How to make a reliable and convenient birdhouse for birds

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22 May 2016

Beginning of April - the perfect time to prepare a shelter for migratory birds.Let's understand how to make a birdhouse his own hands.To do this, we take a look at the intricacies of manufacturing techniques and the correct placement of objects in the gardening area.


Types of houses for birds ↑

Before manufacturer birdhouse necessary to determine its size.They depend on what kind of bird will live in it:

  1. Standard house for starling (like starlings and other members of the order of birds)
    • height - 40 cm;
    • width - 15 cm;
    • length - 16 cm;
    • year bonds - 5 cm.
  2. Sinichnik (for titmice, sparrows, flycatchers, lemmings)
    • height - 30 cm;
    • width - 10 cm;
    • length - 12 cm;
    • year bonds - 3.5 cm.
  3. Tryasoguzochnik
    for starlings
    This house for birds decorate your garden


    • height - 15cm;
    • width - 15 cm;
    • length - 30 cm;
    • trapik before Lethke - 10 cm;
    • year bonds - 3.5 cm.
  4. nest boxes (most natural home for birds) is made from a tree trunk by removing the core.On one side is carved notches.For the roof and the bottom of the log used saw cut thickness of 40-50 mm.
  5. Poluduplyanka (perfect feathered, who prefer life natural tree cavities).
    structure resembles a large Lethke sinichnik formy.Ego rectangular sizes:
    • entire width of the house;
    • half the height poluduplyanki.

How to Build a birdhouse his own hands ↑

Materials and tools ↑

important !House for starlings are made of wood.For the manufacture of the birdhouse is not used coniferous wood.Furthermore, the inner surface is left untreated.This allows birds to move around comfortably dwelling, clinging to the wall.

shelter for birds
gable roof home for the starlings often leaking

To make a birdhouse with your hands need the following materials:

  • board

can use the dried previously untreated birch or alder.Pay attention!Pressed wood, namely, chipboard, fiberboard, and so on. Does not apply to the production of birdhouses for birds due to the toxicity and short lifetime.

  • nails or screws;
  • latex paint for exterior odorless.

most attractive colors for the birds - gray and red.Painted green houses are not popular with birds.

for the birds
House for the birds of the metal can be placed near the garage or service center

Tools Required:

  1. pencil, ruler and compass;
  2. hammer;
  3. hacksaw on wood;
  4. drill with a drill;
  5. chisel;
  6. carpenter's glue;
  7. paint brush;
  8. wire or rope.

Main stages ↑

In the first stage harvested wood structural elements.Before you start, carefully read the drawing birdhouse.To mark the walls, roof, floor and perch on the boards, use a pencil.

house for the birds
Make a home for birds under the force of even a novice

optimal roof angle is created by the difference in the heights of the front and rear walls (4 cm) and a bevel on the upper edge of the side walls.The roof should consist of two parts of different sizes.The first part is similar to the bottom of the birdhouse, the second is made canopy.It is worth noting that the most successful variant for the arrangement of the house of birds considered to be the roof, which is tilted forward.This inclination prevents accumulation of rain water and leakage of the roof.

In the second stage cut out parts.To paired elements have the same dimensions, they must make a clear sequence.Round the entrance to the house is easy to drill a drill (a drill large diameter).If desired, it can be done and "old-fashioned 'way.For this you need a hammer and a chisel.

third stage - build birdhouse.First glue the side walls and facade.After drying, the adhesive parts must be secured with nails or screws.At least set back wall.Between elements of the home for the birds should not have cracks.The removable roof will greatly facilitate the care of the house during the offseason.

for starlings
facade of the house for the birds should be directed to the east or south-east

the final fourth stage of the bird is placed flat on the tree or on the roof of an apartment house at a height of 3-5 m. Birdhouse nailed or fastened with wire rope.Facade of the house for the birds should be directed to the east or southeast.

Decor for "dummies» ↑

dwelling for birds should be not only comfortable and functional.It may be a worthy element of landscape design, real decoration of your infield.

house for the birds
Decorative hen house - a beautiful but impractical structure

Decorate the house with decorative details.Original porches and fences make it look like a luxurious mansion or palace.

Even the simplest model would look much more interesting if it beat the color scheme.The shape and dimensions of the birdhouse that is intended only as decoration depend only on your wishes and fantasy.

original aviary can be done from an ordinary garden pots, boxes of juice.Very attractive look in reality and in the photo birdhouses in different colors and designs.

Creative house for birds
Garden pot will help to decorate your site and without flowers

Clay house for birds ↑


  • pot diameter of 20 cm;
  • veneer (size 25 × 25 cm, thickness - 7 mm);
  • bolt ring, 2 flat washers;
  • chain.


  • hacksaw;
  • drill with a round nozzle for glass;
  • thin and semi-circular file.
for the birds
birdhouse can be made from almost any material


  1. On a clay pot to mark the place of tap-hole.Carefully drill the inlet with a drill with a special nozzle for cutting glass surfaces.
  2. Sand the edges with a file (first semi-circular, and then thin).Whisk clay dust, wipe with a damp cloth or a pot, rinse it with water.
  3. Cut the plywood to the bottom of the birdhouse.The size it should be larger than the diameter of the pot is not less than 7 mm.
  4. Secure the bolt with a ring in the hole to drain the water with the help of two goals.Glue to the bottom of the flowerpot liquid nails or "super glue".
  5. Hang the finished design on the chain.

Video: birdhouse his own hands ↑

Now that you know all that, how to make a birdhouse.Use the knowledge to attract birds to your site.Give them comfort and they will protect your crop from pests, will lift you up with their singing.In addition, you will have the unique opportunity to watch the first flight from the nest of young chicks.