How to build a brick barbecue with his own hands: instruction for beginners master

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24 May 2016

who never in all spring and summer not to eat a delicious barbecue or baked on the fire vegetables, he spent most colorful time of the year for nothing.But the preparation of these dishes outdoors can bring only a pleasure, in the case if it has the appropriate conditions.Having built brick BBQ with your hands, you elevate your yard or a suburban area, not only in the decorative, but also in functional terms.


Video story about the construction of the barbecue frombrick ↑

first stage - development ↑

select the desired design of the device it is up to you.After all, it is defined by what area you can allocate to the construction of a brick brazier, which supplements would be there to see and (where do without it) your budget.Perfect no universal solution.You can see a million different photos made with their own hands barbecues,

but did not find one like it.Therefore, pay attention to certain vending points, and then easily connect them together and fit their requirements.

Basically devices differ on such indicators.

  1. Brazier roof can be opened or closed.The latter is more like a fireplace, convenient because even if the weather is bad and it starts to rain, coals are extinguished.In addition, such a construction is often equipped with a flue gas.Man running beside her, will not interfere with waving smoke and flying sparks from a gust of wind.
  2. PristroykiNeposredstvenno near the site of the cooking can be arranged, and a platform for its preparation: the countertop and sink.When mounting the latter, you must be prepared for the annual operations to prepare for winter.Prior to the cold will need to completely remove the water from the outlet and inlet.Otherwise, you will see a spring cracked and leaking pipes.

Now you need to make your own hands drawings barbecue.All elements must necessarily be drawn to scale.Try to adjust the size of all the elements so that the need for cutting bricks is minimized (if you do not have your own stone cutting machine).

build barbecue
as compact and economical version, build a simple BBQ.It can be used as a grill, you only need to set in place the skewers over the hole lattice

Step Two - preparatory work ↑

before a BBQ should prepare a site for its construction, and to acquire the necessary materials for the job.Calculate the amount of each construction material must be individually, but their list of standard:

  1. brick facing;
  2. refractory bricks (the best - fireclay);
  3. cement;
  4. sand;
  5. clay;
  6. metal corners;
  7. reinforcing bars.
  8. boards (formwork).

in a selected area sees a shallow pit.For this construction will be enough, and 40 cm. At the bottom of the flooring is made of gravel and crushed stone.Stone blend well moistened and carefully tamped.Next on the perimeter of the pit set of shuttering boards.After that, the first portion is poured concrete, which will hide a gravel.On the surface has not yet solidified concrete reinforcement is placed.The bars are placed horizontally at first, and then - vertical, as a result we get the grid.Poured over it the second part of the concrete.In the manufacturing process it is best to use the last cement brand M350 or M400.During leveling the surface is required to use the building level.

the construction of the barbecue
In this photo the model, the construction of which we will describe.Covering her arched (beginners builders are too complicated), it has thicker walls.It is better to make them thin, at the expense of the inner space of niches will be more

allowed to dry covered with a film of the foundation about two weeks (depending on weather and temperature), and at this time preparing for the next stage, and carefully studying how to make BBQ yourhands.

third stage - the construction design ↑

Consider the process of building their own hands brick barbecue of average complexity.It will be covered with a variation of the chimney with two lateral extensions - tops.The process itself is divided into three main parts.The first part is the construction of the lower support legs, the second - in the computation surface countertops and braziers, the third - in the construction of the wall and the brazier chimney.

  • constructs buckstays

thickness of the support legs is one brick.For the same smooth and masonry joints using a metal rod of square cross section, the thickness of which is not more than 5 mm.He will play the role of a limiter, which does not give too much or not enough bricks bowed.Four parallel walls arranged niches and must have a rear wall.That it will have to focus on the weight of the chimney erected.

  • Mount countertops and brazier

When the walls are lined, proceed to mount tops.Cut the required length of metal corners.Their number depends on the width of the tabletop.In each row of brick requires two brackets.To support surfaces laid facing bricks (mixture of regular sand and cement) to the bottom of the fryer - fireclay (prepared from a mixture of clay, water and a very small amount of cement).

fire safety
Raising BBQ, should first take care of the fire.Do not place it near the buildings (house, garage, patio), and a number of dry trees, shrubs and other plants

rear and side walls of the inner compartment laid Zharov as refractory bricks.Outside made of masonry cladding options.Inside Zharov department on its bottom made two rows of masonry height of one and a half or two bricks.The first row at the inlet, a second - right up to the back wall.These two projections form pan of burning wood and coal leveling.On board will be installed skewers (make sure the distance between them to skewer can be stable place).

  • Building chimney

Next, go to the construction of the chimney.Please do dome intake smoke.Its height is 7 rows of masonry.Each subsequent row is placed with a shift of 4 cm inside.The first three lines must be trimmed inside fireclay brick.After the calculations of the dome are building a pipe to drain the smoke.Its height should be at least 1 meter, it will provide good traction.On top of the outlet pipe is installed a small protective canopy, or in the rain roasting pan is filled with water.

Important!Some craftsmen to the question of how to make BBQ bricks are advised to purchase more fuel-efficient materials - hollow brick, for example.In fact, he does not fit on all elements of the design.They can lay out the support legs and support countertop, but Zharov lined compartment must be made only by means of solid bricks.From high temperature hollow brick can begin to crack.

As you can see with their own hands to build a barbecue for the garden or in the yard of their home is not so difficult.But if you have a lack of experience, it is better not to complicate the construction of additional elements (oven compartment for collecting ash, barbecue, etc.) and pay attention to the initial stage - the creation of the drawing.During work do not rush all at once bind the solution, do preliminary calculations dry.