How to Topiary - Tree of happiness with his own hands

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21 May 2016

Topiary own hands can make anyone who has the desire.It is only at first glance it seems that you need to have a special talent.Such beauty decorate houses, apartments, country houses, and all that is capable of your imagination.


Artificial Topiary much easier to make than their green ancestors.As you know, relatives of modern miracle of trees are sill living topiary culture known since the time of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (IXvek BC. E.).To make topiary plants near her house, need a special skill, knowledge and practice.A "grow" their own good luck tree made of artificial materials can each.

materials for ↑

before their own hands to make topiary, it is necessary to study its "anatomy".And it can be manufactured from a variety of natural and artificial materials.It all depends on what you want to display in his work.After all, a tree can serve as an imitation of the plant or to ac

quire a fabulous shapes and colors.Sizes Topiary and may be different from the composition of dwarf a la indoor bonsai to solid wood as a man.

interesting gift option - a topiary of fresh fruit or candy.Its only drawback - the fragility of it, but also created such a masterpiece, not in order to decorate a bookshelf.An excellent interior decoration can be a topiary of aromatic plants.This is made with hands, not only decorate the room, but it will fill a pleasant scent.

To make Topiary own, you need to have a desire, not a special talent

main materials for making the miracle tree:

  • pot;
  • ball crown;
  • glue;
  • stick to the trunk;
  • cement (plaster, gypsum);
  • accessories for crown and base of the tree.

All these materials Topiary quite affordable and there is always on sale, and some of them you can do it yourself.

Tips on making trees happiness ↑

pot is needed in order to him "plant" a tree.Instead, you can use any other container: glass jar, cropped plastic bottle, a wooden box from the vegetables, and so on. D. The main thing - the right to decorate the next pot: paint, stick round stones or upholstered.If you bought a ready pot for flowers is likely to have an idea of ​​the composition customized for him.Also, when choosing a pot to pay attention to its diameter, which should not exceed the diameter of the crown of the tree of the future.

Balls for the crown, too, often made from scrap materials.You can certainly use a rubber ball, but he's sticking with necessarily lose shape.Better to take a plastic and more convenient - Styrofoam ball.It is convenient to stick a needle and floristic composition obtained is very strong.The easiest option - it is the basis for the topiary paper.Produce it simple: you have to take the paper, crumpled it into a ball, wrap the thread or coat with paste.

stick to the barrel can be any shape and unpretentious of different materials

stick to the barrel can be of different shapes, so it can be found among the wooden sticks and beautifully decorated with ribbons, rhinestones, or simply painted in the desired color.The main thing - to use a twig desirable release from pieces of bark and make it smooth with sandpaper.Also in the trunk as possible to use other materials, but keep in mind that the length of the stick should not be very small.The short leg of the tree can ruin the whole presentable.Therefore cut after seven times to measure out, add on to those centimeters length of the barrel, which will be inside the ball and a pot.

glue needed mainly for decoration wood and so-called soil from which topiary will "grow".Therefore, any great purpose adhesive.If your tree is huge and heavy decor, the reserves of liquid nails before making a topiary.

cement, gypsum and plaster used to fill the pot and fix the tree trunk.The solution of any material is made of medium density, and work with him to very quickly.Pot with a frozen solution is quite heavy and does not allow itself to outweigh the ball-krone.No if the pot and cement without much weight, you can use instead of the solution assembly foam.

Ready Topiary
It is very important to perform the crown and the base of the trunk in the same style

Accessories ↑

In contrast to the above-mentioned materials, accessories Topiary can be varied, so for them will be discussed separately.They are central to the production of wood happiness.It can be beads, stones, crystals, plastic insects, shells, coffee beans, ribbons, dried flowers and artificial flowers.

For the crown of the tree often use flowers, nuts, coffee beans, and dried fruit.The basis is decorated with stones, sequins and beads.It is important that everything was designed in one style.For example, if the ball Topiary plastered with dried shells and crabs, the foundation also need to decorate in the spirit of the sea.Cover up her shingle or vystelit dry algae, and wrap a piece of pot fishing nets.Bead-pearls for this style will also work, but they need to intersperse dot.If you own fantasy is not enough, do not worry, help arrange Topiary photos that will throw you some interesting ideas.

Paper flowers
Paper flowers do tree of happiness truly magical

Most often you can find Topiary of artificial flowers.Roses, daisies, violets and orchids charming look on any man-made flower arrangements, especially when diluted with beads and sequins.Accessories can be purchased in stores, but much more interesting to do everything yourself.Such colors can be made from strips or pieces of paper tissue.Tapes of different width cut into squares, then the corners of the figures are removed and then, depending on what kind of flower you want to do, form the petals.

Topiary of tape roses
looks very beautiful ribbon Topiary of roses, especially if it is diluted beads

For example, if it's Topiary of roses, the edges of the petals are collected and cauterized with a needle and thread into one.Roses can be done in another way: the whole tape is bent in the middle, and its two parts alternately superimposed on each other, and when it is folded, it is necessary to pinch your fingers at the base of the future of the flower and pull one end of the tape - all rose ready.

Fixing colors
flowers attached to the base of sewing pins

flowers attached to the ball-crown sewing pins.If the pins decorated with beads, you need to pick them up in tone.When making coffee topiary grains are attached with glue.In general, everyone does as he sees fit.The main thing - your tree should look aesthetically pleasing.Use miniature brushes for applying paint and glue.

master class on creating topiary ↑

Now that you know what Topiary how to make their own hands, you can safely begin to translate his little dream.Did you enjoy this activity so that it becomes your hobby and even bring profit.In an extreme case, a tree of happiness you can do to give to friends and family.Good luck in your endeavors!