Construction of the bath timber: useful information about construction

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07 May 2016

Banja is not only a place where you can spend your time in close friendly company, had a good warm up and slap each other with brooms, as it performs the essential function of health improvement.After the correct procedures in the bath improves the function of many organs and systems: kidneys, respiratory system, excretory system.This is due to cleanse the body of toxins, salts, toxic substances, acids and waste products.All of this comes with later.Our forefathers went to the bath at least once a week just to clean the lymphatic system.In order to ensure maximum wellness function material for baths should be natural, minimally processed and beneficial for the human body.That is why the baths have always been built from logs.


Construction of the baths made of logs produced from softwood and interior - aspen, basswood, cedar, has healing properties and fillingthe interior a pleasant smell of essential oils.Today, in spite of such a rich choice of building materials: bricks, concrete blocks, laminated veneer lumber, construction of baths from the logs continue to embody the traditional "Russian bath".

pluses and minuses baths made of logs ↑

Wooden logs have a beautiful natural structure, but this is not their only advantage.


  • log walls easily passed steam and air, leaving the inside is warm and wonderful aroma of wood;
  • bath from logs more durable, comfortable, less holds various external sounds;
  • Rustic bath lasts for decades without any additional reconstructions;
  • Natural subcortical layer of sliced ​​logs protects the wood from rotting bacteria, fungal infection and insect damage.In this case, additional treatment with special impregnation is not necessary;
  • Log buildings baths made of logs can build on any architect's project, because the walls can be positioned at any angle to each other;
  • substantial savings of energy resources to the bath to heat and keep warm, due to the fact that the timber tightly fitted almost miss the heat;
  • Today baths of logs easily and quickly erected thanks to high-quality processing of logs and fit to the exact dimensions necessary;
  • natural, environmental, and health remain the main advantages of chopped bath.

Disadvantages arise only when non-professional approach to construction:

  • If the timber is picked up incorrectly, too crude, it could happen in the future "shrinkage" of the structure, and any longitudinal cracks;
  • build bathhouse made of logs must master the business, otherwise there is the risk of not getting the expected result, and all of the above advantages.

How to choose the wood for the bath of logs ↑

Cylindered logs for the bath
cylindered logs for the bath should have a smooth shade

In ancient Rus secrets of building a bath of logs passed from generation to generation.Building material prepared in advance, dried for a long time in the wild, so the preparation and construction took a long time.

Since then and to this day, for bath use these types of wood: pine, fir, cedar and larch sometimes.The best material is pine harvested in the winter.That it has the best moisture resistance performance.Selected timber at least 25 cm in diameter, made of wood with a high density.

Important!Choosing wood for construction, it should be noted that the timber of the same grade, but grown in different climatic conditions, has different levels of density.

requirements for wood for the bath:

  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Low heat capacity;
  • soft pleasant scent;
  • Resistance to splitting;
  • Good sound absorption;
  • strength and durability;
  • lack of resin pockets;
  • as little as possible knots.

Recommend log cabin sauna made of logs of wood to carry out northern softwood.It has a dense structure and does not change its properties from differential temperatures and elevated humidity levels.It is best suited pine and spruce from the coast of the Baltic Sea and the Canadian spruce.Sometimes use high-quality hardwood lumber linden, aspen, alder.

What should I look for when buying logs:

  • surface of the timber should be light or dark yellow color;
  • Twigs have to sit inside without gaps.If there are gaps, so rotten core;
  • Slice the logs must have a solid surface;
  • To cut should not be blue spots;
  • core must be cut, and three-quarters have even darker hue;
  • Hit an ax on the end of the log, it must bounce and thus to issue a ringing sound.

How to choose a location for the construction of baths ↑

First of all, you need to bypass the site to check where a primer.See where the neighbors, roads and other key points.I imagine that would like to see coming out of the steaming sauna.

Login or bath is best placed on the south side, the snowdrifts are melting faster here.

Bath next to the river
Banya near the river - good option

If there is a pond at the site: a lake or swimming pool, or the access to the river, it is advisable to build a bath of logs to produce a number, but not closer than 15 m to during the flood is not flooded.

If there is a road, then a bath is better positioned on the other side of the area, away from prying eyes and exhaust.

If you want your neighbors saw you run out steamed and jump into the pool, place the bath so that no one could be seen coming out of her door.And all the other areas viewed better enclose a fence or hedge.

If groundwater are too close, the construction of the pool for a bath almost impossible, must be content with a font and a shower.

Location baths in the forest
bath in the woods - clean air and a minimum of neighbors

veranda or terrace bath is better to hide from prying eyes.It will be nice to go out with a cup of tea or decoction of herbs, sit on a bench or just stand on the porch and did not catch myself prying eyes.

And, of course, do not forget about the rules of fire safety and health into account when choosing a place for a bath.

Laying the foundation for a bath ↑

If your dream - a bath with his hands from a log, after selecting the area you need to choose which foundation is required for a bath.

To start defining the type of soil at the construction site.

If the ground is swampy, forest or garden, clay, loam, gravel, or of coarse sand, it is better to build a strip foundation.

If soils distending or building will be located on a slope, fit or screw pile foundation made of concrete or metal piles.

If the soil is composed of fine sand, rocky rocks or quartz, you can use any foundation.

Pier foundation for a bath from logs
pier foundation under the bath from logs - economical option, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of construction

If the ground allows the construction of a bath often made of logs produced on the pier foundation.It is made of stone, brick or concrete.Previously used wooden poles now, too, sometimes, but they are short-lived.The depth of the columnar foundation may be from 70 to 100 cm.

for strip foundation necessary dig a trench, pour into it the sand layer of about 15-20 cm. On top of falling asleep in the same bed with gravel, put rebar and pour concrete.

Training logs for laying ↑

First of all you need to trim the logs "on the bracket."The difference between the upper and lower diameter should be a maximum of 3 cm. Of course, you can buy ready-processed timber at the plant, but they have a significant drawback.When large-scale production is difficult to calculate the exact layer that must be removed.And with the help of the planer can only be removed sapwood, and a protective layer of the tree remains.In this case the wood is more durable and more resistant to external influences.

saw logs along the length of the wall and raskomplektovyvaem.Logs are tapered, and is not always possible to equalize the top and bottom diameter.Therefore, the most thick and thin ends are put together in a corner and cut off at a right angle.

variation in size of logs should be in the range of 1-3 cm, otherwise they will fit tightly enough to each other.

bath made of logs involves the connection logs with special grooves.Choosing a wood ax until the groove.Then cut down "legs" and check the density of their fit.

By the way, there are several kerf:

Типы вруба в "обло" или в "чашу"
the cut in "Oblomov" or "bowl" - the most durable

- in "Oblomov" ("in the cup") - the most common, has three subspecies.One subspecies, when the bowl is down, it protects logs from rotting.

Тип вруба в "лапу"
kerf in the "paw" - an economical option

- in the "paw" - saves the wood, but later rot.Therefore, the first way is always preferable.

If the fit is insufficient connections, then laid on the lower log moss or oakum.

Walling of logs ↑

Today it is possible to buy ready-made sauna made of logs.This so-called bath factory production.Completely made.Then disassemble the parts that are packaged and signed.The buyer can own or with the help of professionals to collect a bath again using the instructions supplied.

Mortgage crown of logs
Construction wreath laying for bath

If you build a bath on their own, the first thing you need to perform a mortgage crown.

first two logs on the foundation laid in parallel to each other from opposite sides of the structure.They do recesses in the form of bowls, so they went to the top of the log.The following two logs laid perpendicular to the first ready pazy- bowl.

upper timber must rise above the bottom only half of its thickness.

The construction of the wall made of logs
bath walls made of logs built by the algorithm

second crown also performed.On the lower bowl cut logs, they are stacked next log.In this algorithm satisfies all the crowns baths.

After the completion of the walls must dry thoroughly.Only after drying the wood can begin to caulk cracks inside and outside.The material for caulking is moss, linen, hemp, wool felt or modern insulation tape made of jute.You must start from the bottom up, with particular attention to the corners.

The completion of the construction of the baths constructed of logs inside the oven, held communication, mounted the roof, and made finishing and filling the room furniture.

Baths of logs: Picture options ↑

Single storey room without veranda
Single storey sauna made of logs
Bath made of logs with a veranda
Sauna with a wooden veranda - nice to sit after the pair
Bath made of logs with a terrace
Bathhouse with a terrace allows you to invite many friends
Bath with a loft, veranda and terrace allows you to live in it
Bath with a loft, a veranda and a terrace - a dream and not a bath
A small room made of logs
small room of a log - economical option

Video: construction of a log sauna ↑

Examine in detail the technology facilities of their own suburban baths help video: