Pavilions of polycarbonate with their hands - adorn suburban area

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24 May 2016

Pavilions considered to be one of the most popular types of garden buildings.After all, these elements of landscape design combines two qualities: beauty and functionality.To decorate the area, you can buy ready-made design or else make an original design element independently.The best option of building a durable, strong and also visually weightless architectural structure, which will become a favorite place for hanging out all family members, is the construction of the arbor made of polycarbonate with their hands.


Video: the story of the construction of the arbor with their hands ↑

undeniable merits↑

material basis for the production of gazebos can serve a variety of materials: wood, metal, brick ... Yet everything for comfortable openwork houses in the garden, the most popular polycarbonate.

a gazebo made of polycarbonate
Pavilions, decorated these translucent panels of different shades, can blend in with the design of the site and transform the look of any patio

Polycarbonate has several properties that make successfully stands out from other building materials:

  • extraordinary ease.Polycarbonate 6 times lighter than an acrylic resin and 16 times lighter than glass.Under the arrangement lightweight translucent canopies do not need to build expensive heavy support with high load capacity.
  • high degree of impact resistance.Polycarbonate panels 8 times stronger than acrylic sheets, and almost 200 times stronger than glass.The special structure of the material prevents the formation of holes and chipping upon impact.
  • outstanding performance.Polycarbonate is ideal for not only the arrangement of the roof garden pavilions, but also any light crossing structures, because it can be up to 85% opacity, providing excellent light transmission.He is able to easily withstand wind and snow loads.Polycarbonate has excellent noise and thermal insulation characteristics.In a roofing material is not affected even temperature fluctuations between -40 and +120 degrees.
  • Ease of handling and installation.Polycarbonate panels can be bent, giving the desired angle of inclination, they quite simply cut and drill.
gazebo on the site
Due to the wide range of shades of roofing gazebos made of polycarbonate can be an ideal complement to the design of recreation areas on the site

stages of the construction of the gazebo polycarbonate ↑

  • Construction of the base under construction

Since the gazebo is an open construction,dispose to pleasant communication and tranquility, a place for its arrangement chosen not far from the house, at the corner of shaded garden or in the open air in the garden.

gazebo Waterfront
very well is placing an open construction not far from the water: pleasantly cool and fresh air on a hot afternoon make your vacation more comfortable

Depending on the size and design solution arbor mounted directly on the ground or as equip them for the construction of the basis.

arrangement for capital structures for the collection of the set table is friendly and noisy companies, it is necessary to lay the foundation.

decide where the placement of the building structure should mark territory, to align the pad, and then outline the space under the tab supporting pillars frame.On the marked locations using a brace dig pits depth of 50-70 cm. The diameter of the holes should be 2 times larger than the size of the bearings themselves.

foundations for gazebos
pillars set into the pits, voids between the outer walls of the pipe and the ground to sleep screenings and cement

Simultaneously with the installation of the pillars can be made and fills the site itself.

  • carcass gazebo

as core elements of lightweight arbors better use of metal profiles or wooden bars.Wanting to create a durable design that can withstand changes in temperature and adverse climatic conditions, as support is better to use metal poles.

the construction of the frame of wooden poles
simpler and cheaper version of the arrangement of the construction - the construction of the frame of wooden poles

Regardless of material manufacturing technology carcass is fairly simple, it is based on the principle of collecting details of the designer.The elements are held together by a metal frame welded joint, combined fixation with screws and nuts, and wood - screws and nails.

  • Installation of polycarbonate roof

One of the advantages of polycarbonate is its versatility.He can act not only as a roofing material in the regeneration of the roof, but to serve as a wall covering.Because polycarbonate panels, you can even use a knife to cut a variety of curly elements.Extremely impressive look arbor with translucent windows, decorated with sculpted holes.

how to cut polycarbonate
defined the shape and size of the panels and transferring to them the outlines of light-transmitting elements of design with a hacksaw or jigsaw cut them along the contour

advance should identify the site of attachment of panels to the frame and drill holes in the marked locations.

By supporting pillars polycarbonate panels fastened by means of screws or the use for this special thermowashers.The main thing - to equip the roof at an angle to ensure water runoff.For the isolation of connections of panels and corner joints using patterned attachment cuff sealants based on silicone.

  • Construction interior and decorating the gazebo

for comfort gazebo equipped with comfortable seats with backs and tables.It all depends on the wishes of the owners: some prefer to use portable pieces of furniture, which at any moment can be taken to an open area, while others opt for fixed stationary elements.

To make the special appeal of its gazebo exterior walls can be decorated with vines.

gazebo on the site
Wonderful clematis, roses and wisteria vines, Entangling design, give the gazebo elegance and mystery

care structure is only in a timely cleaned surfaces with a soap solution and wiped with a damp cloth.