What chainsaw to testify choose: study the professional and amateur models

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25 May 2016

on backyard or cottage can not do without improvised tools.Even for elementary harvesting logs needed an ax and saw, let alone to create hozpostroek required powerful machines, for example, a chainsaw.According to statistics, it is chosen more often than electric models, because there is no reference to a power source.But petrol units are so different in configuration and the weight that it is difficult to determine the specific model.Let us examine together, how to choose a chainsaw for their own needs.


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Where will apply chainsaw ↑

Abilities chainsaw, its power and weight designed for different scope of application of the unit.Manufacturers produce three groups of tools, each of which copes with a specific task, so to select the chainsaw must decide what it will do in your area and how often.

saws for fine works in the garden area ↑

lowest power units have the amateur class.They are designed for batch mode, which is no more than an hour a day.Most chainsaws this group have up to 2 kW of power, which affects their weight.These models are easy to raise, keep on weight.At the same time you will not feel the vibration of the tool, as it dampens the low-profile chain.

If you are the owner of the finished home or garden, and tools you need to maintain order in the area, minor repairs, you should look at it in the amateur class of chainsaws.Trim trees and prepare the wood, make the bench or sandbox - all quite capable of this machine.But your hands will not experience heavy loads, and can even operate saw an inexperienced host (or hostess!).

chainsaw for home
ease, security, and ease of use - the main "bonuses" home chainsaw

semi-professional tool: to help in the construction of houses ↑

When choosing a chainsaw to testify or homes that are at the very beginning of construction, it is better to draw the gaze to the semi-tool.They have a power higher than that of amateur units (2-3 kW), so all the construction work related to the timber, you can safely trust them.For example, the workpiece trusses, cutting boards for flooring, paneling house timbers, etc.The main thing - not "torturing" the unit all day, because at 8-10 hours of continuous operation it is not designed.

Weight semi-models - about 6 kg.

When the rough construction is finished, the saw will need to care for the garden or when landscaping.

Semi chainsaw stand construction log and thus help to cope with the cutting garden

Saws professionals: bring down the forest around the clock ↑

most powerful class of chainsaws - professional.They are designed for organizations that are engaged in felling and cutting of trees on an industrial scale.For this work you need a tool that can cut a lot of hours, and in the most difficult areas, thick and gnarled trees.Therefore, the relevant professional chainsaws power - from 3 to 6 kW.This "beast" is designed to 1.8-2 thousand. Meter, slowly and heavily worn roars.

In most cases, the choice of such a high-end chain saws for personal use is not justified.Professional models are difficult to manage.They strongly vibrate at work and weigh a lot (more than six kilograms).If the owner does not plan the construction of Block works (eg baths), and does not use stove heating, for which you want to cut firewood, you pay a high price for excessive power while also giving a strong strain on the hands hardly worth it.

selection of chainsaw
When working with a powerful chainsaw requires experience and skill, because the considerable weight of the unit in tandem with the vibration interferes with the management

optimum capacity of the unit for the holiday needs ↑

to determine how to choose a chainsaw power, calculate how thickwood you download the tool.After all, the power of influence on how quickly sawed material, would not it be difficulties when working with hard and thick wood.

For gardeners, we select the tool for cutting trees in the garden and simple work on cutting boards, enough chainsaw, the power of which up to 2 kW.On the construction of the house is well managed with roof frame and floor saws in 2-2.7 kW.Power more than this will affect the ease of operation, giving the load on the hands, but the full force of the tool you still will not use.

«Filling" chainsaw: How we saw sets ↑

Besides power on the usability of the tool affects its content, ieheadset, which includes a chain of tire, how to protect and so on. When purchasing a chainsaw, keep in mind that all the components and parts requiring replacement, you'll have to buy from the same manufacturer.Saw headset other brands simply can not come to your chainsaw.So buy a certain brand, that there was no problem finding stars, chains, etc.

How to choose a chain chainsaw: attention to step links ↑

The correct choice of circuit depends on how your saw will successfully cope with difficult trees and how long it will spend.On sale are models with three sizes of chain pitch: 0.404, 3.8, 0.325 inches.These figures - a common designation, so drinking any brand will be in the instruction of these indicators.

in increments of 3/8 inch and 0.404 produced a powerful model for professional and semi-professional class.They can withstand many hours of stress and the significant thickness of the wood.However, for cutting frozen or contaminated material, even this step is not enough.For such purposes, buy a separate chain created with carbide-tipped.

the chain, reinforced carbide-tipped
for harvesting the frozen timber need the chain, reinforced carbide-tipped

most popular sizes chain pitch from truckers - 0.325 inches.Almost all amateur models are equipped with drinking is such low-profile chains.The move is good for short-term work.In continuous and prolonged use of such chain quickly tupyatsya.

chain saws
Some owners, buying a low-profile chain with step 0,325, just take a spare to as long as one is on the sharpening, the second to carry out seasonal work

length and shape of the tire ↑

Before choosing a chainsaw to testify,pay attention to the peculiarities of its tires.It can be of different lengths.The instructions to the specific model always shows the optimal length of the bus, which can not exceed, because it will affect the engine performance.For example, the length of the bus is well cut thick wood, because deep bite, but if they Packaged with weak power saw, you will lose speed.The motor will have to expend energy on the rotation of the crankshaft, while the rate of cutting is lost, even though the fuel will burn more.So the excessive length of the bus can cause rapid wear of the mechanism.

happens that the same power units have the tires of varying lengths.For summer is preferable to take the needs of the one in which the tire is shorter.It will work faster and for the trunks of trees and garden not thick planks of its forces would be enough.

bus length chainsaw
shorter bus, the faster it is sawing wood, but the length of thick logs may not be enough

Besides length, analyze and shape of the tire.So, for amateur models are narrow flat tires, which are equipped with low-profile and profitable chains that do not give kickback.Such units are extremely safe, which is important for novice users.

second option tires - lightweight.They are so named because they weigh less than normal, and are designed to work at height.On the roof of the house more comfortable working light chainsaw.The lightweight guide bar is 2 steel plates, which are secured inside the polyamide.

third option tire has a replaceable head.This is necessary for chain saws, operating in the enhanced mode for felling, when the speed increases wear mechanisms.For domestic use this form of the tire is not needed.

Security settings and Security ↑

defense mechanism, which increases the level of security when working with a chainsaw, includes the following devices:

  • vibration protection

If no such protection, the frequent use of the tool will be ill joints of the hands.So see how the fuel tank is located in relation to the motor.Ideal, if they are at the maximum distance.Then the weight of the chain saw is more evenly distributed.The mite introduced and the rubber gasket.They are placed between the body and arms.

  • return protection

When sawing wood, it may happen that the saw will capture only the trunk end of the bus, causing the rebound happens to the one who is holding the instrument.As a result, there is a risk raspolosovat his face, shoulders and other body part, which will fall on the trajectory of the fall of the saw.To avoid this, put a chainsaw to the two types of protection: the brake and flap.

first variant is more common.It is a small lever that, when run leans closer to hand, in the case of kickback brush automatically put pressure on him.

work safety
-brake lever - an additional guarantee of safety for novice gardeners who are just beginning to develop this technique

Shields put on the end of the blade to the rebound, she was isolated.But this element you will not find in chain saws Swedish brands, because there are loggers officially end tool during felling.

figure out how to select a chainsaw for home, feel free to go to the store and explore the range of the criteria that have been analyzed above.