The paint slate: a super-resistant protective and decorative composition

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20 May 2016

Many roofs of buildings are covered by slate.At the moment of the roofing material there are many competitors, but the slate has its own niche in the construction market.New materials for the device roofs, look more attractive, primarily due to bright colors.However, this advantage can easily neutralize using paint slate roof.Thus it is possible to extend the life of the roofing material.But not every color is suitable for this procedure.So what is best to paint the slate?What paint products are designed for this purpose, and how it is applied to the surface of slate?


Reasons for painting slate ↑

Manufacturers produce asbestos cement roofing slate in the form:

  • sheeting;
  • roof panels;
  • flat slabs.

The color of slate sheets having a wavy shape, hold acrylic paints that are specially designed for the ro

ofing material.This increases the decorative qualities of the roof, as well as substantially increases its service life.Weatherproof acrylic paint forms a strong protective layer which improves the performance of the material, namely:

  • prevents sheets from destruction;
  • increases their resistance to frost;
  • reduces the degree of water absorption;
  • reduces the amount of discharge of asbestos into the environment;
  • extends the life of slate sheets 1.5-2 times;
  • prevents growth of mosses and lichens.

If for any reason a separate section of the roof is broken paint layer, the restoration work is carried out immediately, without waiting for the date of the next general repainting the roof.For Slate, being a porous material, dirty quickly under the influence of rain and becomes very unsightly.

paint and primer for Slate: Shikril ↑

Among the special paints, produced for the protection of slate, is Shikril and acrylic paint, which has at its core organic solvents.This paint finish is carried out not only asbestos-cement slate, and concrete plinths, cement-sand tiles and other external surfaces in need of alkali-resistant coloring.

with paint Shikril renew damaged areas previously painted surfaces in need of urgent repair.The basic range of colors includes:

  • white;
  • gray RAL 7040;
  • burgundy RAL 3011;
  • brown RAL 3009;
  • green RAL 6032.

possible customization different shade of paint.

Shikril - Paints for slate
Shikril - paint slate

Shikril paint can be used for staining of both old and new roofs.Paint has:

  • water repellent, or hydrophobic called;
  • high on the degree of opacity and light fastness;
  • special elasticity when exposed to low temperatures.

Application paint Shikril ↑

1. The surface of the slate roof is cleaned of dirt, dust, remnants of previously applied paint.

2. Apply a preparatory layer of the same name Shikril primer-primer, which is also designed to work on the slate.For application using a brush, roller or sprayer.Soil roof in one or two layers, with the subsequent layer is applied after drying the previous one.Usually this is enough for one and a half hours.Works carried out at zero temperature of 15 ° C and above.The surface of the roof before processing should be dry.

Important!Using primer can reduce the costs of painting slate by saving paint.

3. Mix thoroughly roofing paint, if necessary, diluted to the working viscosity of the solvent, in which you can use as butyl acetate, or mineral spirits.

How to paint the slate
Paint slate roof from top to bottom, carefully mixing the composition for dyeing

4. Shikril paint is applied in two layers using the same tools used for priming.

Important!At work you must use personal protective equipment.

Other paints for slate ↑

1. «Kilpi" - Finnish acrylic coating for roofs, which produces the well-known company Tikkurila.Apply for coloring tiles, slate roofing, tarred fiber boards and other materials.Prized for special flexibility at very low temperatures.One liter of dye solution is enough for painting no more than two square meters of surface.

Finnish paint slate
Finnish paint slate

2. «DACHBESCHICHTUNG» - German cover for the roof, which is manufactured by «DUFA».This semi-matte paint is suitable for dyeing full and partial repair of painted surfaces, roofing made of clay, concrete or slate tiles.Paint freely passes water vapor, thus protects the roofing material from the effects of rainfall.It features a high degree of adhesion.During the training base coat of paint can be preserved for many years.One liter of the dye mixture is sufficient for 7 square meters of the roof.

3. POLIFARB - AKROFARB issued a Polish manufacturer of coatings «Debiza».Paint is made based on acrylic dispersion.It is used to stain not only the roof but also the facade, trimmed glinotsementnymi plates or slate.Dries coating is three hours.Liter of paint is enough for 5-7 square meters of painted surface of the roof.

Shades Paints for slate
shades of paint for slate

4. «AKRILAKMA Slate" - Ukrainian waterborne acrylic paint, designed to work on the slate.Produced by "Lakme" in two colors: red-brown and brown.After staining obtained smooth homogeneous matte film, dries in just one hour.One liter is enough for painting the surface of 6 square meters of slate.

5. «UNISAL" - Slovak waterborne paint for roofing slate, which is produced in Russia by "Quil", located in the city of Belgorod.In the production of respected technology company «HELIOS», operating in Slovenia.

Prized for a high degree of opacity, weather and light fastness.Apply for household and industrial painting slate, and other asbestos-cement products.It can be applied manually or by machine.The color palette of paint colors are present as:

  • white;
  • Brown;
  • gray;
  • oxide red;
  • black;
  • green.

time required for drying the coating is not more than one hour.

Five square meters of only one liter of paint.

6. «Polifan" produced in Kolomna by "Polifan-A."Universal paint, which is used not only to color of slate, but also for painting concrete, plastered surfaces, brick, DSP, DSP, curbs and other materials for exterior trim.The amount of paint is one liter per square meter of the surface of the three.

Paint for roofing slate
German paint for roofing slate

Apart from the paint slate products for the market there are other brands that allows the buyer to choose the best option based on price and quality.Now there should be no question about what to paint flat slate or wavy, because the basis of one and the same asbestos-cement base.Now you know that you can make a stylish and old roof slate.The entire look of the house will change for the better.

video demonstration of the properties of paints for slate ↑