LED lighting homes and apartments: the criteria for selection and connection

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25 May 2016

Beautiful silk curtains, colorful shutters, window layout is interesting, unusual flower on the windowsill - these and other elements may attract the attention of a passer-by decided to casually glance out the window of your apartment.But even more mysterious and alluring looks like a window, from which the streaming rays of the heat emanating from the fire and not even out of the oven, and from ordinary desk lamp or luminaire.One would like to see the world beyond the window, find out who lives where the windows poured a soft, so gentle and enveloping light.

Many interior designers dwellings in their work using a variety of options and highlights the application of LED lighting devices.And it is not their whim, and not a passing fad.The fact is that it is home LED lighting significantly expands the variability in interior design, because the range of lamps, cords, tapes and ordinary LED lamp impresses with its variety of shapes and colors.


Choosing LED device ↑

LED device - not your usual chandelier or sconces, is a system of small, bright lights.That is why such designs should be chosen not only based on your wishes, but also taking into account the size of your apartment or house.

for small apartments ↑

for small apartments importantly - visually increase the amount of space, add a little fresh air and preferably with all of this is not to overdo it.In this case, the most appropriate option would be a bright contour lighting the ceiling and floor.By the way, does not necessarily illuminate the floor, but if the rooms are minimalist in style and furniture in them is not much, then this approach to interior design will be most welcome.

cord or LED ribbon around the perimeter of the ceiling and floor perfectly accentuate the depth of the light and the selected host style interior.Be sure to purchase a dimmer - it can be used to customize the color scheme, its saturation and brightness.So you can choose the most optimal ratio of illumination from above and below.Do not forget about the traditional lighting devices: the ceiling is desirable to highlight the small spotlights scattered throughout its area.

For daring ideas fit such an option: the contour of the ceiling to make two rows of LED strips, and at its center to install a small ceiling lamp - original and very creative.But even more unusual looks lighting system of LED strip, lined to the ceiling or wall in the form of any figure.This arrangement will give more room volume and depth.The same strings can easily start up on furniture, using a hidden method of fixation as an opaque strip of plywood.Glass cabinets and shelves, illuminated in such a way would be like to float in zero gravity, creating an atmosphere of magic and wonder.

Highlighting the furniture using LED strips
backlight furniture using LED strips

Well, if you originally set out to build a small kitchen, the LED lamp cords and will be indispensable in this case.Contour lighting over the dining table or small LED lights set forth in long tubes with small gaps between them will give the room a bright dynamic style and original decorative sconces around sinks and over the stove finish forms a thin elegant touch.

LED strip for kitchen
kitchen design using LED strips

So, for a small apartment in the highlight of the design is the lighting contour light and small lamps on the ceiling - other excesses are not relevant here.

to medium size apartments ↑

here before the designer is somewhat different task - to create a beautiful and stylish lighting, emphasizing the advantages of an apartment.Typically, larger space allows more freedom for the imagination, so many owners of such premises prefer unusual decisions of the ceiling drywall.Such structures have an original form and allow you to create custom lighting scenes of the LEDs.For example, it will be interesting to look hanging figure, located in the center of the ceiling in the form of triangles, ovals or circles.LEDs can be placed inside a path and send them from the bottom up, visually increasing the height of the room, but you can place them outside, creating a frame around a flowery shapes.

Ceiling lights LED lights
ceiling lights LED lights along the contour of plasterboard figures

the classic design of the ceiling light-emitting diodes is considered internal illumination along the contour of the room by a small gap between the wall and the ceiling, which is formed when drywall constructions accommodate up over the entire area of ​​the ceiling, and on thesmall indentation on the wall.This system allows to lift heavy ceiling and bring to the apartment or house of freshness and dynamism.And the remaining surface may be arranged rectangular white lamps or LED strip of the composition in the form of circles, flowers and other interesting shapes.

But the most interesting option is a fully mirrored ceiling dotted with LED lights on the perimeter, and, the original form of the mirror, the more picturesque is your interior.For example, the mirror surface of the cone visual effect to increase not only the height of the room, but its area.

midsized apartment - a real flight of fancy, a creative platform for the manifestation of their feelings and emotions.

for large housing ↑

on large areas can be creative at all: to create unique lighting compositions with different variants of saturated colors and brightness of individual elements.Generally, LED lighting large apartment suggests a combination of colors and shapes, because here you can experiment with difficult terrain and multi-level suspensions, fixtures in the form of strips, loops, circles, illuminated strips.

LED strip in the interior of the kitchen
LED strip in the interior of the spacious kitchen

Air baffle with a lot of niches, located between the spacious living room and the hallway, too, can be beaten with the help of light-emitting diodes - in niches attached a thin ribbon and the light is adjusted so that the individual elements are highlightedmore clearly, and the other, opposite, somewhat darker.Such contrasting highlights, and create an atmosphere of lightness, of weightlessness and prozrachnosti.Kstati, niches can still "turn over" on a path - when spots become even more contrast and more noticeable.

looks very elegant decoration of various circuits arches illuminated each delicate blue tint.A basic white light can "dissolve" in the ceiling in the form of many small bulbs.

LED lighting in the house
ceiling decorated ribbon and LED lights

Methods mounting LED devices ↑

Driving LED Strip Lighting
scheme №1

The scheme presented in the context of a two-level ceiling.As a rule, high-quality and beautiful lighting is sufficient distance between the levels of about 17-20 cm. The excess or decrease of this parameter can significantly reduce the level of light in the room, or on the contrary, LED ribbon will be visible and will irritate the eyes too much bright light intensity.

depth installation tape is chosen taking into account that its bottom was not visible - somewhere 2-3 cm from the ceiling of the lower level.

For ease of installation, you can use a special plastic or aluminum area, which is mounted on a double sided tape.

Aluminum bracket for LED strip
aluminum bracket for LED strip
LED Lighting apartment
scheme №2

If the tension in the room, not the plasterboard ceiling, the LED strip is mounted directly behind it.Note that the deeper you lay the tape, the less will be the bright light.Attach it should be all the same angle to the contour of the guide.

LED lights apartments
scheme №3

For traditional ceilings (no frills) suitable way to secure the LED strip directly on the ceiling moldings.The main thing - the plinth must not be tightly adjacent to the ceiling - the distance between them should be at least 2 cm.

LED lights with their own hands
scheme №4

Video: LED lighting kits ↑

connected accessory devices ↑

When choosing a LEDdevices guided by their power.Of course, with ribbons and cords do is not easy, because you can not know in advance of their consumption.In addition, carefully read with what accessories you will need for connection: power supply, cables, controllers, dimmer lighting and others.Sometimes a small piece of wire can cause a "braking" process.We have to drop everything and run to the store for this little "rag."

During connection it will be necessary once again, check the voltage and the power to ensure that the system works.And most importantly - you need to clearly observe all rules of installation and connection.There are likely to have access to specialists.

Any LED equipment is desirable to choose directly from the remote control.This is especially important for large country residences, where in addition to the house lights still issued and the surrounding area.

LED lighting space allows you to create unique, refined, bold, stylish, rich and beautiful interior, filled with light and lightness.Apartment or house, decorated with such lamps are much brighter and more interesting than the dull premises equipped with standard chandeliers and sconces.Experiment, create fashionable images, inspire and be inspired by others and your home will be the most desirable.