Making the bridge to give hands - 5 ideas for creative

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23 May 2016

to enjoy the comfort and peace in their own country, will first have to make a great effort to ennoble the territory.To do this you need to work with the landscape, which can be decorated with different techniques, even on a very limited area.For example, a small pond or a modest trickle will entertain the eye.And creating a pond, many are willing to go further and reflect on how to make a bridge on the pond.Together, let us deal with this issue.


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To make such a design, you first need to find out what materials are needed for it.Incidentally, the bridges can be made very diverse.Of course, and asks to design suburban area of ​​natural materials - wood and stone.They are well fit into any landscape and will look most natural.

But this does not mean t

hat the stone and wood as materials for the bridge have to limit your imagination.It is safe to use and metal, and glass.Even a material such as concrete, can be the basis for a sophisticated design if the developer will come to a creative project.

In choosing the material for the manufacture of the bridge should be remembered not only about how he can play in the right hands.It is worth thinking about the issues of practicality.For example, the tree will have to handle special materials, to withstand many years of changes in temperature, precipitation - nature's whims.

Stone products are considered to be very robust and reliable, however, it is recognized that their production requires special skills, and the use of special equipment.You can instead choose a natural material of its synthetic analogue: it is easier to install.

bridge across the pond
bridge near her house then it will look beautiful when the project will work on it for a long time and thoroughly.For example, you can include a sketch plan of your garden to imagine how the structure will look really

Metal is considered a very durable material.But it is worth remembering that it is prone to stress corrosion.That is why the metallic bridge needs treatment safeners.Then it will please their durability.

options form a bridge for the pond ↑

Before making a bridge with their hands, have to smash his head still on the question, what kind of shape to give it.After all, imagination can be virtually unlimited.But before choosing a particular design, it is necessary to assess their own strength: if you can implement a complex project.

For example, in its bridge configuration can be very simple - straight.With such a goal certainly cope and novice in the field of construction.

If you want to learn the traditions of the East, it is possible to build a structure in the form of a zigzag.She was considered a reliable protection against evil spirits who wandered on them and they could not do much harm to the owners.

elegant and look very elegant arched structure.If you come to their construction with the ability, you can create an air design that will not leave anyone indifferent.

If your site quite modest body of water, or dry stream, it is easier to make a step bridge that decorate the landscape.Particularly interesting it seems the kids who like to jump on this structure.Naturally, the distance between the individual areas must be such that a person can easily move from one to another.

how to build a bridge
Stepper Drive looks interesting if it is made of stone slabs or wood.

Beautiful and unusual look staggered bridges.In fact, they look like something between a bridge and a ladder.This option can be beat, and in the form of a viewing platform if clever design so that the bridge offers spectacular views of nature.But this solution approach, rather impressive size for a garden than a modest garden.

Finally, remember about a structure such as a suspension bridge.Of course, the idea may seem very tempting to build it on the site.But be sure to warn that the work on such a project is complex and not all of the forces, as necessary to resort to complicated calculations.It must be remembered that a suspension bridge has to be completely safe for humans.

bridge where he settled in the area ↑

If you decide to make bridges in the country with their own hands, for sure already know where it will be a pond or stream.We hasten to please those who have not had time to build on the site a single body of water: the bridge becomes an ornament any landscape.Therefore, it is possible to build, even if the country no stream or pond, or even a fountain.

Let's start with the traditional rules of placing bridges over ponds.They are placed in the most narrow point of the water body.So you can kill two birds at once, or rather, three.First, you will need a much smaller design, and begin the builder will be able to ensure its reliability.Second, the small versions look much neater.Third, you'll save material.

Stone Bridge
Each bridge must not only be made of durable material, but also secure.To do this, often poured concrete foundation if we are talking about imposing high banks of ponds or

Where is appropriate to be a bridge, if your cottage is not water bodies?For example, you can build over a natural ravine or ditch.Another solution - the construction design of a flower bed near or showy flower beds.Finally, nothing prevents pooriginalnichat and build bridges just above the suburban tracks.Naturally, it is worth to consider all so that the design fits naturally into the landscape and was safe - tripping over a small bridge to anyone uncomfortable, despite its cute.

simplest embodiment of ↑

decided to make a decorative bridge in the country with their own hands?Let's speak about the simplest option - a wooden structure without any frills, which is on the shoulder, even the most inexperienced people.For

need two strong and solid beams, which will serve from one bank to another, as well as cross boards and nails to fix them.Tools also need as a minimum - a chisel, jig saw, hammer and tape measure.

boards to the joists must be fixed, leaving a small gap between them - about 1-2 centimeters.Thanks to this bridge will not collect any dirt or moisture.All materials before installing them to be treated with antiseptics and fire impregnation.

detailed drawing
to over design was easier to work with, it is necessary to make a detailed drawing with the sizes that are needed for your site

course, someone thinks a similar design really quite unpretentious.But the open secret of how to give it elegance: the railing of the bridge to make unusual.Either create around a landscape that will help you beat the simplicity of deliberate creation.If you are good enough at his suburban areas with the soul, surely the result would be a remarkable and will please both you and your loved ones!