How to build a house for proteins with their own hands

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23 May 2016

Good summer to live in the country!Warm, beautiful, birds sing, build their nests ... It's great to make children birdhouses and then look like in your houses live birds!

And about houses for whites heard?If next to your plot is a small little forest, then it is likely that a visit to you to look these adorable furry animals.


Make home for proteins with their hands, and forest visitors happy to settle there.Imagine how much joy you bring children watching them!

Note: belchatnik, of course, you can buy a ready - for example, from plastic.But the little animals will be much more comfortable in a small house made of natural materials.

House for proteins - from idea to realization ↑

To begin, it is impo

rtant to decide on a few general rules.

  • structure is made from natural wood.
  • Do not use paints, varnishes and other chemical substances in processing, because their smell scare away animals.
  • to quickly get used to the house of a protein, can be placed next to a simple feeder (in the form of a table or a plywood board).
  • The optimal size of the construction height 50-55 cm, width 40 cm, depth - about 45 cm. The hole for climbing is better to have at the top of the house and make it a circular (diameter about 7 cm).
  • belchatnika installation height should be at least five meters.
  • Belichye housing should be focused strictly on the location of the hollow eastern side (but if this place is constantly blowing wind, then is the entrance to the south).
  • preferred animals for themselves to build a two-story house them, to place there several squirrels.
little imagination, and squirrels with your help heal in a nice "chalet" with veranda

Important note: winter in one belchatnike can live more protein, but with the arrival of spring each require a separate housing, because., will be born kids, and living space should be increased.

small tweaks ↑

  • can use everything: all the old boards, from packing crates, croaker - if only it was a natural tree.
  • All material for the production must always be dry.
  • optimum thickness of 2-2.5 cm of the board. In this case, the house will last a long time.
  • For interior walls belchatnika Planed not necessary.
  • width of the sidebar to do 30 cm, front and back - 25 cm. All the other options we have pointed out above.This is done for the convenience of squirrels, because, in too large dwellings they will not live.
  • bottom belchatnika better not to beat the outside and put inside - so it will not fall and will serve long.
how to build belchatnik
easiest belchatnik of boards might like little animals more than pretentious purchased house

Belchatnik can be done in two ways:

  • put together from boards, like the birdhouse;
  • hollow of whole logs.

How to build a house for the proteins of the boards ↑

In fact, this occupation will be simple and fun, especially if the master house with the children.

should buy three meters edged boards (parameters: width 30 cm, thickness 18 mm.)

also needed for:

  • square to draw lines;
  • simple pencil;
  • hacksaw for cutting boards;
  • drill;
  • drill diameter of 30 mm;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws (30-35 mm);
  • waterproof glue of good quality.
squirrel cottage
this chic cottage flaunts squirrel in one of the suburban parks

first stage - preparing all the details:

  1. Measure out along the boards and cut 55 cm - get a back wall of the house;
  2. this wall measured out the top and bottom 5 cm and draws line - get loose parts, with the participation of belchatnik which will be attached to the tree;
  3. take basic long board, cut off two equal parts the size of 45h25 cm and get two side walls;
  4. Now cut out the inner partition size 25h20 cm;
  5. remaining two small plates are porches in the house.

second stage - open wide the doors:

  • on the front and rear of the jigsaw Scrollsaw round holes (remember that they need to be positioned closer to the top - so Squirrels will be familiar and comfortable);
  • sure these openings must be properly sanded, otherwise, animals can be injured by the roughest wall.Sand can be sandpaper.

third stage - gathering all the design:

  • carefully check and adjust all the details of the house - everything should be well suited to each other;
  • carefully glue wall belchatnika - in this case, the appearance will be better and the life of the house much longer;
  • house finally fastening screws.Nails are best not used, because they can hurt squirrels.

Squirrel apartments from whole logs ↑

Log cabins closest to the natural environment, and, of course, tailed guests with great pleasure to be there live.In such houses thick walls, Squirrels, and there will be very warm and cozy.

from old logs
original belchatnik made of old logs, looks great on a pine

Besides such belchatniki very harmoniously fit into any garden surroundings.Well, if you log house, then putting a similar design next to you will always enjoy the pleasing eye a harmonious picture, made in a single style decision.

Note: proteins do not live on all the trees!

Charts squirrel preferences:

  • 1st place - conifers;
  • 2nd place - Oak;
  • 3rd place - birch;
  • 4th place - aspen.

And, as a born leader protein-climbers do not favor the third and fourth place, therefore, aspen or birch lodge house in case of emergency.But in the hollow of a poplar these little animals will not live at all!

Master belchatnik of logs ↑

  1. Take a piece of log and saw off the tip of it (4-5 cm thick) - this will be the roof of the house later;
  2. now cut off a piece of timber measuring about 40 cm - this will be the house itself;
  3. After that, you need to do inside the cavity (hollow inside).The main thing - do not forget about the thickness of the walls and bottoms!It should be 3-5 cm;
  4. Side Scrollsaw hole - a round hole of small diameter, 6.7 cm;
  5. now put our top cover and attach it with screws;
  6. To complete the picture can make the finishing touch - impaled in front of the hole strong thick branch.It will turn a wonderful porch!

Care squirrel house ↑

As for any housing for belchatnikom to care.Fortunately, this care can be easy!

care belchatnikom
sidewall belchatnika can make an opening - it will greatly facilitate the cleaning.

Suffice it in late summer wear rubber gloves and shake the house of all its contents.Then, wipe the inside with a damp cloth and put fresh litter (dead leaves, soft paper, dried moss).

Video: The story of the spacious belchatnike hosted directly in the huge tree ↑

Everything!Charming cottage squirrel is ready!You were lovely neighbors: they have benefited you, and they will bring you great joy.Good Neighborhood and long!