which can not hide or cover the socket switch.

drill with a diamond-coated crown ↑

How to drill tile using a tile crowns
Drill a hole in a tile with a special crown - the easiest way to

You can use punch, but in the mode of a drill, without a fight.Such a process will require more time, but the tiles are not damaged.

zasverlivaem schedule and the front side of the tile.It is not too hard to press on the drill.If the crown is in the normal state, a relatively new, 2 - 5 minutes to wipe the required hole.

«Ballerina" - a circular drill for tile ↑

Как просверлить отверстие в кафеле с помощью "балеринки"
Drill tiles with "Ballerina" in the cellar.The main thing is not to rock drill

«Ballerina" or nibbler can be used if necessary to make 10 - 20 holes.More it will not stand.Even if the second hole will pursue it, you can buy a new one - its price is low.

The main thing in the process of drilling not to rock drill.If there is a special stand for the drill, be sure to use it.

drills with a drill with a diamond-tipped ↑

Pilot drilling large diameter holes in the tile without crowns
zasverlivaniya drill a plurality of holes along the contour, and then breaking out the core - the longest way to

This method can be used if you do not want to buy a crown, or there is no such possibility.

On the front side of the tiles outline the diameter of the hole.If this outlet or switch, you can take a box attached to the tile and cut around the pencil.If the hole for the pipe, then it is possible to identify with a compass.

Around the loop holes zasverlivaem drill as many holes (20).The diameter of 4 to 6 mm, the edge should extend beyond the intended line of at least 1 - 2 mm.

Gently knock out the core.The remaining teeth break out with pliers or wire cutters.The cut surface can be sanded.

This method is the most durable, it requires considerable skill and patience.

Also, instead of diamond bits can be used with the pilot drill bit tungsten, which is a must if the tiles already laid.To crown does not move during the drilling process, it is desirable to use a template with the desired diameter of the hole.If pressed hard pattern to the wall, the crown will not be displaced.

And, do not forget to moisten the tiles with water.Even if you need only one hole, not worth the risk, soak zasverlivaniya place.Thanks to this precaution will not have to redo the work or "God forbid," to replace a piece of masonry.