How to make a carport with their hands - options canopies made of polycarbonate

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23 May 2016

often the simple things are the most practical.As an example we can take carport polycarbonate.It is a "golden" middle ground between the garage and outdoor parking.In the first case it is necessary to invest a lot of money, time and effort.Second suited as recreational machines for several hours.In contrast, the canopy can be erected in a matter of hours, and make it capable of even a person not versed in the construction business.


Video tips on making a canopy of polycarbonate ↑

If you already have a major garage, the carport in the country will be absolutely nosuperfluous.For example, if you are stopped for lunch, and the rain on the street, you do not have to waste time and put the car in the garage.And if you are invited to visit friends, it

will be obvious manifestation of your concern about themselves and their property.

Features of shelter ↑

Small architectural forms of this type can be positioned independently of the other buildings, or be in or adjacent to their wall.

  • If you are going to build a free-standing structure, which relies on multiple columns, you should consider the following: between them taken to comply with a distance of 1-1.5 meters.Depending on how long carport made of wood or other material you want to do, their number will range from 4 to 8 units.
canopy polycarbonate
can build a carport for several cars
  • In the case where you want the canopy was attached to the house, it must on the one hand, fasten the wall.On the other hand, he will be held on the supports.Because they have to reliably support the roof, they should be well fastened.For this purpose, use a ready-made base or foundation support concreted into the ground.The frame and roof support columns mostly made from metal profiles or wooden beams.If you arrange a decorative carport with their hands, the material for the supports can serve as brick, concrete or stone.
  • frame structure is built of metal or wood.It can have different shapes: flat, arched, spherical, arched, etc.Coverings awning made from materials such as wooden boards, polycarbonate, acrylic glass, slate, decking, etc.

Calculation of canopy ↑

for small cars (1,6h4,2 m) need not smaller playground 2,3h5m.But if you plan to put here a large SUV, such a parking area is too small.Therefore, to make it universal, increase its parameters to 3,6h6,6 m.

Thinking of how to build a carport, you must know how to calculate its optimum height.It is determined on the basis that the shelter could call in "auto", which has a roof rack with things located there.In this regard, it is important not to overdo it, as too high a canopy (2.2 - 2.5 m) may fall precipitation in the form of snow and driving rain.

The size and height of the shelter
size and height of the shelter are calculated depending on the size "cars»

stages of the construction design ↑

Regardless of the construction material comprises the following main stages.

  1. First make the foundation.This can serve as a ready-made foundation blocks.The support legs are secured in the corners or using brackets.It can be set in concrete stands on the spot by digging a pit for them.If you plan to make a carport with their hands full with a concreted area, the racks are fixed in it during the build rabot.Srazu frame after fixing racks can be when used for this purpose finished blocks.In other cases it is required to wait about a week before the concrete hardens.
  2. frame made of wood or metal profile.This material should generally have a thickness smaller than that provided for the supports.The fact that the roof load is significantly smaller than the rack, so there is no reason to use a more expensive material.

By building carport from wood or metal frame, first at the device produce binding counters cross beams that connect them over.Then make the rafters and lath, which is attached roofing material.

Shelter for cars of different materials ↑

Carport Polycarbonate ↑

cellular and solid polycarbonate is a popular material for roofing.Why is that?

  • It is durable and environmentally friendly,
  • has a long life (about 30 years),
  • easy to assemble,
  • has a relatively small cost.

uniqueness of this material is as follows - it is able to absorb ultraviolet rays and at the same time to transmit light.In practice, this means that although the machine will be in a solar space, it does not suffer from overheating.

color polycarbonate
polycarbonate cover can choose the desired color

Additionally, you can choose the color you polycarbonate and thereby adjust the light intensity.For example, dark green material transmits less light than clear.If you see the different carports, which posted photos on the Internet, you can see what a wide palette of colors is the modern material.The special polycarbonate allows flexibility give it almost any shape.Therefore, the construction with its use easy to fit into the most bizarre design of the site.

Wooden carport ↑

The country estate can often be found to protect the design of the car, which is made entirely of wood.Its frame is made of wooden beams, and the top is sewn planks.In general, such a construction looks like a single unit.Material for it can get easily.It is an environmentally friendly and safe for humans.This lovely hideaway win-win in harmony with nature.

Wooden canopy
Wooden shed - a classic, time-tested

carport of corrugated sheeting ↑

has long established itself as a reliable material for coating devices.It belongs to a budget option, and do not require special care during the operation.Due to the polymer coating of a different color, such awnings fit perfectly into the overall ensemble of land development.

arranging a protective cover for your car, it is important to maintain its unity with the overall style of the house and other buildings.For the rest, you have unlimited choice.Using it to the full.Good luck!