Fixtures for baths and saunas: variety, market selection and placement methods

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09 May 2016

Comfort in the bath or sauna is created by a number of important details.Soft towels, scented broom, comfortable furniture and, of course, the right lighting - these elements with overall harmony and creating ideal conditions for relaxation and renewal of body and soul.Fixtures for the bath are the kind of the final chord, the final piece, without which the situation would be complete.Even the most modern baths, built using the latest materials will not be happy and give comfort, if not explicitly consider the issue of lighting.


What should be the lighting of the bath?↑

Fixtures for baths and saunas affect not only our perception of

the situation, but also on the vision.Therefore, the choice of this component of decor is necessary to take seriously.The modern market offers a lot of options, but it does not get lost in the existing diversity and to select suitable lamps?First of all, it should be noted that the light should not be saturated and bright.The atmosphere of peace created by the soft lighting.

also fixtures for saunas should have such important properties as safety, efficiency, integrity and resistance to high temperatures.

This is important!
Protection outlets and switches bath should not be lower than the IP-44 lamps - IP-54.

Properties fixtures in the sauna ↑

Little to choose the right lighting for sauna and bath, it is important to know where to place them better.The main rule - lights should not be in the hottest zones.Certain types of lamps can be placed only in the waiting room and recreation room at a distance of 80 cm from the floor.

It is necessary to consider the layout of fixtures
necessary to consider layout of fixtures

fixtures to not strain your eyes and irritated, you should install them in the corners of the room, preferably behind a rest.So they will be neither warm nor interfere.You can attach the lamp on the walls and ceiling, but be aware that they must comply with the microclimate, has an impeccable performance moisture and heat resistance.

The most dangerous place is the ceiling, because the hot air accumulates on top, which creates prerequisites for the acquisition of high-quality lighting technology with maximum strength.

Types of lighting fixtures for baths and saunas ↑

Familiar classic fixtures ↑

most common type of lighting with conventional incandescent lamps.The enclosure must be constructed of materials resistant to corrosion and to prevent water from penetrating the ceiling, light fixtures are equipped with a special gasket seal.

Classical lightings
Classic lamp

The most common form of the classic fixtures in tight fog dairy lampshades or frosted colors.If you want to further dim the lights, use a wooden lattice - a beautiful, comfortable and stylish.

LED lighting devices ↑

For modern saunas very popular option.To steam, they are not good, because the light from them is quite bright, but other bath rooms - they are optimal.

This need to know!
lighting to get a smooth and enjoyable place LED lights should be uniform.

LED Lighting System
LED lighting system

One of the advantages of these lamps can be called high-quality lighting combined with economical consumption.LED lights will create a spectacular starry sky on the ceiling of your sauna, or various combinations of light, embodying any design fantasy.LEDs naturally look on the walls, the ceiling and even the floor.It is the best assistant for building enchanting light composition, where the game of shadows and the demi-monde, illuminated clouds of steam and water reflections base delicate balance of light.

Fiber optic lights for sauna ↑

This option is great for wet and hot sauna.They are composed of tow capable of withstanding up to 200 degrees.Fiber optic lighting can be used without fear in the wettest parts of the bath, even on the ceiling, which ensures even illumination.

This need to know!
light in fiber optic lights is transmitted through a flexible fiber bundles - stekloprovoda.The material is a light-guiding core, the core of which has a high refractive index.

Fiber optic lighting does not dazzle the eye, and then install them on wooden lattice is not required.A significant plus for the design concept.In addition, these lamps are considered to be by far the most durable, safe and easy to install.They are not afraid of the constant humidity or high temperatures.

Fiber Light
Fiber Light

looks spectacular lighting set together with special crystals and lenses - lighting is complete and enjoyable.Designers use fiberglass for the animation of the Northern Lights, water and fire, which in the course are tips and additional accessories that change color and thus creating a mesmerizing effect shine.

And you can make an interesting light for a bath with his hands using fiber harness and projector lenses, stylized style of the room.The most original, innovative solutions are created from fiber optic components hidden in the casing.

Brands lighting design ↑

decisive in choosing a good lamp will be, of course, the manufacturer.To date, it identifies several leaders whose products are managed to win the love of consumers.

Fixtures Tylo and Harvia ↑

products of these companies is considered to be the best.If you want to make lighting bath not only beautiful, but also quality, it is necessary to look at the proposed range.Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that the luminaire will be tested on all parameters perfectly.Lamps Tylo Harvia and not to be afraid of spray, high temperature and humidity.They are without fear can be placed in any corner of the saunas, steam rooms, even on the ceiling, where temperatures can reach 110 degrees.

Lamp Harvia
lamp Harvia

lamps are characterized by high integrity and are designed for long life in extreme conditions.

lamps baths Linder ↑

These luminaires conquer an affordable price, although they also have the characteristics of good.Of course, the leader in terms of sales and Tylo Harvia are somewhat inferior, but, nevertheless, the responsible thing to entrust lighting bath or sauna they can.Linder
lamps are sealed rubberized metal housing, which allows you to place them in a damp wash and other bathing areas.

Popular lamps Steinel ↑

has recently become very popular.They are equipped with motion sensors: it is enough to enter the premises, as the lights go right.This is not only very convenient, but also safe, because the need for switches that do not tolerate moisture, automatically disappears.

choosing fixtures in the bath, it is important to take into account that the equipment should ideally fit into the interior of the steam room.It is possible, by combining fiber optics, classical and LED lighting, creating an extraordinary beautiful illuminations.Delightfully looks light water in the mini-pool sauna, and if additional post poolside fiber optic lamp with the effect of the aurora borealis, that magical atmosphere assured.

Lighting - an important component of comfort
Lighting - an important component of comfort

And you can decorate the corners and wooden wall lamp shades that priglushat glare and create optimal conditions for a good rest.Thinking lighting plan, keep in mind that reliable, tasteful lamps - a pledge of comfort and serene atmosphere in the bath or sauna.

Video on the organization of lighting bath ↑

a lot of interesting ideas and ways of organizing the lighting in the baths and saunas will prompt a video: