10 original ideas garden ornaments with their own hands

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20 May 2016

think, how to decorate the garden with his own hands without the help of a professional designer?Believe me, it's easy.And our original ideas to help you.

creating comfort and beauty on your site, you are immersed in an exciting and interesting process.It can be approached as seriously and with humor.But for creative people - it's a great opportunity to show their talent and give new life to old forgotten items.


Video decorating ideas Garden ↑

Evening lights ↑

In the evening, you will appreciate the light illumination.To implement this idea, you can buy ready-made mini flashlight on solar batteries.

coverage area
Lamps with solar batteries are simply inserted into the ground, for example, along the track or in the flower garden

You can also buy or make your own hands decorative lights (fr

om tin or glass jars).They work by spark-tablets.They hung on trees or put before the house.Also interesting, they will look on the sides of the gazebo or along the pond.

Lighting in the garden
not necessarily cover the garden with electric light.Use candles - the main thing that they were safe

This is interesting!
hanging lights on trees, you need to know about the two versions of the backlight - it will help you make the right emphasis:

  • on the form of the crown - it ispaolzuyut ambient lighting, lights are mounted on the neighboring trees;
  • on the texture of the crown - is appropriate interior lighting and lights are placed among the plants.
placement of lights
lights can be placed among the plants, and on the tracks and on the steps

Birdhouses ↑

Another decorative ornament are birdhouses.Hang them on your site, you will attract a variety of birds in the garden, and enjoy their singing.

Those who work on the lessons learned to make these cute houses for birds, can make them yourself and attach a suitable place.

birdhouse on the site
Use a variety of materials and objects in the manufacture birdhouse

They can be very simple and unpretentious, and can be pretentious and design.For example, a two-storey wooden birdhouses or rounded shape made of transparent glass.

choice of a birdhouse will depend on the style in which sustained the whole garden.

painting a birdhouse
Painted birdhouse add color to your garden

Garden furniture ↑

No garden can do without a comfortable bench, wicker chair and a wooden swing.

Benches better positioned under the spreading trees to a hot day you can enjoy the coolness in the shade.

bench in the garden
to suit your shop branches of various shapes

And if there is a gazebo on the site, it can not do without the table round or rectangular shape.At the center of the table is required to put a small vase with a bouquet of flowers or a fruit basket.

pergolas protect you sultry day and rainy evening

most popular is wrought-iron garden furniture, but you can buy a plastic table and chairs.If you decide to put the wooden furniture, use the special tips on the legs.To you, it lasts longer and does not rotted prematurely.

is important to know that the furniture of teak and larch stronger.

Garden furniture
unpainted wooden garden furniture is required to cover a special compound

Fences ↑

Before installing the fence, you need to decide what you are installing it.What is the function it will perform.

enclosure plot
If you want to isolate themselves from everyone and set a high fence, use for this fence or decking
You can just raise a fence, so-called "green wall".It will be a beautiful and functional
Wicker fence
Installation of wood or iron fences, which can cause a vivid illustration.And lovers of natural materials will like fences or woven reeds
Wrought iron gate also will decorate your yard.Next to plant vines, and they quickly it zapletut.To do this, fit vines, ivy, parthenocissus, climbing rose

sidewalks ↑

Tracks from the house to the artificial pond or between the beds lay out various material:

  • colored mosaic tiles, from which you can put pretty bright pictures;
  • cut down a tree a rounded shape;
Track of the saw cut
to track use of the saw cut trees of different diameters
  • pavers with grass sprouted at the seams;
  • sea pebbles;
  • rubble or gravel.
The path of gravel
gravel pathways can easily give any outline

along the tracks can be set low wicker fence and decorate it with flowers or artificial butterflies and dragonflies.

Custom flower beds and pots ↑

most important place in the decoration of your garden flowers occupy.They are planted directly into the ground, creating a bright and original pictures throughout the site.And also grown in pots, which may surprise with its elegance and creativity.So, decorate the garden with his own hands - a photo to help you.

Unnecessary seemingly items that can be used as a flowerpot or flower stands:

  • wooden boxes;
  • rotten trough or barrel, painted in bright colors;
  • wooden trolley;
original flower
of wooden carts can make beautiful flower
  • wicker baskets or vases;
  • plastic bottles;
  • old shoes;
Do not rush to throw away old shoes, they are very easy to turn into original pots
  • unnecessary watering cans and buckets;
  • old dishes, which can revive the colors or applique;
  • bicycle.
flowers the country
Cycling can not only ride, but also to use it as a stand for flowers

Artificial ponds ↑

select a site for the pond, remember that it should cover the sun or in the early morning or late evening.This will protect it from drying out and from the active growth of algae.

pond at the dacha
The larger the pond, the easier it is to maintain

better place pond on the side of the lawn.Under it typically purchase a special container.You can also dig a hole and lay plastic on the bottom, then add water and land suitable plants.

can make a path around the pond of pebbles or sand, put the bench.

pond at the dacha
Create a pond in the summer cottage will allow plant new unusual plants

Floating flower beds ↑

If your garden area there is a pond, you're in luck.Here is another interesting idea for decorating your garden with his own hands - floating beds.

bed in the boat
first option: take an old wooden boat, pour to the ground and planted flowers.Also, it is possible to just put the boxes with flowers

second variant suitable plastic container or a large piece of foam.In the bottom of the plastic container to do the hole and lay a geotextile.This material does not allow water to leach the soil.Then covered with earth and precipitated our flowers.

For greater stability, the plastic container is recommended that the foam.

That's all, your floating beds ready.They can be attached to the anchor and set specific location.And you can just drop into the water and they will swim across the pond.

flowerbed in the pond
flowerbed island can be sent to the free swimming at the pond

Garden sculptures ↑

Decorating garden with the help of sculpture - a lesson for everybody.Many people buy ready-made sculptures and figurines fairy-tale characters.

This fun hostess of your mini-pond not only decorate the pond, but also cheer up adults and children

If you have a small plot, do not clutter up the aisles and walkways large sculptures.Before you decorate a garden with flowers, buy small plaster or wood figurines that will blend in with the vegetation and garden furniture.They can be placed near the house, in flower beds and lawns.

from scrap materials
from scrap materials make fun crafts and place them on the site

Wooden plaque ↑

Planting fruits and vegetables in the kitchen garden, we sometimes forget where they put it.To avoid this problem, help wooden nameplates cultures.

same plates can be installed with the names of colors.This will help you put things in order on the site, and as it should be to decorate a garden.

Beside each beds and flower garden set the nice wooden plaques with the names of vegetables and flowers

flight of fancy will allow to find interesting design solutions, and make it a reality.Decorate the garden with his own hands, and any idea presented in the photo, will become a reality.Amaze your friends and