Which is better to choose a laminate for the kitchen, focusing on the quality of consumer

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14 May 2016

kitchen without exaggeration be called the soul of any home.There is always a special atmosphere, the smell of delicious food and the family gathers for lunch or dinner.But it also shed water and oil stains appear trudnosmyvaemye even utensils can be broken, and almost all of this trouble takes the floor.It should be durable, easy to clean and, of course, beautiful.More recently, a family of floor coverings for kitchen joins laminate.Not sure if it is practical?If you will understand how to select laminate for the kitchen, you will fall in love with this material, and the soul of your home - the kitchen for a long time will delight you with the beauty and freshness.


Why choose a laminate?↑

many faces of the laminate is amazing, even the most sophisticated aesthetes.It can simulate any type of wood, natural stone, ceramics and many other materials.The laminate surface can be smooth and can replicate the texture of wood, stone and even fabric, it can be dazzling matte or shiny.About whatever natural material for the floor in the kitchen, you are not dreaming, laminate fulfill your every desire, but the cost of the material at the same time will be significantly lower compared to the price of the original.

What good is a laminate in the kitchen?
Laminate can simulate any type of wood, natural stone, ceramics and many other materials

Laminate is very easy to installation, it can even be laid over the old floor covering, if it is not necessary to align.You do not get stuck in the repair for many days and weeks after laying a laminate floor will only take a few hours.

Finally, some types of laminate flooring are perfectly combined with any structure of "warm floor".If this option is also included in your plans, when buying laminate check if there are marked accordingly.

Laminate Kitchen: ↑

choice on what kind of material properties is necessary to pay attention, considering the store laminate kitchen - how to choose?Laminate flooring for the kitchen should be durable, wear-resistant and water resistant.


In terms of wear resistance of all laminate floors are divided into the following classes:

  • 21, 22, 23 - for the premises;
  • 31, 32, 33 - for areas with high traffic.

If the budget for renovation is very much limited, can be laid in the kitchen laminate 23 class durability, but serve a floor only 5-7 years.However, for those who like frequent changes of the interior, this option is acceptable.

Features choice of laminate kitchen

Laminate flooring 31 and 32 class durability designed for floors of offices, shops, cafes and restaurants, and hence in the kitchens of flats and houses a floor stand any mechanical stresses and shocks, it does not appear scratches, and servehe for many years.

Moisture resistance

index vlagostoustoychivosti kitchen laminate equivalent indicator for the importance of durability: it sheds on the number of water vapor and is second only to the bath room.More recently, in the latest generation of packaging laminate appeared marking Aqua, and the nature of the relationship with water laminate flooring are:

  • moisture;
  • waterproof.

as a basis damp-proof laminate is used particularly strong plate, and locks cover waterproof wax-impregnated, and confirms that the labeling of Aqua.When the external similarity between the moisture-proof and water-resistant laminate has a few differences.

features water-resistant laminate ↑

basis moisture resistant laminate is durable MDF with high density fiber structure.The outer polymer layer provides excellent water resistance of the material surface, but not the joints between the panels.Ranked through joints inside panel moisture causes it to swell and the wood structure, as a result, deformation of the outer layer.Moreover, even in the complete drying the initial appearance of laminate flooring is not restored.Of course, water-resistant laminate can be installed on the kitchen floor and he can long maintain an attractive appearance with careful care.To do this on a regular basis to handle special mastic seams, joints and very quickly to clean up spilled water.

Waterproof laminate, what is the difference ↑

Unlike fellow moisture resistant waterproof laminate is endowed with the best water-repellent characteristics among all the families of laminate flooring.It provides superior it is the internal structure, the foundation of which is not wood and plastic plates.It can not absorb moisture, and therefore does not swell and its structure does not deform even after prolonged contact with water.The surface of the plastic laminate is covered with a waterproof bases very strong moisture resistant adhesive which is glued decorative layer, and then the water-repellent polymer increased strength.The result is a laminate floor resistant to moisture and mechanical stress.

Features choice of laminate kitchen
Waterproof laminate has the best performance among the water-repellent laminate flooring

you are still thinking, choosing laminate for the kitchen: what is better?Of course, water-resistant, which is not only withstand frequent washing of the floor, but even a small flood, if you suddenly flood the neighbors above or leak water pipe.

Pros laminate flooring in the kitchen ↑

in favor of the laminate as a floor covering for the kitchen say its advantages:

  • respectable appearance;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • simplicity and speed of installation;
  • hygiene;
  • combination with any design system "warm floor";
  • democratic price.

Fans of natural materials and eco-design on a limited budget is selected for interior decoration laminate kitchen: he is so similar to natural wood or stone, but its affordable price makes it possible to implement any design ideas, nothing themselves without loss.

Advantages of laminate flooring in the kitchen
varied design laminate kitchen allows to realize any design ideas

Practical owners of the house above all appreciate the ease of installation material.After all, even a layman to easily and quickly do the work, following instructions from the manufacturer of masonry.

Hostess enjoy easy care laminate.It does not react to changes in temperature, it is easy to clean, it is not scratched, and, finally, it can be easily removed from the most stubborn stains from fruit and fat and oil and ending with nail polish.

Laminate is much warmer than ceramic tile, for it is pleasant and safe to walk barefoot, and this is so important, if the family has small children.In addition, the laminate is suitable as a floor finish for the system "warm floor".Floor made of natural wood such luxury is not available.Finally, whatever the natural material is not simulated laminate floor, it always looks respectable.

Disadvantages laminate kitchen ↑

When the set of indisputable advantages of the laminate, the choice of material for the floor in the kitchen, and should take into account its shortcomings, which can under certain circumstances to minimize:

  • sensitive to moisture;
  • low sound insulation;
  • content of formaldehyde resins.

most vulnerable point and the main drawback of all types of laminate other than a water-resistant, is the increased sensitivity of his joints to prolonged exposure to moisture.And if in normal use gentle care eliminates the possible problems, in case of emergency to restore the laminate floor will not succeed.We'll have it completely replaced.

Low soundproofing laminate appears too sonorous sound of steps.If he is very much at home will interfere with residents, can use home shoes with soft soles.

Laminate flooring except waterproof, like many other finishing materials to wood-based, may contain formaldehyde resins, unsafe for human health.When buying laminate should carefully examine the labeling on the package.If there is present the icon of E-1, the formaldehyde content in the material is minimal and your health is not in danger - safely buy.

Specifics ↑

laying laminate flooring in the kitchen if you want even a layman can put on their own.Buy recommended material with a small margin of about 5-10% larger kitchen area.This is particularly important if your kitchen has a complex shape.Placement of panels carried out in strict accordance with the detailed step by step instructions of the manufacturer.

There are two ways of laying laminate:

  • adhesive;
  • castle.

When the glue method of laying laminate panels are glued to the base and glue each other.This compound is more tightly, but is used less and less.

Castle installation system more modern and it offers most of the leading manufacturers of floor coverings.This method is very simple to perform, and his advantage is the possibility of the dismantling.That is, if necessary, at any time, such a laminate floor can be dismantled and refolded in any other room.

Features of laying laminate flooring in the kitchen
Laminate flooring can be installed on any basis, including wooden flooring, linoleum and carpet with a short nap

Laminate flooring can be installed on any basis, including wooden flooring, linoleum and carpet with a short nap.Of course, provided a good smooth surface and high-quality waterproofing foundations.

laminate panels can be installed along or transversely with respect to the window opening, or diagonally.Laying diagonally is most difficult to perform and if there is no confidence in their own skills, it is better to entrust the job of experienced professionals.

important secret of laying laminate: the joints of panels stacked in the direction of light are practically invisible.Combining two or more kinds of styling, you can visually expand the space of the kitchen, if necessary, change its geometry and to identify functional areas.

Features of laying laminate flooring in the kitchen
in different functional areas of the kitchen can be combined ceramic tile and laminate flooring or laminate

Besides different ways installation in different areas of the kitchen can be combined ceramic tile and laminate flooring or laminate "under the tile" in the working area and laminate "underparquet "in dining.The kitchen is too small is not recommended improvement of combined floors - they are visually reduce the room.

Care laminate in the kitchen ↑

Laminate flooring antistatic and almost not attract dust, and so the daily cleaning of the kitchen can only consist in wiping the floor well wrung cloth and only in case of heavy contamination can occasionally wash it with plenty of water and then drywipe.

Caring for laminate flooring in the kitchen
Daily cleaning of laminate flooring in the kitchen can be confined to wiping it with a cloth wrung well

to seal and maintain order in the joints between the panels of the laminate should be treated regularly their proprietary formulations based wax, developed by manufacturers.The same compounds can also mask scratches and remove stubborn stains, maintaining a presentable appearance of laminate flooring.

scratches on the floor can be avoided altogether, pasted on foot refrigerator, kitchen furniture and other heavy objects in the kitchen, felt pads.

If you do not get too save money and buy quality waterproof laminate corresponding class durability, cleanliness and freshness of the floor does not give you much trouble, and he will long to please you with its beauty.

video lesson: laying diagonally ↑

choice is made.The priority list of laminate flooring "outweighed the" short list of shortcomings.It remains only to study the technology and begin laying the responsible business.To help you the information video, demonstrating the rules of diagonal placement: