Examples of drawing a summer kitchen with a veranda in the country

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22 May 2016

general picture of a country or a private house rarely looks harmoniously and holistically without such a logical complement, as a summer kitchen with veranda.This structure can be made of stone or brick monumental, complemented by wooden or wrought-iron grilles, reeds, floral compositions, ethnic elements.


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Making a summer kitchen with veranda ↑

consider options for design, distribution of accents in the summer kitchen with adjoining veranda.The path leading to the kitchen, as does the floor veranda, can be laid out with sandstone, decorative tiles, wood flooring, small pebbles or other convenient materials.As for the interior decoration of dishes, the cladding of cutting tables, stoves, washing podstolya can be used clinker, for

the tables - granite.

summer cuisine
oven in the kitchen should not only be part of the decor, but also to fulfill their direct function

A special element of the whole complex adjacent to the house is an oven or grill.Garden oven on the veranda can combine oven, smokehouse and barbecue.As a rule, it consists of a special red bricks that can withstand high temperatures.If desired, the furnace is installed in a spit or grill for grilling.Under the veranda it can be equipped by a spacious roomy basement, which will be a place to store food, preservation, containers of wine.Artfully hidden from the eyes of the cellar will make the project a multi-functional and unique.

building material
on climate depends on the material of walls and partitions

canopy over the veranda can be made of different materials: polycarbonate, wood, awning fabric, glass.Any roof will fully enjoy the rest, fresh air and reliably protect from the rain and bad weather.As a rule, the owners of country houses tend to build over the summer kitchen and the roof terraces of the same design as on the house itself, so use the same roof for roofing material.

glazed veranda
glazed veranda prevents possible damage from weather

How to combine comfort and functionality ↑

Often, a summer kitchen with veranda maximum settling for relaxation, comfort and pleasure.Therefore, not only it is equipped with multi-function ovens, fireplaces and extractor fan, plumbing.

view from the veranda
With verandas offering breathtaking views

furniture such buildings can be completely different: as a standard, made by widely used criteria for furniture stores, and the author made at the sole discretion of a professional designer or the owner.In addition, elements of interior suburban summer kitchen can be made, and himself.Typically, the basic material in this case is a tree, or any other natural material.Tables and chairs can be deliberately rude and even overly large, reminiscent of the Middle Ages.Sometimes it even ordinary hemp or simply pretreated recumbent logs, subordination to a single style.

wood or stone - it is better to ↑

Kitchen chairs and a table can be made in the form of beer wooden barrels.As an alternative: the table - large barrel and chairs - inverted vertically barrels.If you have the time and the ability or the means and desire, the whole kitchen furniture can be decorated with carvings.Technique and variations are usually completely different: the traditional, specially styled and absolutely unique.Simplicity and brevity of such furniture as possible are able to reconcile with nature, to set up the tranquil pastime and recreation.A particular embedded in the interior can be woven furniture.It is combined with other materials, such as stone, glass or wood, can harmoniously complement the internal decoration of the room.Willow, rattan, bamboo and vine subject to any form, and hence the variation in obtaining the final result can be myriad.The lightness and strength of the material allow to speak about the ease of use of such furniture, its reliability and durability.For a summer kitchen with a terrace or a covered veranda - is the perfect solution.

Wicker furniture
Wicker can be not only furniture but also the wall

lovers, and natural stone and can also make a reality of their wildest fantasies and desires.Stones can be decorated not only the walls of the summer kitchen, stove and the floor, made of this material can be produced as a table and chairs.Variations are not many, but a creative approach in creating a unique author's style can not bring positive results.

Choice lighting ↑

overall style and design of interior decoration plan a summer kitchen influences the choice of lighting.Today's manufacturers offer a wide enough selection of lighting fixtures, lamps and other products.Therefore, each customer will find exactly those devices that not only provide reliable and high-quality lighting space, but also to complement the interior elements.A total concept of building a country house look good hanging lanterns, lights mounted on the fence porch, built in the floor placed along the path leading to the summer kitchen or the house itself.A special atmosphere can create spotlights and LED lamps to help arrange the necessary emphasis on various objects complex (ceiling, oven, hob, sitting area, dining area, steps, porch posts, fences).

interior decorations ↑

In decorating the room can be used different sizes of bright pillows, rugs, runners, napkins.Depending on the style design summer kitchen, a special cover or deck can be covered and chairs, reclining chairs.Tables and tables perfectly complement the composition of fresh flowers or decorative wicker baskets with fresh fruit or berries, the original candle, dried flowers, candles.If you wish to design a summer kitchen and the adjacent veranda, the terrace can be used vases, thread large beads, statues or figurines of various garden in the form of snails, gnomes, cute hedgehogs, mini-mills, mushrooms.

building in the style of the country
possible to issue country-style structure

And, of course, do not forget about the flowers, placed in decorated pots, special pots placed on windowsills and in the corners of the kitchen, on the steps of the veranda and terrace area.They can be hung from the joists and window openings - it is a matter of taste themselves owners.Implementation of design in the design of a summer kitchen with a veranda can take a lot of time, but the result will please the eye, is located to the proper rest, relaxation and excellent pastime.