Which is better: a tile or laminate, how to choose the optimal coverage

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22 May 2016

Make the right choice among all varieties of flooring rather difficult task, and one chooses what is more accustomed and familiar.Today, there are materials that in their structure and characteristics resemble wood or natural stone, but by artificial means with the use of natural raw materials.The most prominent representatives of this category of flooring is laminate and tile.When choosing a material are often the question arises - what is better: tile or laminate?To answer this question, we must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials and know in which room they can best play to their strengths.


Advantages and disadvantages of tiles ↑

Floor tiles
Ceramic tiles perfectlysuitable for baths, toilets and entrance hall

This type of flooring is quite popular for many years, even centuries, and it continues to grow.

to operational advan

tages floor tiles include:

  • durability and longevity.Tile is able to last for 50 years or more, and the level of wear resistance allows you to pack it in areas with heavy loads on the floor surface.
  • Robust and undemanding material.Tile is one of those materials that "put and forget."Caring for her the most simple and requires no special tools or cleaning methods.The surface of the tiles is difficult to damage or scratch, and if she did not drop anything heavy, the tiles can withstand fairly heavy loads.
  • wide selection of colors, textures and patterns.Today, technology can make a very high quality simulation under different materials with diverse patterns.The color scheme of the tiles is very wide, you can choose for every taste.
  • eco-friendly material.For the production of tiles using only natural raw materials.
  • high moisture resistance.Thanks to the specially treated surface glazed floor tiles do not absorb water, which is very useful for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
  • not exposed to fire and decay.

For an objective assessment should be noted and disadvantages tiles:

  • high thermal conductivity material.Tile, like natural stone, cold material.For additional heating system can be set "warm floor".But in the "minus" is a positive thing.Floor tile is perfect for a hot climate.
  • complexity of installation.Today tiling use a special glue that greatly simplify the process, but it did not affect the overall progress of the work.Tile still requires high skills in handling tools and attention during laying.
  • weight.Coverage of the tile has a very large mass, which is reflected on the requirements of the base.It should be as reliable and able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Fragility coverage.This lack of tiles is not so noticeable on solid concrete foundations.In addition, the tile is marked strength Mohs 1 (talc) to 10 (diamond).But on wooden or poorly prepared surface with grooves or other defects of the floor tiles may eventually give a crack or split.
  • slippery surface.If you get moisture on the surface of the tiles on it can slip and fall.In fairness it should be noted that the producers succeeded in creating a variety of non-slip surface.Because when you select should pay attention to this parameter.

of floor tiles can be installed in almost all areas: bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, corridors, bathrooms and toilets.When laying the tiles should be aware of its high thermal conductivity, surface topography and level of strength.From these three parameters will determine in which room must be placed one or the other tiles.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate ↑

Laminated Floor
Laminate is suitable for the kitchen, bedroom, hallway and a common hall

Invented at the end of the last century, has quickly gained market laminate flooring and today occupies a leading position.

Laminate has a number of advantages, which distinguish it from other floor coverings:

  • Easy installation.Due to the Castle method of fixing a laminate all the work on its installation can be done alone at minimal cost in time.
  • good heat and sound insulation properties.But it should be noted that high performance is not achieved at the expense of the laminate, and the substrate due to the presence of cork, foamed polyethylene or foamed polystyrene.
  • wide choice of colors and pattern.The surface of the laminate is made so that to simulate virtually any natural material and may be made in any color.Although in practice the laminate on the number of colors and patterns slightly inferior floor tiles.
  • Good resistance to abrasion and household chemicals.It should be noted that, like tiles, laminate has a certain degree markings on load and resistance to abrasion.More accurate data are given in the table:
Wear resistance
Table №1.Indicators of the degree of wear resistance and load laminate
  • Lightweight.With this laminate can be installed on various types of bases and reduce the load on them, which in turn reduces the cost of their preparation.
  • cleaner.This option is somewhat controversial, since the surface of the laminate is made of plastic, but its performance is completely meet all environmental standards and requirements on hygiene.For the production of the panel itself using pressure-treated wood.
  • affordable price.

the downside of laminate is worth noting the following:

  • low moisture resistance.Despite the fact that manufacturers have created a waterproof laminate and its ability to withstand high humidity is very low.Because of this, the laminate is not recommended to put in the bathroom, kitchen or toilet.
  • low soundproofing.Since the surface of the laminate is made of plastic, it has fallen every solid object, or hard-soled shoes will produce a sudden loud sound.
  • high demands to the ground.Despite its light weight, the laminate imposes very stringent requirements to the ground.Therefore, before laying it will have to spend some serious preparatory work.
  • Squeak connected panels.Click connection laminate when properly prepared substrate and non-compliance with stacking technology may produce unpleasant squeaks.
  • specialized cleaning products.Since laminate flooring was "afraid" of water and its cleaning requires the use of certain means and methods of treatment, which is not always convenient.Small
  • life.In comparison with the service life of the laminate tile does not exceed 25 years.
Floor tiles and laminate together
Laminate and tile can be installed in one room, smashing it into zones so

Laminate is perfect for such premises: bedroom, children's room, hall.Arguably the hallway, bathroom, kitchen and toilet.When laying the laminate must be considered indoor humidity and possible to stack it in a dry room.

compare cheap and expensive laminate: Video ↑

Laminate and tiles can be laid entirely at the same time.Received such a simple way to cover a very original.On top of that by using this approach, you can distinguish between certain areas of the room, which will allow more efficient use of the strengths of the tile and laminate.