Tips handler how to build an aviary for the dog with his hands

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22 May 2016

Build a cage for the dog with his hands can any dog ​​owner with a basic construction skills.But even if you are a beginner - it does not matter.In this review, we will give you some useful tips that will help to build without problems convenient enclosure for the dogs - with photos and video to boot.Want to know more?Read on.


Video story about the device economical option enclosure for dogs ↑

How to build an enclosure for dogs ↑

Home aviary - a thing, of courseusable.He just needed in cases where:

  • dog uncomfortable to keep in the house because of its large size, or the specifics of the breed;
  • free range pet on the site is undesirable;
  • your guard dog needs protection from adverse weather conditions, and in a box close to her.

On this basis, the next question is how to make an aviary for the dog as comfortable as possible?The answer is simple.Before tinkering aviary for the dog with your hands, you should consider the following key points.

enclosures for dogs
perfect dog house

Size ↑

important factor, which is calculated individually to each dog.

maximum limits, as you know, there is not - it all depends on your ability and imagination.But on the minimum size of the existing strict standards:

  • dog height at the withers 45-50 cm area of ​​the enclosure shall not be less than 6 square meters.meters;
  • if the dog has a height of 50-60 cm, it must get at the disposal of at least 8 square meters.meters;
  • your pet - 65 cm, while he and more than 10 square meters.meters is required to provide.

Material floor ↑

There is something to think about!The fact is that many people forget a simple but obvious truth: even the most educated rasprekrasno dog regularly "go to the toilet."Accordingly, you can decide where it is going to do, and what we will do to you.

enclosures with fully wooden floor - not the best solution.Hygiene should be regularly sprinkled with fresh sand or hay.Note that for ease of cleaning the floor should have a slight slant - front or side.

Ideally, the aviary should be the following areas:

  • platform (eg, wood) + sun canopy over part of the platform;
  • place for food laid out, for example, tiles;
  • paddock (ground or grass for the administration of natural needs).
good aviary
Here's how to build!

Walls ↑

Dogs - animals curious.So do not deprive them of the opportunity to see everything that is happening around the private "residence."Do not get carried away with blank walls.In good aviary at least two walls are replaced with solid metal grid or mesh.A draft of the smartest dog hide in the booth.

wall grilles can be done:

  • wrought;
  • welded (of fixtures);
  • of mesh-netting.

Warning: mesh-netting is different!If it is - a simple mesh, there is a risk that the dog rests on the interlocking claws, teeth and injured.

material for the enclosure
-welded mesh netting in

blank walls should be made of breathable natural materials: wood, brick, etc.

door ↑

have to stand in front of the wall lattice and open strictly inside!Mandatory and locking the outer and inner side.Additional bolt does not hurt.

roof ↑

Here the most important is the reliability of truss system.Cover the roof of a soft material is better, because it is the sound of rain, for example, can disturb the dog.Again, for safety reasons the roof is not nailed to the animal does not get hurt.Use clamps, screws, etc.

Booth ↑

must necessarily be!It's - direct shelter dog from the weather troubles, the scorching sun, and, generally, a private space to which no one encroaches.By the way, if you decide not to bother with building and probresti ready enclosure for dogs collapsible design, keep in mind that they are usually sold with the booths.If you are trying to sell to a separate booth, it means honesty - it is not the strength of character to stand before you a trader.

Important: deviation from the above rules may be fraught with very nuisance.Your dog can become sick from too cold floor or scare visitors from loose-fitting valves.Therefore, regardless of whether you are building an aviary themselves or order ready - be attentive to the fact that it was comfortable for the dog and the most reliable.

How to choose the right place for the aviary ↑

Very important is the location of the enclosure in the territory of the site.Below we give unwanted placement options and their consequences.

  • far from the front door - the dog is nervous and worried.
  • close to the fence - passers-by will distract the dog, and it can easily jump to the outside (for example, winter climbing on nametёnnomu snowdrift).
  • Close to sources of noise - the animal will feel bad.
  • Close to the compost pits and other sources "smell" - a dog may lose the sense of smell - fully or partially.
  • in the lowlands - the aviary will pour rain.And still the top dogs like to review, therefore, provide it to them, putting the design on a small hill.
  • The entrance on the south side - the dog will be hot in the summer.South side is allowed in places with cold climates.In any case, the next should be, for example, a tree giving shade to your four-legged friend could take refuge in her heat.
  • The entrance on the north side - if your area are frequent snowfalls, the entry will continue to sweep.A clean something you have to!
outdoor enclosure
good here!(There is no canopy, but it replaces the shadow of the house)

Field Notes.The temporary enclosure for the dogs with his own hands - can be seen in the photo is remarkable - you can do in a few hours.The fixed enclosure is made in a few days.But if you treat the case with the soul - your best friend will always be in excellent shape.British vets have proved - dogs captive content three times less likely to suffer from their residential counterparts.

Pet cages for small dogs or puppies ↑

Home (apartment) cages - a topic that requires a separate discussion.Today, opinions are divided - these cages for small dogs have armies of supporters and opponents.But one thing they agree.During weaning puppies minivoler - a piece is almost irreplaceable.

Note: a sober assessment of the area of ​​the apartment.If you have a one-room "Hruschev time period," it will be necessary to choose between cages for dogs or their favorite sofa.

indoor aviary
My personal area!

If aviary settling for keeping mom-dog with puppies, then we strongly advise:

  • increase its area by half compared with the standard "store" samples;
  • shield in the enclosure separate corner for a happy mother;
  • constantly monitor the cleanliness of the floor.

If you need a room aviary for raising a puppy, then there must be:

  • dog toys;
  • bed;
  • lotochek toilet.

important: it must be remembered that the enclosure for puppies - this is not the area for punishment!The kid should be happy to know their place and go there at the first request of owners.

aviary for puppies
Younger, yes udalenky

Here, perhaps, that's all for today.Now that you know the basic parameters of the enclosures, the requirements for their installation and operation, you will be able to decide which house your pet needs, and who will be engaged in their manufacture.I sincerely hope that this article has helped you solve the questions, and your four-legged friend to acquire new spacious home!